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Welcome to the February 25, 2009 edition of trendy girls clothing. Today we have two interesting articles to bring you. One, gives helpful tips on making your wedding more affordable. Finding cheap flower girl dresses will help! Another, shares tips for the high school crowd on finding prom dresses. Hopefully you all like these articles!

Vicky presents Your Wedding Planner Checklist posted at Affordable Wedding Planning, saying, “Planning your wedding can be an exciting adventure, but you’ve got to be prepared for the process so that you don’t get frustrated.”

Talk Prom Dresses presents 2009 Prom Dresses posted at Prom Dresses, saying, “Don’t even try to kid yourself; prom night is one of the most important nights of your high school years.”

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Baby Easter Dresses | The Perfect Dress for Your Little One | Sophia’s Style Boutique


Now that Fat Tuesday has passed and the month of February is about to be done, it’s time to put some focus on planning for your family’s Easter celebration. We always think about the dinner, the coloring of the eggs and the filling of baskets. But, let’s not forget our littlest ones by finding the perfect infant Easter dress. While these little cuties cannot bite the heads off those tasty chocolate bunnies just yet, they still can be a cute as a bug’s ear for that special family gathering. It might be the first time some extended family members get to meet your newest addition, so let’s make sure to make this is most memorable with a picture perfect outfit. SophiasStyle.com has a great selection of baby girl Easter dresses. The selection ranges from the standard pastel pinks and yellows to more up-to-date corals and brighter colors. We also have the cutest girls shrugs available, in case there is still that chill in the air.

When it’s time to pick out that Easter Bonnet, baby Easter dress or the accessories to go along to complete the outfit, check out our selection. We’re here to make your shopping for baby girls Easter clothes easy and help give you some time back to help find that perfect place to hide those eggs!

Ruthless & Toothless-Cool incoming Baby Girls Clothes & Hanging with Celebs | SophiasStyle.com


The owners and buyers for SophiasStyle.com recently returned from a huge week of searching for the hottest new fashions out in Las Vegas. They braved the crowds and resisted the temptation of the fabulous Vegas shopping to get down to business. Soon our very own SophiasStyle.com regulars will reap the benefits of their hard work, with amazing prices on the hottest new girls spring fashion. You can expect to see cool new girls Easter dresses, trendy girls clothes, and of course girls shoes and accessories and all just in time for spring!
All that hard work paid off with a pleasant surprise. While shopping for cool new baby girl clothes they ran into two celebrity clothing designers. The guys from TLC’s Miami Ink, Yoji Harada and Darren Brass took time out of their busy schedule to show the owner’s and buyer their cool new clothing line, “Ruthless and Toothless.” The clothing line is a tattoo inspired designer line, intended to impart a little of these down to earth cool guys personality and flair into baby clothes. SophiasStyle.com will have the trendy clothes in soon and of course at prices that will make you want to run out and get a tattoo with the money you saved! Keep an eye out savvy savers!

Sophias Style | Easter Dresses| Academy Award Winning


In light of the recent Academy Awards and all the hype about the red carpet heating up elegant yet exotic looks, I have to admit that I was inspired to share some of my personal favs with you all in girls Easter dresses.
While we do not have a red carpet outside the front door, the most recent toddler Easter Dresses have arrived and are more than red carpet ready! With bright spring colors and unique floral designs, these cute Easter dresses have all the potential for award winning style.
Make it an event and buy your Easter dress at Sophias Style.com children’s clothing store. You will get all the glam and the glitz of the red carpet, without the breaking the bank.

Girls Dresses | A Taste of Paris | Sophia’s Style Boutique



?Parlezvous Francais? Don’t feel bad if you do not, neither did I. But that doesn’t mean that your little girl does not have to dress like she can’t. I’ve been dying to go to Paris, but with the economy struggling like it is, and my new mommy status I knew I would not be able to go. So, I thought, why not dress my little girl in fine Paris style.

When you think of France you think of the Eiffel tower, the outdoor cafes and tre’ chic fashion. I found the perfect little girls dress that captured the essence of Paris! The Pink Paris Dress that I saw at Sophia’s Style was quite the find. And the price, I couldn’t have beat it. Finding little girls dresses is not hard at Sophia’s Style, it’s narrowing down your choices that is the difficult task. Little girls dresses do not have to be plain and ordinary. You can find girls clothes there in bold colors, flashy accents and even animal print. Something for everyone’s taste and budget. Plus, I’ve added checking their website for the Steal of the Day to my daily to-do list. In no time, I will have the perfect wardrobe for my little girl and she will be dressed to the “nines” in high boutique fashion.

