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Announce Her First Communion to Friends and Family


If you’ve got a little girl who’s preparing for First Holy Communion, then you know how important the event is in her young life. She’s prepared for months or even years to receive this sacrament and it’s a big day for everyone involved! Typically First Communion takes place in March or April. That means it’s just around the corner!

Don’t fret though – thanks to SophiasStyle.com there is still time to find beautiful and affordable first communion dresses and communion gowns. Our dresses are simple and elegant so they give proper reverence to the occasion, yet features fabrics and details that make them luxurious and special. You’re sure to find the perfect dress, along with communion accessories – gloves, veils, socks and more – that will top everything off beautifully!

Once her attire is ready to go, don’t forget to let family, friends and other loved ones know about this special event! If you plan to celebrate with a party, cake and gifts, announce it to everyone with special invitations. You can find a wide selection of cards and invitations meant especially for first communion. Whatever you do to celebrate the sacrament of First Holy Communion, make it special and memorable. This only happens once in a lifetime!

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Find this invitation and more:

Baby Shower Party Games and Gifts from Sophias Style!


A new baby is certainly worth celebrating – with a baby shower, gifts and of course lots of hugs and kisses! SophiasStyle.com can help you plan a fun celebration and find great discount designer baby clothes for a gift. This adorable fashion print outfit makes a great gift for a new baby- we even sell a matching dress in big girl sizes so you can get coordinating cheap kids clothes for big sister! We’ve also got a great collection of designer diaper bags, sock sets and baby blankets. Once the perfect gifts are wrapped and ready, start planning the baby shower party games!

Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size
Ask each party guest to cut a length of yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the mother’s tummy. After everyone has made their guess, measure her stomach and find out whose string is the closest to the actual size. Award the winner a prize.

Bottle Races
This game is always a game pleaser! Fill baby bottles with juice, soda or another of your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. Give two contestants each 1 minute to drink as much as they can. Whoever drinks the most at the end wins a door prize!

Find more games like this at:

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Creative School Lunches for Kids


Is your little boy or girl tired of the same old school lunch every day? It’s hard for us Moms to keep those sack lunches creative and nutritious – the standard PB&J sandwich can get boring fast! SophiasStyle.com, the place where you can find discount school uniforms and back to school clothes, also has a few creative ways for you to jazz up his or her school lunch.

You may have heard of the popular peanut butter and banana sandwich. The Banana Dog is a delightful twist on the classic! Simply spread peanut butter on a whole wheat hot dog bun. Place a peeled banana in the peanut butter so it sticks to the bun. Finally, drizzle jelly atop the banana, just as you would ketchup or mustard on a hot dog. Voila!-a cute and healthy sandwich.

Use the same ingredients you would on a regular sandwich but in a new way with the Sandwich on a Stick. Cut bread, lunch meat, cheese, lettuce and whatever else they like into bite size pieces. Then it’s just like it sounds – slide all of the fixins’ onto a kebob stick and enjoy! Just make sure to snip the pointy ends of the stick after you’ve assembled everything. Toss some crackers and an apple into the lunch bag and you’ve got a complete meal! (Hint: This also works great with fruit!)

Don’t forget to write a special note to your girl or boy and stick it in their lunch box too – it will really make their day! Now you’re all set for the school year with a girls school uniform or boys school uniform at an affordable price and tasty lunchtime treats!

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Celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics In Style with Sophias Style!


As many of you may know, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are only about 30 days away. I don’t know about you and your family, but we absolutely love to watch the Olympics on TV. Ice skating is my favorite event, but mostly it’s just fun to cheer on Team USA in all the events!

When we were little, my sister, my cousins and I would pretend to ice skate in the basement while we watched the games on television. Of course we weren’t very good, but it was so much fun to pretend we were graceful athletes gliding effortlessly across the ice.

If you and your little girls are as excited about the Olympics as I am, try holding your own indoor ice skating competition this year! At SophiasStyle.com you can find beautiful dance clothes for girls that will look just like a skating costume. Give each contestant 1 minute to perform her routine, and then have Mom, Dad or older siblings award scores (a “perfect 10” for everyone of course!)

