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Elegant Girls Fashions from Lito |


When it comes time for a special occasion, think Lito. The company was founded by Tom and Jenny Lee back in 1973, and today Lito dresses are the picture of quality, elegance and style. No one knows children’s special occasion clothing better than Lito, and is proud to carry top of the line Lito designs – all at discount prices!

We carry a Lito dress for practically every special occasion in your little girl’s life. Whether it’s her baptism, first communion, the holidays, or any other special day, has got a Lito dress that’s just right. Don’t forget to checkout our selection of Lito boys special occasion clothing as well.

I’m getting married soon and my cousin got her flower girl dress from the Lito Blossom collection. I am so impressed by the fine quality and beautiful designs of Lito clothing. And, as always, since I purchased the dress at I got it at an affordable price!

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Dive Into Savings On Girls Swimwear |


I don’t know about your kids, but during the summer months my daughter practically lives in her swimsuit. Swimming is her favorite summer activity, and she wants to be ready to jump into the pool, lake or beach at any moment. Since she’s wearing it literally day and night, I want girls swimwear that is cute and colorful but that will also last through months of constant use. has lots of girls designer swimsuits so I know they’ll look great and be of good quality. The icing on the cake is that these looks come at a discount price. It’s all that a mom could hope for! I can afford to get her several little girls swimsuits so she’ll have enough to get through all of her summertime activities. My daughter stands out from the crowd of other little girls at the pool who are all wearing the same thing. I love that she always looks unique and that other moms ask we where they can get the same styles for their little girls. I tell them!

How do you and your little ones kick off summer?

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Designer Girls Clothes At An Affordable Price |


B.T. Kids, or Baby Togs, is a high-end children’s clothing manufacturer located in New York City. They’ve been in business for more than fifty years, have been featured in major publications such as The New York Times and Vogue Bambini and are one of the largest newborn and infant clothing manufacturers in the entire world. Surely such a stellar reputation means their clothes cost more than the average mom can afford to spend? Think again! girls clothing boutique has a large selection of B.T. Kids clothing at discount prices. Now you can dress your little girl in the same designer looks you see in fashion magazines – for much less! We carry B.T. Kids swimwear, dresses and everything in between so you’ll find B.T. Kids clothes for any occasion. We pride ourselves on offering designer looks at a discount price – affordable B.T. Kids clothes are just another example. Shop today and see for yourself!

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Easy Birthday Decorations Sure To Delight Your Party Guests


Planning for your little girl’s first birthday party is a lot of fun but can be stressful too. You want everything to look great and go smoothly, but it’s hard to throw a big bash when you’ve got a little to chase after! This great idea for birthday decorations will help simplify at least one aspect of your party.

Choose a colorful, decorative plastic bowl to use as a centerpiece at each table. You can use any size you like, or even different sizes at each table for a really interesting look. Next, gather an assortment of colorful wrapping bows to fill the bowls with. You can purchase new bows, or re-use old gift bows if you have them. Anything goes! You can choose different colors to fit any birthday theme or season.

Not only is this project inexpensive, simple, and mess free, but your pint-sized party guests will love playing with all the brightly colored bows! If you’ve ever seen a baby with gift bows, you know it will keep them busy for hours.

Don’t forget to shop our selection of girls birthday dresses at A beautiful birthday dress is just what you need to “decorate” your adorable little guest of honor!

Share your birthday planning tips with us!

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Sophisticated Holiday Styles at


If you’re looking for a Christmas dress this holiday season that is both elegant and affordable, look no further than our collection of Bonnie Jean Christmas dresses at ! Bonnie Jean is known for their sophisticated looks at great prices, and now Bonnie Jean dresses are even more affordable!

When she is wearing one of our Bonnie Jean holiday dresses, your little girl will have a unique look that makes her the star of any show, event or party! Moms will be asking you where you got it and where they can get one too. The holidays will be here before you know it so shop today and make finding her Christmas dress the first things you cross off your list!

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Dress Her Feet In Style This Winter


As I look out my window today, the view is rainy and dreary. The days are getting shorter and the nights chillier. We can’t deny it any longer – winter will be here before we know it. Of course, winter is a time for great things like hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, ice skating in the park and snuggling with the ones we love!

To help you keep your little ones warm and cozy this winter season, head to We’ve got a great selection of both girls shoes and infant girls shoes that will keep your baby or little girl’s feet nice and toasty. These pink bee booties are perfect for those cold winter nights!
Shop for special occasion girls shoes too! Our girls dress shoes are the perfect final touch for any special occasion dress.

