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Treat Her to a New Backpack from


My sister is a Kindergarten teacher, and I always enjoy hearing her stories about the first day of school. It seems like Kindergarteners fall into two camps on the first day. Half the kids are happy and excited and bouncing off the walls – they can’t wait for their first day of school! The other half are nervous and scared. Not only is it the first day of a new school year, but for many Kindergarteners it’s their first day of school ever. What an adjustment! It’s equally as hard for parents to realize their little one is growing up and off to school. The first day of Kindergarten can certainly be an exciting or traumatic experience for everyone involved – including the teacher!

No matter how she feels about the transition, your little girl has to be prepared for the school year ahead. Add a little fun and flair to her school supplies this year with a unique and stylish bookbag from girls clothing boutique. We’ve got lots of great girls backpacks to choose from. Any of our bags can also be personalized with our embroidery service for a gift that has added meaning for your little girl. Kids personalized backpacks are the newest trend in school fashion. Order this special gift today from !

Do you remember her first day of school? We’d love to hear about it!

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Halloween Costumes at


When it comes to Halloween costumes, it seems our little ones always end up looking more adorable than scary. I mean honestly, how can a cute bumblebee or Dracula baby Halloween costume ever come off as frightening? We just end up wanting to kiss, hug and snuggle them even more!

Luckily, adorable is also affordable this Halloween with . We offer dozens of discount kids Halloween costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating and are sure to please your little guys and ghouls.

If you’re really in a spooky (or adorable mood), don’t forget to checkout out the great selection of Halloween sweaters, dresses and outfits that girls clothing boutique has to offer!

What is your little one going to dress up as this Halloween? Share your ideas with us!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Celebrate Your Little Girl With A Birthday Dress

Click here for girls Birthday dresses at

A friend of mine got wonderful news this week and I’m so excited for her! Finally paperwork has come through from the Indian government and next month she and her husband will be traveling overseas to adopt two young sisters from India. They started this process more than a year ago, and now the adoption is nearly final. The girls were abandoned in a train station after their mother died, and I know my friend is anxious and excited to show her new daughters the love and care they’ve been missing.

To help her celebrate their arrival, friends and family are throwing a “gotcha day” party for the girls. This is a common occurrence, especially when families adopt internationally. Instead of celebrating the child’s birthday (which is often times unknown), they celebrate the day he or she was adopted – a “gotcha day.” It’s a great way of moving forward from a past that is often scary and painful. More importantly, it signifies a new beginning with a new family.

 Just because the celebration has a different name does not mean the girls should be without beautiful birthday dresses! I helped my friend pick out a birthday dress from for each girl to wear to her party. They’ll be the perfect icing on the cake for their “gotcha day” celebration. I know their new dresses will make the girls feel like princesses on such an important day in their lives. I hope beautiful birthday outfits help them create memories with their new family that will truly last a lifetime!

How do you celebrate you daughter’s birthday (or “gotcha day”)? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Sophias Style Girls Sleepwear is Great For Camping Out or Just Hanging Out


One of my favorite things to do during Fall is campout with my husband and little girl in a tent in the backyard. Fall is the perfect time. The days are still warm with leftover summer weather, but the nights are chilly enough that it makes snuggling a must! girls clothing store has adorable new girls sleepwear that will be perfect for our campouts. I can already picture her toasting marshmallows by the fire in these new pajamas. There’s even a great selection of toddler pajamas and baby pajamas to choose from too – perfect for when her younger cousins come visit our “campsite!”

What’s your favorite thing to do when Fall arrives? We’d love to hear from you!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Online Shopping Makes For Fun and Affordable Wedding Planning


Online shopping is truly a beautiful thing. I didn’t really realize this until I began to plan my wedding last summer. The first day I started planning the big event, I turned to the nearest search engine and looked up photos of flower girl dresses, cakes and everything in between. I really just wanted to get ideas for my own wedding, but what I found was that almost everything I needed was literally right at my fingertips. I never expected to make such major wedding purchases online, but that is exactly what I’ve done. Here are some wedding items that you can easily purchase online too. The best part is, I didn’t spend a fortune on any of it!

Flower Girl Dresses
What better place to find an affordable flower girl dress than girls clothing store? My little cousin is going to be my flower girl, and my aunt wanted to find a flower girl dress that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. offers hundreds of cheap flower girl dresses that are truly unique and elegant. We chose this adorable pink flower girl dress for my cousin to wear. I’m using pink roses in my bouquets so this dress matches perfectly! Even the most upscale bridal salons don’t carry dresses this beautiful!

