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New Spring Outfits For Everyone! | SophiasStyle.com


It’s time to switch gears in her closet! Pack away those winter sweaters and get ready for spring with fabulous new girls outfits from Sophias Style. We’re getting new styles in for girls (and boys!) everyday, as well as the perfect shoes and accessories to go with them.

A stylish summer wardrobe has never been more affordable! Shop SophiasStyle.com for all the latest trends in discount girls clothes – find dresses, hair accessories, swimming suits for kids and more.

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Summer Swimming Pool Game For Kids | Sophias Style


It may seem like winter is never going to end, but I promise summer will be here before we know it! It’s time to find the perfect girls swimsuits and plan all those fun warm weather activities we love so much. No doubt one of their favorite things to do is swim in the pool. While lounging in the sun on a beach raft is our idea of “swimming”, for kids it’s like any other activity. They need structure and direction or they’ll get bored, fighting and tears will break out and suddenly everything is wrapped in chaos!

This year try playing Pool Change Drop to keep them occupied. Empty out that change bucket into the pool while all the kids stand outside of the water. At the count of 3, let all the kids jump in and dive for change. After all the loose change has been collected, count it up and see who has the most. Then they can stash their earnings in the piggy bank for a rainy day!

Another great variation on this game is to mark plastic tokens (you can find them at party supply stores) with different amounts using a black permanent marker. Toss them in the pool and let the kids dive. At the end they can add up the amounts they’ve collected. Later on take the kids to the store and let them pick out one toy or item that is worth that amount. It might be a good idea to make the highest token amount be no more than $1, or this game could get expensive! Save the tokens and you can use them again for the same game next year.

No matter what pool games they play, they’ll need splashy swimwear for summertime fun! At SophiasStyle.com you’ll find kids swimming suits, baby swimsuit sets, sandals and more. Shop and save today!

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Lovely New Looks From Lito | SophiasStyle.com


I know better than anyone that wedding season is fast approaching. My wedding day is now a mere 6 weeks
away – yikes! Most of my details are finalized and ready to
go – cake flavors, tuxedos and bridesmaids and the flower girl dress.

If I had it all to do over I’d get this heavenly girls special occasion dress by Lito for the flower girl. Purple is an incredibly popular spring and summer wedding color. Nothing would look more divine than this design! There are plenty of bridesmaids dresses and bridal accessories out there that would match these shades of lavender and plum perfectly.

Our new Lito girls dresses also make great pageant or Easter dresses for the season. This particular style comes in two other color combinations: brown and light pink (another popular wedding color duo) and white and pink. They are also available in size 2T-12, so they’re perfect for girls of all ages. Absolutely stunning – we gasped in delight when we saw them in person!

Don’t miss out on this fabulous Lito dress at SophiasStyle.com!


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A Baptism Gown for Baby… But Don’t Forget Mom and Dad!


With the help of SophiasStyle.com you’re sure to find the perfect christening dress for your little girl to wear on her baptism. Our boutique designs at discount prices make that part easy! This special day is all about your new bundle of joy, but don’t forget about your own look. Many eyes will be on the child’s parents and godparents at a baptism, and of course it’s an especially meaningful day for them.

Here are a few thoughts Moms and Dads should keep in mind when dressing for the baptism ceremony:

You’ll probably be standing for most of the service, so keep your feet in mind! High heels are not totally out of the question, but it’s a good idea to keep them to a low, comfortable height.

Babies wear white baptism dresses to symbolize innocence and purity. Express your joy and happiness with bright, cheerful attire! Dad can coordinate with his tie or a pocket square. Rich colors are practical when a baby is around – it’s much harder to hide spit up accidents on a white or cream-colored suit!

Forgo big dangly earrings or large chunky bracelets and necklaces and instead choose simpler pieces. We all know babies love to tug on anything they can get their tiny hands on!

Now that you and your baby are dressed for this big moment, it’s time to celebrate and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Birthday Dresses vs. Birthday Outfits | SophiasStyle.com


A birthday party for your little one takes a lot of planning – the cake, the decorations, invitations, party favors….the list goes on and on! One very important aspect of the event is your little girl’s attire. SophiasStyle.com has you covered no matter what you’re in need of. We carry beautiful girls birthday dresses and whimsical birthday outfits for girls that are the perfect look for any birthday bash!

If you can have your pick from so many different styles, how do you know what’s right for her? Here’s the low down on each of these popular styles:

Birthday dresses: This style is perfect for fancy birthday girls! If she loves to dress up and feel like a special princess, then this is the look for her. We have many different types of dresses to choose from – white, pink, polka dots and more! If you do go with a baby birthday dress, it might be a good idea to have a more low key party. You don’t want your little one running around getting grass stains and cake frosting all over her fancy new attire!

Birthday outfits: A pretty birthday outfit can be just as special for your little one as any fancy dress! This is a good choice for the more casual birthday girl. She’ll be more free to jump, run and play all day long. This birthday ensemble by Peaches ‘n Cream sure is cute!

