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Fabulous Halloween Costumes At Sophias Style


October is almost here and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you’re a mom that loves to go all out on your girls Halloween costume, or you’re one who prefers to keep it a bit more low key, has girls Halloween costumes that will please everyone’s tastes.

We have a collection of adorable baby Halloween costumes that are colorful and beautifully detailed – perfect for making a big Halloween splash! If you prefer to put a costume together yourself, turn to our selection of girls dancewear and pair a sparkly leotard or skirt with this princess cowboy hat for a unique and glamorous look! Halloween is all about fun and creativity – mix and match different pieces and see what you can create! Don’t forget our selection of girls accessories for the final details to her costume.

What’s the most creative costume you’ve seen?

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Great Looks At Great Prices |


Every mom wants her baby girl to have cute clothes that make her look adorable. The problem is, those adorable clothes come with a big ugly price tag. It seems you have to sacrifice price for good looks or good looks for a cheaper price. lets you have it all! We sell discount baby clothes so that you can get all the fashions you want and still have money left over. We even have our own Sophias Style line of clothing that is completely unique and affordable. You can dress all the little ones in your family at any age – just browse our selection of cheap kids clothes and start saving today!

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Hit the Beach In Style With Infant Swimwear |


You might think it’s way too early (or a month late) to be thinking about surf and sand and the beach. Just because it’s getting colder and crisper for most of us doesn’t mean the beach isn’t still out there! If you plan to escape to a tropical destination this winter season, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit!

If you’ve got a little one, it may even be his or her first trip to the beach. Celebrate the occasion in style with baby swimwear and infant swimwear from .

A friend of mine took her infant girl to the Florida shore for a winter vacation last year. She and her husband marked the occasion with an informal photo shoot of their little girl. They got some great shots of her splashing in the surf, playing in the sand and discovering a crab! The photos made great gifts for grandparents and now they’ve got permanent memories of her first trip to the beach.

Even if you’re just splashing around in a hotel pool on your trip to another cold destination, don’t miss out on affordable baby swimwear for boys and girls from And just think – you’ll be ready for summer six months early!

Do you remember your little girl or boy’s first swim?

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Fluff Up Her Fashions |


So you’re little girl is ready for that big special occasion, whatever it might be. But still her dress seems to be lacking that extra pizzazz. Never underestimate girls undergarments! Poof up that pageant dress with girls petticoats from They’re the perfect final touch to our special occasion girls clothing and add sophistication to the garment. Choose from half or full length petticoats. We also carry girls slips for when your little girl needs just a bit more coverage for her dress or gown.

Now she’ll stand out in a crowd and get compliments all around thanks to !

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The Hunt For An Easter Dress |


With Easter comes the famous egg hunt. I can just picture my children toddling around Grandma’s backyard as fast as their little legs will carry them, in search of brightly colored eggs filled with candy. Once the hunt is over, the sugar rush (and inevitable crash) sets in after they scarf down chocolate candies and marshmallow chicks. Luckily you can avoid the tummy aches and chocolate stains with a little creativity.

For this year’s Easter egg hunt, fill the eggs with prizes like stickers, plastic rings or other small, cheap gifts. A shiny new quarter in her Easter egg is sometimes more exciting than any piece of candy! You can find inexpensive gifts like tiny yo-yos or rubber bouncy balls at your local party store. This will help the kids stay active instead of sitting around eating all afternoon.

One of my friends even had the idea of putting a slip of paper in each egg that was worth a certain point value. At the end of the egg hunt the kids counted up all of their points and then got to pick an item from the prize table that was worth that many points – just like at carnivals or arcades. Just make sure everyone goes home with something at the end of the day.

Whether you’re holding an egg hunt or not this year, get her ready for Easter with a girls Easter dress from . Our Easter dresses will give your infant, toddler or little girl a unique boutique look!

Share you egg hunt ideas with us!

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Declare Tonight Family Night |


All of us have fast-paced lives full with work, school, friends and other activities. With all that’s going on it is so hard to keep up with our families. Today is the day to make time for your family, no matter what! When I was a little girl my family designated every Sunday night as family night. Sometimes we would go to dinner at a restaurant or just stay home and play a board game. My favorite activity was a trip to the roller skating rink.

Pick whatever day works best for your family. If other activities get in the way, try your best to work around them so that your family still gets time together each week. You can even incorporate other events into family night. If your little one has a soccer game that day, make your group activity be cheering him or her on at the game!

Dress your little girl for whatever Family Night activity you have planned with little girls clothing from . She’ll be ready for the zoo, the park or just hanging out at home. Shop our little girls clothes online and save on designer boutique looks. You won’t spend a fortune on her wardrobe so you’ll have money left over for fun family activities!

What group activities does your family enjoy most? Share your thoughts!

