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A New Look For SophiasStyle.com


SophiasStyle.com has been bringing you fashionable children’s clothing at a discount price for a few years now. We love making your little girls and boys look good in our unique boutique styles. Well now it’s time for a new look of our own!

We proudly unveiled our brand new website today, completely re-vamped and re-designed! It’s been a dream years in the making and we’re so excited that the day has finally come. Check it out and give us your feedback. You can still find the same fabulous girls clothes, baby clothes and boys clothes at fabulous prices. We hope you enjoy it!

What do you think of the new site? We’d love to hear from you!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

New Birthday Dresses From SophiasStyle.com!


Get her ready for a spectacular birthday celebration with one of our fabulous new girls birthday dresses from SophiasStyle.com. This fun and colorful dot balloon dress is just one of our new additions, and it’s just perfect for a party, pictures and opening presents! It even includes a matching headband for easy accessorizing.

These new birthday dresses are from Bonnie Jean, a manufacturer that is known worldwide for their high quality, comfortable and stylish garments. Throw in a discount price from Sophias Style and you’ve truly got something to celebrate. They are also available in many sizes so whether it’s a girls, toddler or baby birthday dress, you can find exactly what you need for any age trendy girl!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Fancy Swimwear For Fancy Little Girls


Check out this trendy new arrival at SophiasStyle.com. Fancy girls swimwear is all the rage this season. This adorable pink swimsuit by Kate Mack looks more like a fancy princess dress or dancing tutu than a bathing suit, but we promise that it is fully functional in water. How cool is that? I can think of a few little girls who would just love to wear this girly number!

We’ve seen these fashionable baby swimsuits at many high end department stores – it’s truly a must-have for spring and summer. Luckily at SophiasStyle.com you can get this look without the high end department store prices. You can always count on us for the latest looks for less. She’s sure to stand out and make a statement at the pool or beach this year!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Special Occasion Season is Fast Approaching!


It may be hard to believe, but spring will be here before we know it. Along with warmer weather and longer days, this also means wedding, Easter, First Communion and pageant season. It’s time to find the perfect girls special occasion dresses for all these big events! Luckily SophiasStyle.com can help you get an early start. New styles of special occasion dresses are arriving daily and boy are they beautiful. You’re sure to find the color, size and style that is just what your little girl needs.

Of course, you don’t have to be an early bird to catch a deal at SophiasStyle.com – our children’s clothes and special occasion dresses are on sale every day! Find a baby special occasion dress, a plus size special occasion dress and even a formal suit for your little boy. When the sunshine and warmer temperatures hit, your little girls and boys will look good in formal wear for less!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Back To Affordable Basics


Although they look good, name brand clothes for kids can be very expensive. There is always that tough choice: look good and spend a ton or save money but settle for a less fashionable look? Now with SophiasStyle.com you can have the best of both worlds!

Our unique, boutique designer kids clothes are discount priced and are sure to please girls of all ages. It’s all the top name brands for less! Every little trendy girl needs a mix of funky and basic pieces in her wardrobe. We’ve got everything covered.

Nothing beats a classic denim jacket and white tank top. They pair together beautifully and will never go out of style – the perfect foundation for her closet. Once the classic pieces are all set, add a little flair with this green sparkle skirt by Lipstik. We’ve also got the perfect pink canvas sneakers that would look great with the skirt. Voila – a lot of look for a little money, and you can find it all at SophiasStyle.com

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Dress Her In Exclusive Styles This Spring | SophiasStyle.com


Looking for a unique boutique look that no one else will have? You’ve come to the right place! SophiasStyle.com is proud to be the exclusive carrier of these fabulous new Spoiled Little Mama clothes. They are perfect for spring – think Easter, beach vacations and much more!

These styles for girls are grown up and elegant yet still fun and age appropriate. You’ll wish they made them in adult sizes – I know I do. Spoiled Little Mama has fashions for trendy girls of all ages – be sure to check out their designer baby clothes as well.

Happy shopping!

Check out our Spoiled Little Mama collection. Which style is your favorite?

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Be Bold This Easter! | SophiasStyle.com


Typically Easter dresses for girls come in soft, pastel spring colors – minty green, rosy pink and light yellow. While these shades are always beautiful and appropriate for the holiday, it doesn’t mean bright colors can’t work just as well too! This Easter season, SophiasStyle.com offers bright and bold dresses that are simply stunning.

Try out this fuchsia toddler Easter dress by Sweet Kids. It features beautiful details and luxurious fabrics that make it without a doubt a fabulous Easter dress –with a punch of bold color that is unexpected! It also comes in plum, silver and orange. We’ve got your little girls Easter dress covered this year no matter her age, size or personality. Don’t forget to shop our selection of plus size Easter dresses that are sure to wow her!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Fabulous New Laura Ashley Footwear | SophiasStyle.com


New Item Alert! Be sure to check out our newest arrival at SophiasStyle.com. These Laura Ashley girls shoes are a unique blend of classic and trendy styles. They’re made of soft yet durable white canvas so they have a casual feel and are easy to care for. At the same time the classic Mary Jane style straps and delicate beading make them unique and fashionable.

These shoes for girls come in toddler and girls sizes, and they pair easily with her favorite outfits, dresses, skirts and tops. A definite must-have for spring!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Throw a Talent Show Slumber Party | SophiasStyle.com


The good news is a month of winter has already passed. The bad news: we’ve still got two months to go! No worries though, SophiasStyle.com is here to help you fight the winter blues (and crazy cabin fever) with fun indoor activities for you and your kids. Invite her classmates and friends over next weekend for a Talent Show Slumber Party and keep everyone happy and entertained!

Give each girl an invitation with a talent show theme – just print a simple flyer with the details and gold stars on your home computer. Along with her sleeping bag and girls pajamas, ask each girl to prepare a routine to perform at the party (if she’s comfortable doing so). Some suggestions are lip synching or dancing to a favorite song, performing a magic trick or telling jokes. Let the girls use their creativity and ham it up! Encourage them to use costumes and props too.

On the night of the party, clear a side of your basement or living room to use as the “stage.” You can even decorate it with balloons and streamers. To get Dad or Mom involved, have him or her act as host for the show. Let each girl perform for the other guests, and be sure to remind them that not everyone has to. Some girls may be too shy to sing or dance in front of others and besides, watching and cheering can be just as fun!

Another unique way to make it feel like a real show is to host an intermission halfway through. Set up a table or countertop with popcorn, pretzels, juice and other snacks for the girls to munch on. After the show, award each girl with a small prize for performing. Our girls sleepwear makes a great gift, and then she can even wear them to bed that night! Don’t forget party favors for all of the other guests too.

Hope and you have fun, and don’t forget to get all of the performances on home video so they can watch it later!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Dress Her In Lito’s Blossom Collection This Spring


What could say spring more beautifully than the Blossom Collection of Lito dresses? These dresses are perfectly designed for spring, and with a wide array of sizes and luxurious spring colors to choose from, we’re sure to have the right one for your little girl.

First Communions, Easter, pageants and weddings are fast approaching. A Lito special occasion dress can get her ready to make an elegant fashion statement this spring – all for less thanks to SophiasStyle.com!

Lito is proudly made in the USA and has been outfitting little girls and boys in special occasion wear for more than 30 years. You’re sure to treasure their special garments for years to come!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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