At a paper supply store you can even find little plastic gold medals to award to each competitor. Set up couch cushions, a small step stool or other things from around the house as the podium (just make sure everyone gets a chance to step onto it). If you’ve got fake flowers around the house, give them to each competitor. You can even conduct interviews with the winners – just make sure they smile and wave for the camera!

Our girls dancewear and a little creativity is all you need to celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and plan a fun wintertime activity for your kids. Have fun and go Team USA!

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What is your favorite Olympic event to watch? We’d love to hear!


Stylish Party Favors from SophiasStyle.com


I always loved going to birthday parties at my friend Nicole’s house in elementary school. Her parties were always the most fun and her mother made the best party favor bags! The bags were always stuffed full of candy, stickers and girls accessories for all of us little girls to enjoy. You can be just as popular with your party guests with the help of SophiasStyle.com!

These girls socks adored with colored starburst beads make a great party favor for birthdays. They are brightly colored, fashionable and unique! At just about $4 per pair, you can afford to give one to every little party guest. Our other accessories for girls make great party favors too – drop a pretty hairbow or headband in their goody bags.

Skip the plastic rings and birthday pencils this year. Instead, give her birthday party guests a favor they’ll love to wear and that will make them look good!

What do you hand out for party favors? Share with us!

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Disney Princesses Themed Birthday Party


Looking for a unique and easy birthday party idea for your little girl? I’m sure you’ve heard of the Disney Princesses line of clothes, toys and other gear – especially if you have a little girl between the ages of 2 and 10! If Disney Princesses is what she’s all about, then let SophiasStyle.com help you plan the perfect princess birthday party! Of course you’ll need to start with her royal attire. Our girls dress up clothes are the perfect fit. She can be Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty with dress up clothes by Little Adventures.

At just about any discount store or party supply store you can find Disney Princess plates, napkins, cups and other supplies. It’s everywhere! Of course, pink, purple, silver or any other plain bright colors will look just as good too.

Once she’s dressed to party and the decorations are complete, follow these tips for a royally good time!

Princess Invitations
You can find cardstock at any local craft store that is designed to look like parchment. These will make great invitations! Don’t forget to word them royally as well – “Hear Ye, Hear Ye all princesses of the court (your street name)! In honor of her birthday, Princess Sarah Jones cordially invites you to a royal celebration!” Roll up the paper in a tube and tie it with a ribbon or seal it with a gold sticker.

Pin the Crown on the Princess
This is inspired by the classic birthday party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a twist! Have party guests pin the crown on the princess or you can use any other theme that fits for your party. You could pin a kiss on sleeping beauty or a glass slipper on Cinderella. Use your imagination and creativity!

Coloring Pages
While this activity is very simple and straightforward it is always a crowd pleaser! There are free coloring pages all over the internet nowadays. Print pages to match your theme or just your favorite princess pictures. You can even find sparkle crayons for some very glamorous coloring!

For more princess party tips:

What is the best birthday party you ever had? Share with us!

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Winter Markdown Continues at SophiasStyle.com


Now that the cold weather has settled in, it’s time to stock up on cozy sweaters, coats and other winter gear. Just in time for the frigid temperatures, SophiasStyle.com has turned up the heat! Find hot deals on our discount girls clothing in our winter markdown sale.

This adorable blue baby sweater by Briara is an incredible $6.99! We’ve got to make room for new spring styles so all our winter girls clothing is priced low to go! It’s a great time to stock up on clearance Christmas and Halloween fashions for next year. Looking this good has never cost so little!

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Flower Girl Etiquette | SophiasStyle.com


New flower girl dresses and girls special occasion dresses are arriving daily here at SophiasStyle.com and it makes me wonder – is there such a thing as flower girl etiquette? Just a few minutes of internet research and I had my answer – you bet there is! It seems like such a simple concept at first. Little girl, pretty dress, and a walk down the aisle, right? There’s more to it than that! Brides these days have many questions about their flower girl (or flower girls) and what is and isn’t appropriate. Here are a few tips for brides and flower girls-to-be.

