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What’s The Right Age to Begin Dance Classes? | SophiasStyle.com


So your little girl loves to whirl and twirl around the room to the radio and you couldn’t get her to stop singing songs from the latest Disney movie if you tried. Is now the right time to enter her in dance lessons? There is no magical age where a girl is ready to begin dance classes, because everyone matures at different ages. The moms at Mamapedia.com have a few tips to help you make the right decision with your little one.

Be aware of her interests – If you notice that she’s always performing for family and friends, then it might be a good idea to bring up the subject of dance lessons. A lot of moms recommend 2-3 years old as a good age to start beginner’s classes. This makes sense, as a lot of little girls will not show a natural interest in dance until their toddler years anyway. The main idea is, don’t force it if she’s disinterested!

Start slow – Even if she does act interested, it’s still a good idea to test the waters before jumping in head first. Before you buy oodles of dance clothes for girls, enter her in one class a week and see how it goes. If she wants to spend more time in her tap shoes, then consider extending lessons to two times per week. One mom also suggests holding off on any sort of competitive dance classes until your little girl is older and decides that is what she wants. Sometimes nothing can be more un-fun than the pressure of competing at such a young age!

Join a friend – Entering dance lessons with a fellow friend, neighbor or relative can help make the experience less scary for your little one. She can bond with a new friend and they can share girls dancewear from SophiasStyle.com. Who knows, she may even make a lifelong pal!

All in all, dance lessons are a great activity for young girls in many ways. It is a structured environment that can help them learn to follow directions and prepare for their school years. It’s also a great form of exercise, a good way to meet new playmates and can even double as daycare for busy moms and dads!

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SophiasStyle.com | Fashion Trends That Come Full Circle


They were the epitome of style in the 80s. We wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in the 90s. And now they are working their way back into our hearts (and our closets!) I’m talking about the girls accessories we all love to love – leg warmers! Ok, so maybe we’re all a little too old to break out the leg warmers again. After all, our generation had our chance with them already. Now it’s your little girl’s turn!

Leg warmers are very practical for dance classes – ballet, tap, jazz and many others. For sure you’ll want to pick up a pair from SophiasStyle.com to go along with her leotard and other dance gear. However, they also look great paired with everyday casual wear, such as denim skirts and trendy tops. Something that’s practical, fashionable and affordable? Sign me up!

Check out all of our accessories for girls and make a fashion statement that’s modern and retro at the same time. We’ll let you know if day-glo or off the shoulder sweatshirts start making their way back onto the runways!

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Break Out the Bathing Suits! | SophiasStyle.com


You don’t have to live near a beach or pool to enjoy the water this summer! Throw on some trendy girls swimwear from SophiasStyle.com, fill up a bag of water balloons and enjoy this fun summer version of the classic game “Hot Potato.”

Gather the neighborhood kids together and have them sit in a circle. Instead of passing the water balloon from person to person, the kids throw the “Cold Potato” across the circle to one another. If a player drops the balloon and it breaks, that player is out.

Keep going until only one player remains and then crown the winner (and all the other players too!) with a popsicle or lemonade to cool off with. This game is sure to be a hit!

Shop SophiasStyle.com for baby swimsuits, boys swim trunks and other fun summer accessories for your little ones.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

For this game and other fun activities: http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/2-26-2005-66293.asp

Celebrate Your Marriage With Handmade Wedding Streamers


When I think of streamers as party decorations, I automatically think of a large roll of crinkly crepe paper in bright colors. Well streamers have just taken a sophisticated turn! As you may know, I am getting married soon – in fact, 8 weeks from today is the big day! Everything is really starting to come together. The reception hall is booked, we’ve selected music and the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses are ready to go.

Now that the big plans are set, it’s time to start focusing on the fun little details that make a wedding special! While surfing the web, I came across an idea for these beautiful ribbon streamers. They’ll be the perfect way for our wedding guests to see me and my fiancée off as we exit the church after the ceremony.

These are a unique alternative to the traditional bubbles or birdseed, especially if you are a crafty and creative-minded bride (If not, you can always enlist the help of bridesmaids!) Although this project can be a bit time-consuming, the end result is certainly worth it! Think of how beautiful these delightful handmade streamers will look fluttering in the breeze. You can find all the supplies you need at a craft store, and with all the different colors of ribbons out there, you’re sure to find the perfect hues to coordinate with your wedding color scheme!

Get prepared for your own wedding with SophiasStyle.com. We’re sure to have the perfect cheap flower girl dress for all the little ones in your wedding party. Just think of all the extra time and money you’ll have for fun wedding projects like this one!