No matter what style you choose, the day will still be special and your little girl will stand out as the birthday girl. Either one looks great in birthday photos, and a dress or outfit can easily be paired with our girls hair bows, birthday hats, shoes and other accessories for a divine birthday look!

And of course her look depends on what type of birthday party you’re throwing. Think colorful girls swimwear for a summer pool party birthday or cute sleepwear for girls if you’re throwing a birthday slumber party. With Sophias Style the boutique birthday possibilities are endless!

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Lend A Helping Hand With Homework


As the school year treks onward, those kids school uniforms might be showing some wear and tear and your kids are probably growing tired of all the schoolwork. A little encouragement and structure from Mom and Dad can help them get on the right track again! Here are a few tips from the Child Development Institute on how to help children with homework and maximize their potential as students:

Turn off the TV  Everyone knows the TV can be a HUGE distraction. Set a rule that when it’s study time, it’s also “no TV” time (for Mom and Dad too!) After homework is complete, you can even make plans to watch a favorite show or movie together as a whole family.

Establish a Routine. Try to organize the household into a routine – most kids thrive on structure. Serve dinner at a standard time and set aside homework time on a schedule every weeknight. Of course this can be a challenge with extracurricular activities. On these days, they can do homework before dinner instead of after.

Organize study and homework projects Get a large calendar and hang it on the wall in a central family area, such as the kitchen or living room. Have your child mark exam dates in one color, reports that are coming due in a different color, etc. This way they can see what is coming up and plan accordingly. It’s also great preparation for high school and college!

Before they know it, the school year will be over and it’ll be time to break out the sunscreen, beach balls and girls swimwear! Don’t forget to shop SophiasStyle.com for school uniforms and designer kids clothes for all four seasons.

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Sandals, Sandals Everywhere! | SophiasStyle.com


You really know spring and summer are on the way when we break out the girls sandals! You can get a head start on her beach footwear this year, because SophiasStyle.com has got oodles and oodles of summer shoes just for her.

We’ve got gold flip flops, pink strappy sandals, water shoes, and even garden clogs. Don’t forget to check out all of our girls shoes, because we’ve got new styles in every department. These trendy styles will look great paired with a flowery sundress, denim shorts and of course Sophias Style girls swimwear

I can almost hear the ocean waves now!

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Easy Carrot Place Setting For Kids | SophiasStyle.com


Here’s an adorable Easter craft that creates no mess – she can even do it in her fancy Easter dress! It only takes about five minutes to complete (there are only two steps!) and makes your table look bright and festive for the Easter holiday! Try it this year and wow your guests, big and small.

You will need:
• Orange paper napkins
• Green plastic utensils
• Green pipe cleaners

1. Fold a paper napkin into a rectangle and place a set of utensils at the lower left corner. Then roll up the utensil set in the napkin, working your way towards the right side.

2. Wrap a few green pipe cleaners around the napkin and utensils at the top of the “carrot” and twist them to secure.

If you don’t have green pipe cleaners, you can use green wrapping ribbon instead. Curl the ends with scissors for a springy look!

Now that the table’s set, don’t forget to hunt SophiasStyle.com for the perfect girls Easter dress. We’ve got hundreds to choose from in every style and size under the sun. Bold prints, elegant details, luxurious materials and more! All of our dresses – baby Easter dresses, toddler dresses and even plus size dresses – are discount priced to save you money. You’re sure to find a great deal every day at Sophias Style!

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Looking Good Is A Peace of Cake!


A new brand of girls clothes just arrived at SophiasStyle.com this week. Peace of Cake offers an array of brightly colored dresses for girls that are just perfect for spring! This yellow mesh dress is my favorite – so cheerful and pretty! It’s available in sizes 4-12 so girls of all ages can enjoy it.

Our other new arrivals include girls and boys sandals, girls swimsuits, party dresses and more. We’re happy to have Peace of Cake clothing at Sophias Style. They are definitely unique boutique garments you won’t find anywhere else. Check them out before they’re gone!

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Don’t Forget Those First Communion Photos | SophiasStyle.com


Little girls and boys spend many months preparing for their first communion – studying the history and significance of the sacrament, shopping for the perfect 1st communion dress and maybe even planning a party or celebration for afterwards. Like any big event, there can be months of anticipation only to have everything pass you by in a matter of hours! That’s why pictures on this special day are more important than ever.

You’ll want to get plenty of single portraits of your little one in his or her first communion clothing, but don’t forget all of the others involved in making this special day happen! Be sure to take a photo with the child’s school teachers or religious educators who have helped the young one prepare for first Holy Communion – including priests, deacons, nuns, or any other ministers. A special photo with the child’s godparents is also a must. Finish up with group family photos or those with special friends.

We’ve got everything you need for their first holy communion – communion gowns, boys suits, veils, socks and tights, dress shoes and more! Be prepared for the big day with the help of SophiasStyle.com.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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