Question #1: Who Pays For the Flower Girls Dress?
Should you foot the bill for her flower girl dress or are Mom and Dad responsible? Just like with bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girl (or her parents) are generally expected to pay for her attire. However, a great idea is for the bride to buy the dress as an attendant gift . With our wide selection of cheap flower girl dresses at SophiasStyle.com, her dress has never been more affordable! No matter who’s paying, there are options for every budget.

Question #2: A Flower-less Flower Girl?
Many times a ceremony site does not allow throwing of petals or maybe you just aren’t that into them. Will your flower girl look lost without her famous flowers? Instead of tossing petals along the aisle, your flower girl can carry a pomander ball or a tiny bouquet – no mess and still beautiful! Not having a ring bearer? The flower girl can carry the rings instead.

Question #3: How Many Flower Girls Is Too Many?
Maybe you know lots of little girls who would make a great flower girl – and you’re having a hard time just choosing one. Include them all or narrow it down? It’s very common nowadays to have more than one flower girl and two little cuties are always better than one! Still, you don’t want to go overboard. I attended a wedding once with three flower girls and it seemed to be the perfect number. They each held hands and filled the space of the aisle nicely. My personal rule of thumb: if they all can’t walk shoulder to shoulder in one line, you’ve got too many! There are always other jobs you can give the little ones – they can help pass out programs or favors. Of course, it is ultimately your decision and your special day. If six flower girls is what you want, then go for it! 

Source: http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-questions/kids-at-weddings.aspx 

What do you think of “flower girl etiquette?” Sound off!

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Don’t Forget Shoes – The Perfect Trendy Girl Accessory!


We all know that an outfit makes the girl, so don’t forget girls shoes, a vital part of any look for your little trendy girl. We like to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion here at SophiasStyle.com, and all the rage in fashion lately has been mixing feminine and masculine pieces for a unique and fashionable look. You’ve probably heard of these masculine styles for girls before – think boyfriend jeans, cardigans and even the fashionable fedora.

These particular styles may be a little too cutting edge for your little girl, but SophiasStyle.com offers many styles that you can easily pull together for a similar look. Our inspiration for today are these pink shoes for girls by Easy USA. These “old school” canvas sneakers are a classic masculine design, but without a doubt the bright pink color screams girly!

Pair these shoes with a fun and fancy dress like our popular Paris Diva Dress or Tie Dye Love Dress. A sweet ruffle dress with casual pink sneakers is a look that’s unexpected yet still fabulous and fashionable. See what trendsetting combinations you can come up with!

What is your little one’s favorite item of clothing to wear?

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Beach Activities For Kids | SophiasStyle.com


Planning to jet set to a tropical location this winter so you can escape the cold? While I’m incredibly jealous of those of you that are, I’ll still pass along these tips for keeping the kids entertained at the beach. The sand and surf can be mesmerizing to many little ones, but since most kids also have attention spans shorter than the average television commercial, it’s best to have a backup plan of activities (yes, even in paradise!)

Dress her in stylish girls swimwear from SophiasStyle.com, head to the beach and catch a little sun while you play these delightful beach games:

Sand Darts
Draw a large circle in the sand and then keep drawing smaller and smaller circles inside of the big circle to create a bull’s eye board. Gather seashells or stones to use as “darts” and assign a point value to each circle. You know what to do next: toss your markers and add up the points!

Water Bucket Relay Race
This game is great for the beach and is sure to get the little ones ready for a nap later on! Split a group of people into two teams (teams of four or more work best). Each team should have one large bucket (3-5 gallon size) and one smaller sand pail. Begin the race at the shoreline with the smaller pail filled with water. Each player must race to the big bucket further up shore and fill it with water from their small pail. The first team to fill their big bucket to the top wins!

Unorganized activities can be just as fun too. Explore the shoreline for interesting creatures – starfish, seashells or birds. And of course it’s always fun to throw a Frisbee or ball around in the warm weather!

Enjoy your trip to the beach and don’t forget to check out our great selection of adorable and affordable baby swimsuits, boys swim trunks and more!


This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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