This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Directions for this project: http://grimmricksen.blogspot.com/2009/06/details-streamers.html

Roc-A-Bouts Shoes for Boys | SophiasStyle.com


How could we forget about the boys? New boys clothes and accessories for spring are here at SophiasStyle.com. My personal favorite is this adorable pair of blue sneakers by Roc-A-Bouts. They are perfect for school, home, the playground and everywhere else his little feet will carry him!

We’re not just about girls clothes! Check out our selection of clothing for boys this spring and you’re sure to find designer duds for a discount price. He’ll be the best looking little guy on the block!

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Unique Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids | SophiasStyle.com


My sister is a Kindergarten teacher and the other day I went with her to the store to pick out some candy and Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to her students. There were literally hundreds of different kinds of cards to choose from! There were cartoon characters, movie stars and of course hearts galore!

If you are looking for something different and special this Valentine’s Day, SophiasStyle.com can help! Along with our festive girls dresses, we’ve also got a fun craft for home or the Valentine’s Day party at school. Be Mine Band-Aids take less than five minutes and you can find everything you need just lying around the house:

• Band-aids
• Markers
• Stickers

Kids don’t need to have scratch or scrape to enjoy these Valentine-y tattoos! Simply decorate ordinary band-aids with stickers and markers and your kids have got a temporary homemade tattoo. You can draw hearts on them, label them with names or adorn them with sparkly Valentine stickers – the possibilities are endless! I’ve even seen plain hot pink band-aids in stores. Some tiny red heart stickers would look simply divine.

Have fun and see what funky creations you and the kids can come up with! And don’t forget to check out our collection of girls clothing for Valentine themed toddler dresses.

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Christmas Dresses On Sale | SophiasStyle.com


The “off” season is a great time to find great deals at SophiasStyle.com. Right now we’ve got some beautiful and elegant Christmas dresses on sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on holiday looks for next year! This pretty red and black holiday dress would also make a great look for a Valentine’s Day or winter party.

You’ll find a fabulous girls Christmas dress on sale from Bonnie Jean, Lito and other top children’s designer brands. New spring looks are arriving daily too, including new birthday dresses, swimsuits for girls, boys shoes and more. Now you can get the best of both seasons for less!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Superbowl Party Game for Kids


With the Superbowl only days away, you are likely gearing up for the big game and all the fun parties that are part of the festivities. I can practically hear the crowd roaring (through my television of course!) and smell the spicy aroma of Buffalo wings. Before your tailgate begins, Sophias Style children’s clothing boutique reminds you to remember the kids for the party!

Often times Superbowl parties start several hours before kick-off, meaning there’s lots of downtime for the little ones. Avoid boredom and keep them entertained with Wall Football, a pigskin version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

• Post a large paper goalpost to the wall using pins, tape or sticky tack.

• Make four paper footballs for each participant, labeled with their name and number of course!

• Once the party guests arrive and you are ready to play, blindfold each player, spin them and see who can stick a football through the uprights.

• Award 3 points to each player who “kicks” his or her ball through the goalposts. After several rounds add up the points and declare a winner.

To fit in with the excitement of the Colts and Saints game, play a round of Wall Football during each quarter. Just like with the real football game, everyone will have to wait until the end of the night to find out who wins! Award a small prize to the winner, but make sure every player gets a little something to take home so no one feels left out.

Have fun, enjoy the game and don’t forget to check your email from SophiasStyle.com on Superbowl Sunday – you just might find exclusive deals on our clothes for girls and boys!

What team are you rooting for this Superbowl Sunday? Sound off!

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Remember A Baby’s Christening For A Lifetime | SophiasStyle.com


A baby girl or boy’s baptism may only happen on one day in his or her life, but it is sure to be cherished forever by Mom, Dad, godparents, grandparents and many other loved ones. SophiasStyle.com can help make that one day and the lifelong memories special with our beautiful heirloom baptism gowns.

All of our baptism dresses are meant to be keepsakes you’ll be able to pass on through the generations to siblings, cousins and other family members. Every family deserves to have such a garment! Our baptism clothing is discount priced so that now everyone can afford a beautiful dress or outfit for their little one. We also carry a special garment bag for our baptism dresses and outfits so that you can protect them from wear and tear over the years.

Another great way to remember the occasion and honor the baby’s godparents is with a baby footprint or handprint kit. You can find these online or at your local craft store. You simply make an impression of your baby’s hand or foot in a clay mold, and then you can present it to a loved one to display as a special keepsake for many years!

Are you a godparent? How are they special to you?

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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