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When the time comes time to celebrate with your little girl –whether it’s Christmas, Easter, her Birthday or another joyous event – shop our selection of Rare Editions clothing at and find the perfect look! You’re sure to discover Rare Editions clothes that will please her. Rare Editions is a New York-based clothing company that has been outfitting little girls for more than fifty years. They specialize in special occasion clothing and know how to make a girl look good! is also proud to be the exclusive carrier of this gorgeous Rare Editions birthday dress. We promise you won’t find it anywhere else. Our most popular birthday dress, this outfit is the perfect way to celebrate your little girl’s special day!

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Dress Her For Less at


The other day my aunt was telling me about the cute girls clothes she used to buy my cousin when she was a little girl. All of that little girls designer clothing was expensive, but she insisted the money was well spent because of how cute my cousin looked. When I showed her, Aunt Janet laughed and said, “I wish you’d been around 15 years ago!”

It’s true – moms today can get the same designer girls clothes for much less! has got all the top little girls clothing brands that my Aunt Janet spent a small fortune on – including Lipstik, Rare Editions and her favorite, Bonnie Jean. Our clothes are great for school, special occasions or just being a kid Your little girl will always look great for less!  

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Discount School Uniforms at


As a product of the private school system, I am very familiar with school uniforms. In fact, college was the first time in my life I didn’t have to wear a uniform to school! Now that I am an adult I realize just how many sacrifices my parents made to send me to private school. Part of that sacrifice was spending loads of money on my school uniform each fall.

Luckily parents today have a better option for uniforms. offers both boys and girls school uniforms at discount prices. We have pants, shorts, dresses and tops that are exactly what you need. Spending lots of money on school uniforms is so last school year!

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Here For the Holidays |


The holidays are a hectic time but as you all know, full of joy and happiness. Christmas to me means time with family and friends, a month of celebrations and of course the kids’ annual Christmas recital at school.

My daughter is so excited to get on stage and sing Christmas carols with her Kindergarten class this year. Her face just lights up at the thought of performing for our family and spreading Christmas cheer. She’s almost more excited for the school Christmas show than Christmas Day itself! Part of her excitement is because this year I’m letting her pick out a Christmas dress from to wear to the pageant.

Our styles are beautiful and our girls Christmas dresses are so affordable that I can easily get her one for the pageant and another for Christmas Day. That’s a relief because she’s having trouble choosing just one! Make this Christmas a beautiful and affordable one with !

What activities do you have planned this holiday season?

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Adorable Infant Clothing At


I’m getting to that age where all of my friends are starting to have babies. I’ve hit baby shower overload! It’s great though – everyone knows nothing is more thrilling than the joy of new life.

Of course, you can’t arrive at a baby shower empty-handed. You need the perfect gift for baby and mama-to-be. There are always the old standby gifts that everyone gives – things like bottles and diapers. Of course these items are useful, but they aren’t much fun or very unique.

If you’re looking for a baby gifts that are extraordinary, look no further than girls clothing boutique! We have a large selection of infant girl clothing that moms and babies alike will “ooo” and “aah” over, such as this adorable bejeweled bodysuit decorated with the baby’s birth month! offers many styles of infant clothing that are both fashionable and functional. You’ll be the most popular guest at the next baby shower!

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Start a Beautiful Family Tradition With


Some call it Baptism; others know it as a christening. No matter what you call it, it’s one of the most important days in your baby’s young life. It literally means an act of introduction and signifies the child’s cleansing and official welcome into his or her religion. Anyone who’s experienced it knows just how much meaning the ceremony holds for parents, godparents and grandparents. It is a service rich with love and tradition.

You can add even more significance to this important event by starting a family tradition with your baby’s baptism dress or christening gown. Pass the gown or outfit on to each infant in the family as he or she gets baptized. My family started this tradition when my older sister was baptized. I wore the same gown for my own baptism and so did two of my younger cousins. Now the dress belongs to our whole family and we’re all waiting for the next baby girl in the family who’ll get to wear it!

Start by finding the perfect baptism gown or christening outfit for your little one. You can get a gown to pass on to baby girls and a suit or outfit to pass on through the boys in the family. No matter what you need, can help! We have many gorgeous heirloom gowns to choose from, all at very affordable prices. Our christening gowns and outfits are beautifully detailed and made to last. We even have tips on how to care for your baptism gown so that your family tradition can continue for years to come!

Bring even more to your family tradition by adding an accessory to the gown or outfit with each new baptism.  has a selection of socks, headbands and more that are the perfect final touch ! Think of all of the family history and significance your christening dress will have in just a few years!

What family traditions do you cherish most? Share them with us!

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A family friend of mine is turning 13 next month so of course I turned to to find her the perfect birthday gift. I can’t believe she is going to be a teenager already! Her family moved in next door before she was even born, so I have truly been there since the very beginning! I’ve watched her grow up from a baby to a little girl and now a young lady. I think now is the perfect time to get her a stylish and sophisticated outfit that will make her look great and feel more grown up. is not just for baby and toddler girls – we also carry plus size clothing for girls who want fashions that reflect their more mature style but at the same time look youthful and fun. Now it’s easy to dress every girl in your family, from newborn to teen! We know every girl is unique, each with her own size, shape and personality. girls plus size clothes are just another way for girls to be themselves and look great!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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