Girls Spring Clothes | Sophias Style


Belinda Have your heard the latest buzz?? Sophias Style has the newest arrivals in girls spring clothes. Everything from girls spring dresses, girls spring outfits, to girls swimwear. Sophias Style is a girls clothing boutique that offers a variety of girls clothing at an affordable price. With high end boutique brands to discount girls clothes Sophias Style.com is your number one place to shop.
Buzz in today to get the best picks in girls spring and summer clothing. Remember the best bargains go fast so hurry in today.
Sign up for our steal of the day and receive exclusive emails everyday on one item that can be up to 70% off.

Girls Clothes | Spring is Not That Far Away | Sophia’s Style Boutique



I know that Punxsutawney Phil, “Seer of Seers”, “Prognosticator of all Prognosticators”, etc said that we were in for 6 more weeks of winter. I am hoping that he is wrong, but that does give you plenty of time to shop for girls clothes for spring. When the cold wind is blowing, how nice is it to sit back and think of warmer days and fun spring girls clothes? I know..it’s hard to think Capri sets, swimsuits or short sets when the windchill is below zero and you can hear the ice pelting the window. Just think, we’re closer to that spring season than you think. Sophia’s Style Boutique has so many different styles of girls clothes ranging from the most casual to the most formal. I was able to find a pretty extensive wardrobe for all of my niece’s from newborn to my older plus size girl. I found them each a swimsuit, Capri outfit and a fancy party dress for our annual Mother’s Day brunch.

Be sure to make this “down time” productive by visiting Sophia’s Style Boutique for your girls clothes. Each time I visit I find something new and their new Steal Of The Day is great. Great boutique girls clothes at discount prices. You can’t beat it!


It’s my niece’s first Easter. What a special occasion to celebrate with your family. You know she won’t be hunting for Easter eggs, but will be the object of many people’s oohs and aahs. Finding that special girls Easter dress is not as difficult as it used to be. Infant girls dresses are now as fancy as the versions for older girls. You may not need to worry about the hemline on an infant, since they’re just going to be passed around from one relative to another, but you do want the little one to be dressed in fancy lace, pretty colors and wonderful detailing. Affordable Flower Girl Dresses has a great selection of girls Easter dresses ranging from newborn to plus sizes. Many of the infant and baby girl dresses come with matching bloomers which makes the outfit pull together. You can always find cute hair bows, headbands or socks to complete the outfit.
I found the perfect outfit for my new niece and now I’m anxiously waiting for Easter so I can see the little punkin in her fancy fare.Visit Affordable Flower Girl Dresses and you’ll find a large selection of infant girls Easter dresses and accessories to make that day memorable.

Exclusive Girls Clothing Discount Club | Steal of the Day | Sophias Style


Greetings to all you savers out there! Judging by the amount of you that have signed up for Sophias Style “Steal of the Day,” many of you have already heard of our newest money saving club. For those of you that have not, let me briefly fill you in! SophiasStyle.com recently kicked off our daily girls clearance sale. Every single day we will be choosing a hot, in-fashion clothing item and marking it down as far as it can go! So far this has been a resounding success and we can hardly keep these deals in our warehouse!
Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on these amazing deals. “Well how do I hear about these amazing deals?” you might ask. Sophias Style is now on Twitter, a quick, fun, and easy way to get your daily “Steal of the Day” update. Or you can sign up for direct email notifications. Hurry, each deal of the day is only valid for 24 hours. Just last week we had a sale on Greggy Girl boots for only $12.99! Needless to say, these boots did not last long. We could barely pack them fast enough! Sign up today and never miss a bargain again!

Living Green: A Brighter and Healthier Future for Your Kids | Sophias Style


These days it hard not to consider the impact we have on our environment, and more importantly the problems or issues it may create in the future. Not to be all “preachy” but we have just one planet and our children will hopefully enjoy it for many years after we have moved on. I too am curious about ways I can cut down on the impact my family and I have on the environment. Reading into it, I stumbled across some awesome tips on eating green, and the way it can help both our environment and our health. Thanks to Conservation International (http://www.conservation.org/) for the helpful tips:
1) Buy food that is sustainable or harvestable and doesn’t endanger species or land.
2) Replace one meal of red meat with a sustainable fish or sustainable vegetable product. If everyone does this it will lower the carbon footprint dramatically as the raising and processing of most red meats produces considerable amounts of carbon dioxide.
3) Find your local market and purchase there. Not only will you most likely be driving less distance, the produce you buy will have traveled less distance and pump vital cash back into your local economy.
4) Compost your food waste. Kids will love a brand new environmentally friendly science project and you’ll get nutrient-rich soil for your garden!
These are just a few tips to leave a little bit smaller carbon footprint on our planet and hopefully live a little healthier in the process. Trust us: your kids may not want to eat their veggies now, but if they only knew it could keep the entire planet around longer, they might just turn!
Source: Conservation International. “Take Steps to Live Green” [online] 30 January 2009.

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