I never thought I’d order my wedding invitations online, but I was so pleased with the looks and prices I found on a website called . They’ll send you free samples of any style you like and their invitations are very affordable  – mine cost less than $1 each!

I was blown away by the selection of beautiful blank paper on the online store . I found the perfect metallic silver paper to make our wedding programs with, for about half of what you’d pay at a craft store.  

I can’t wait until my big day when everything comes together. I think it will beautiful – all with the help of the internet!
Do you have any other tips for us brides? would love to hear your ideas!

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Little Girl’s Shoes Moms Will Want Too!


Click here for girls shoes at Do you ever see little girls clothing or girls shoes and wish they made it in your size? This happens to me nearly every time I shop and I can’t help but wish that I was five years old again, and that I could fit into all the trendy girls shoes and clothes that are out there nowadays.

Of course, it helps that I have a little girl of my own to sort of dress vicariously through, and a great place to find all the latest girls fashions. I work for girls clothing store, so every day I see great things that I wish I could wear but instead happily dress my little girl in.
Yesterday it was this pair of adorable gold dress shoes. As soon as I saw them I began to mentally search my closet, pairing the shoes with all sorts of outfits and imagining where I would wear such a stylish pair of flats. Then, (like it does every day) it dawned on me that these were little girls shoes and not meant for Mommy. I got over it quickly though. After all, it’s just as much fun to picture my little girl in them.
You know what I’m talking about right? Ever seen anything on that you wish you could wear too?

A Great Girls Coat For Her First Snow


Click here for girls outerwear at I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but winter will be here before we know it. Personally, I’m pretty excited for the seasons to change. My daughter is always so excited for the first snow of the year. Seeing the joy and excitement on her face when it snows makes me think I could tolerate freezing temperatures all year round.

Part of the fun is seeing her all bundled up in a cute girls coat. She looks like a crème puff with two eyes and a cute little nose. I’m so glad I work for girls clothing store because we have the most adorable girls outerwear that really accentuates her cuteness! I only wish I’d found sooner, because we have a great selection of baby coats too. Who knows, maybe soon my daughter will have a baby sister to play in the snow with!
Do you remember your daughter’s first snow? We’d love to hear your stories too!

The Perfect Christmas Dress for Your Little Girl


Click her for Christmas dresses at I know they can be cheesy and cliché, but I’ll be the first to admit that I love getting Christmas cards each holiday season with my friends’ and families’ kids on them, smiling at me in a cute sweater or sweet little Christmas dresses. I am even more excited this year because for the first year I have a little girl of my own who’ll wear an adorable little Christmas dress, pose for Mommy and adorn the card I’m sending out to every friend, relative and co-worker I’ve ever met. (I’m quite the proud mother!).

Step one was finding the perfect Christmas dress that everyone would ooh and ahh over. Luckily I work for a great company called girls clothing store that has dozens of holiday dresses to choose from. The dresses are really beautiful and reasonably priced too. I’m glad I saved on the dress because I’ll need the extra money for postage. It’s expensive to send a Christmas card to every person I’ve ever met (I’m kidding of course!)

I have to admit my daughter looks pretty darn cute posed in front of the fireplace in her black and red Christmas dress with a red bow. I think only a puppy would make the scene any cuter. I hope no one thinks it’s too cliché…

What’s the best Christmas card you ever received? Did it involve a cute dress?
This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Little Girl’s Hair Bows


In a previous blog I mentioned that I like to have something for my granddaughters when they visit and that I frequently shop at The buyers at have a great sense of style and fashion. When I buy something for the granddaughters I know that I will be find trendy, blingy – whatever the latest fashion buzz word is – little girl’s dresses and outfits that the girls will wear. The saves time when we want to go somewhere and so do girls hair bows. I don’t know how the Moms get those pony tails to stay put. I sure can’t, but the hairbows and hairbands do the trick. The barrettes from are good and the designs are very cute and creative, but I especially like the clippies. They are so easy to use. Ava had four of them the last time we went to lunch. The granddaughters wore headbands when they were babies. I thought it was so people would not mistake them for boys, but Sophia says, “No – it’s because headbands are ‘fash'”! has baby and little girls hair bows and headbands in more colors than a Crayola jumbo pack and will match them to the outfits you select.

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