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Fitness, Fun and Fashion For Your Toddler Girl


All of us here at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog love affordable fashions that make our little girls look great. Of course we also realize the importance of feeling great on the inside too. An active lifestyle for you and your little girl is a must. Her toddler years are an ideal age to introduce her to good habits that will promote a healthy and happy life! Here are some fun tips on how moms can help their little girls incorporate fitness with playtime. You’ll spend quality time with your little girl and get your workout in all at the same time!

Jump Rope: Revive this old playground activity and teach your little one how to jump rope. It will be fun and challenging at the same time.

Nature Walk: Enjoy the sights and sounds of a crisp fall day with a nature walk. You’ll get fresh air and quality time together while your little one explores all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Dancing: For those days that are too rainy or cold for outdoor time, turn up your favorite music and dance around the living room! You’ll have a ball just being silly and letting loose. can help your little girl stay fit! We have a large selection of affordable (and adorable) toddler girl clothes (like this pink jogging suit) that are perfect for her active lifestyle. Don’t forget to pick out toddler dresses for when she’s not on the go! No matter what her day brings, will help your little girl be ready for anything.

What are you favorite “girl time” activities? Let us know!

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New Christmas Clothing Has Arrived! | Shop Now At


At long last, new girls Christmas dresses are here! Christmas styles for boys and girls are arriving daily here at and all of them are simply stunning. Just today we received beautiful gold dresses, breathtaking white dresses and festive red dresses –I can’t wait to see what we’ll get in tomorrow!

Dress your little girl in a Christmas dress from Bonnie Jean or Lito and check out our new selection of boys suits from Lito. Boy or girl, we’ve got your little one’s holiday attire covered. And remember, the holidays last a whole season, not just one day. Our girls Christmas outfits will give your little girl something to celebrate everyday!

Who is first on your holiday shopping list? Share with us!

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Throw A Themed Sleepover For Your Trendy Girl


Now that the days are getting shorter it’s the perfect time to throw a sleepover for all her friends! To jazz it up a bit, throw a themed sleepover. One theme that is easy to plan for is a princess sleepover. There are many great princess elements you can tie together to make a great party.

Invitations: First things first – let the royal subjects know they are invited to a party! Send out princess themed invitations, or just anything that is glittery and glitzy. If you’re feeling really ambitious, visit your local craft store and make your own invitations with cardstock, a little glitter and some creativity!

Decorations: Just because it’s a princess party doesn’t mean the decorations have to be extravagant. Pink and purple balloons and streams will always do the trick. Scan your local dollar store for princess plates, cups, napkins and other party supplies. If you can’t find princess gear, don’t sweat it – just get plain supplies that match your color scheme. Diamond-shaped ice cubes are fit for royalty. I saw diamond ice cube trays at a local bookstore and thought they were just too cute!

Party games/activities: A fun and easy party game is Musical Princess Thrones (the royal version of musical chairs). You can even get fake jewels or crowns to give as a prize to the winner (but make sure everyone gets a party favor so none of the girls feel left out). To wind down for bedtime, watch your favorite princess movies such as Sleeping Beauty, or my personal childhood favorite, The Swan Princess.

Before you throw your sleepover, pick the perfect girls sleepwear for your little princess from We have cozy toddler pajamas and baby pajamas too, so no matter her age or size, there’s a pair she’ll love. Have fun at your princess slumber party, and snuggle up with!

What is your little girl’s favorite sleepover activity? Share with us!

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Brighten Your Wedding Day with Colorful Elements From


As you may know by now, I am busy planning my wedding, so I’ve been reading oodles of wedding magazines over the past few months. I’d like to think I’m pretty up to date with all of the latest bridal trends. In every magazine I open, I see and read about the same thing: COLOR! All the wedding experts assure me that bright hues are the way to go with many elements of a wedding we traditionally assume should be white.

Bridal shoes are a surprising example. White is out, say the experts, and instead wear a fun and colorful set of heels that fit the color scheme of your wedding. Using hot pink flowers in your bouquets? Find a pair of shoes that match for a really interesting look. Plus, buying new shoes that are a different color assures you that you can wear them again. Too many times brides throw those brand new white satin shoes into the back of the closet and never wear them again. The main color in my wedding is silver. I’ve got a pair of silver peep-toe pumps in my closet I’ve only worn once and they’ll make the perfect bridal shoes!

The trend for flower girl dresses has changed too. Traditionally the flower girl is supposed to be dressed head to toe in white – like a miniature version of the bride. But now that brides are encouraged to add colorful elements to their own wardrobe, why should the flower girl dress be any different? Go big and bold with this apple green flowergirl dress from We have flowergirl dresses in every shade of the rainbow so you’re sure to find the color you need! Not feeling quite so daring? Incorporate color in a smaller way with other accessories, such as shoes, a sash or a headband.

I’ll keep you posted on any other great wedding planning tips I find. Only about six months until my big day!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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