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Planning your child’s birthday party can be stressful, both on the mind and the pocketbook. knows that nowadays every cent counts. You want to have the most perfect party for them, but you still want to be able to enjoy it and not worry the whole time. There are a few key areas of a birthday party that need attention. Let’s start off with games!

Think about’re going to have all of these kids in your house for say 2 hours. Let’s make sure to have some fun activities planned, so these little munchkins are not destroying your house (and your nerves). Now, you can go all out and rent an inflatable bounce house or have some miniature ponies come make a visit. But, we’re talking about saving money…those things are very expensive. There are inexpensive game ideas out there for every age group.
For infants and toddlers – make it simple. They love to play with things they can throw. Take a large box, paint it green and cut a large hole in the top. Then take some scrap fabric, sew a pocket and fill it with rice. Make sure you close that pocket up well (you can even use glue). Then have the toddlers toss the beanbag into the green box. You can always say you’re feeding
the frog his dinner. Kids love this! You can award prizes (of course, each child would end up winning a prize eventually–to make things fair). Toddler girls love dress up. Visit a local thrift store and buy some cute costume or dress up pieces (boas, high heels, hats, costume jewelry, etc). You can have them dress up. It’s hilarious to see what these little ones will come up with for their outfits. (Make sure to have your camera handy to capture those future high fashion models) You can save the dress up kits for a future rainy day, that way you don’t feel like the investment would be just for a one use venture.
For younger children-they love crafts. You can put out construction paper, yarn, glue sticks, crayons and have them make cards for the birthday child, or do their own version of a self portrait. Something that works for most ages, except for the younger ones is a pinata. You can make one very easily from home. Click here for a site that gives you instructions. You can also buy one at your local discount store or party store. Buying the empty one is an inexpensive version, because you can pick what goes inside. It does not have to be all candy, it can be plastic rings, erasers, stickers, etc. You personalize it to match your party guests. All you do is grab a handkerchief from your drawer, a whiffle ball bat and clear the room while they’re swinging. With some of the younger ones, you may need to “pre-split” the pinata for them. Just don’t tell them that you did that!

These are just some ideas on planning that perfect and inexpensive birthday party. Check out to find the perfect birthday dress and birthday hat, that will help to get the party started in style, while not breaking the bank to do it.

Living Green with Your Kids-Greener Lunches pt. 1 | | Louis Robinson


Our little ones are the bright future of Mother Earth and if we set them up for success today, they can help keep this Earth in tip-top shape for years to come. is making everyday changes to lower our impact on the environment, and one of our steps is to blog about living green. Fortunately, there are a ton of people out there on the same page (made from recycled paper of course!). is one of those people. They have come up with a simple idea that, if you think about, we used to do anyway. They have created a line of environmentally friendly lunch boxes with an emphasis on re-usable products and healthy lunches. The boxes are themselves recyclable and are completely lead free. They also include re-useable lunch and drink containers to cut down on waste, and a handy lunch guide to help you make more nutritious lunches.

So send your kids to school knowing that through simple everyday changes, you are shaping them today for a brighter future tomorrow. Check out’s line of organic clothing and lower your impact through comfortable and fashionable wear.

First Communion Dresses | Sophia’s Style Boutique



It’s been very busy here at Sophia’s Style. What a fun season this is. Picking out that perfect First Communion Dress is a huge decision. We being the parents or grandparents may have the perfect dress in mind, but our little girls have a mind of their own. We may think something traditional and long in mind, they may pick out something off the shoulders and tea-length. The one thing that helps is our selection of dresses will help you in that decision making. We have a wide selection of First Communion Dresses that will please both the adult and the little girl. We have brands such as Lito, Rare Editions and US Angels that are boutique designers but we have them at discount prices. We know that this is a stressful time, coming together with a dress decision. Our consultants are here to help you through this. We also have a great selection of accessories like first communion veils, slippers and gloves. Plus, with our great return policy, if you get this home and she does not like it…no worries!!

Give us a call, we’re here to help you through this special but stressful time. is a great resource for planning for that First Communion or any special event.

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