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Fun and Easy Easter Craft for Kids


I know it’s a little early to talk Easter, but I like to get a head start on planning for big holidays. The other day I found a great Easter project I’m going to do with my daughter. These jelly bean flower pots are an easy project that your kids can actually do by themselves!

 You will need:
– Clay flower pot (any size you like)
– Acrylic paint (optional, any color)
– Jelly beans
– Decorative Easter grass (any color)

Paint the pot in a festive Easter color if you like. When the pot is dry, put in some decorative Easter grass. A good fluffy layer at the bottom should do the trick. I got pots the size of a small teacup, but almost any size works. Next, fill the pot almost to the top with jellybeans. Add a bit more Easter grass to the top of the jelly beans, so that it peeks through the top. Finish the look with another small handful of jelly beans to hold the second layer of grass in place. That’s it – you’re done!

Like any good craft project, this one has endless possibilities. You can use small pots as individual place settings or one big pot for a pretty Easter table centerpiece. Use different colors to fit a certain theme or tablecloth. Just have fun with it! Best of all, this craft is a tasty treat!

 And before you celebrate the holiday with your Easter pots, check out our great selection of Easter dresses at . We carry dozens of girls Easter dresses, all in different colors and styles. We also have baby Easter dresses for your littlest chick!

Have an idea for a simple kid’s craft? Share it with us!

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Plan A Spook-tacular Halloween Party with


Like most other kids, my daughter is always excited for Halloween. She loves dressing up, trick-or-treating and all the candy. This year, however, she is more excited than ever for Halloween because I am letting her have her first boy/girl party with friends from school. I think she’s really nervous, but also very excited! Throwing a party for all her school friends makes her feel like a grown up!

Like any other year, she wants to find a great Halloween costume to wear. She wants one that all the kids will love (I think she might be trying to impress the little boy she has a crush on!) We ordered this Halloween costume from for the party. It was very affordable and we didn’t find girls Halloween costumes in stores that were anything like it – truly one-of-a-kind! She can even wear it after Halloween to play dress up with her friends. also has lots of great baby Halloween costumes, so her baby brother can join the party too!

After we got her costume squared away, it was on to the rest of the party details. I found a great pumpkin-shaped ice cube tray at a local craft store. These festive ice cubes will really jazz up the punch bowl! Last year I also found some plastic Halloween cups on the clearance shelf for about 30 cents each. I’m going to fill them with little plastic bags of puppy chow mix. They’ll make the perfect party favors!

Do you have any other creative ideas for our Halloween party? I can’t wait to hear them!

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Help Her Prepare For Her First Communion


A girl’s first communion marks a turning point in her life. It signifies that she is truly growing up, not only in her faith but as a young lady too. Even after all of these years, I still remember the day I made my first communion. I also remember the beautiful first communion dress I was wearing. One of the most important elements of the ceremony is, of course, her communion dress. It is typically white and should be more than just your average, everyday dress. It should be a garment that makes you say “Wow! This dress is truly for a very special occasion!” has dozens of communion dresses that fit the bill! Our dresses make young girls feel beautiful and add to the significance of the sacrament. We also carry plus size communion dresses, so we have a dress for every girl, not matter her size, shape or personality! Don’t forget accessories such as communion veils and gloves to complete the look.

If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or any other person who is part of this important celebration,you also want to find the perfect gift to help her mark this blessed event in her life. A great first communion gift is a rosary, perhaps one that is more grown up and sophisticated than plastic rosary beads. Another idea is a statue of her favorite saint, or a saint she is named after. Finally, a prayer book or a guide makes a great gift because it will help her gain a better understanding of the sacrament she is taking part in.

Do you have any other ideas for first communion gifts? We’d love to hear them!

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Spread Holiday Cheer with


The kids are back in school and now that Labor Day has passed, summer is officially over. This is the time to start planning for the holiday picture! I like to start getting some ideas of what I want to do for the oh-so-famous picture on our Christmas cards this year. Should we all sit in front of the Christmas tree or the fireplace? The whole family or just the kids? And am I really going to let my husband wear that Santa hat for the photo…again?

One thing I know for sure – I want to find the perfect Christmas dresses for my girls that will express their individuality. I have three daughters ages 5, 11 and 13. They all possess such different personalities that it makes it hard for me to dress them alike. This year I’m going to let them pick out their own dresses. has just what I’m looking for. We have a large selection of all different styles and brands of the most beautiful girls Christmas dresses! boutique makes it fun and easy to shop with our endless choices and affordable prices!

How early do you start shopping for the holidays? Chat with us!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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