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SophiasStyle.com | Fancy Spring Shoes for Her!


Looking to make her new spring clothes just a touch fancier? Try on a pair of these shoes for girls and take her outfit from ordinary to extraordinary! These mesh sequin slip-on shoes by Easy USA are just what she needs. They are comfortable, stylish and affordable – more than 50% off the retail price in fact! They also come in green, blue, gold and black, so there’s a pair to go with every look.

Find casual beach wear in our collection of little girls flip flops and girls sandals, plus all the other styles you need for Easter, weddings, school and playtime. There’s no doubt about
it – girls shoes from Sophias Style are totally kickin’!

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We Didn’t Forget the Boys! | SophiasStyle.com


If you’ve shopped the boys clothes department as Sophias Style lately, you’ve probably noticed there’s a whole lot more in it! That’s right, we’ve expanded our baby boy clothes section to include so much more for all those little guys. We have tons of new outfits, summer sandals and even formal suits and tuxedos.

Like everything else at Sophias Style, these cool baby boy clothes are a discount priced to save you money. This outfit by BT Kids is just 18.99 and features shorts and two coordinating t-shirts. It’s two looks in one!

Now you can find a cute outfit for every girl and boy in the family – our one stop shop just got even better! Don’t forget to check out our boys accessories section too. We’ve added new backpacks and lunch bags that are the perfect complement to our cute baby boys clothes.

Do you have boys or girls in your family? Share with us!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

First Communion is About Family | SophiasStyle.com


At Sunday church last week a beautiful little girl was sitting sandwiched in between her parents, wearing a beautiful 1st communion dress. She was the only child dressed for a first communion in the entire church, and I wondered why. Near the end of mass I got my answer. The priest explained that the first communion ceremony for all the second grade students was supposed to take place in a few weeks, but that this little girl’s father was being deployed to Iraq in just a few days. The little girl had an early ceremony by herself so that her father could witness such a special event in her life.

I wasn’t the only one in the church who was brought to tears by the scene before us. It was very touching and beautiful! The little girl and her family looked so happy. That is truly what first communion is all about. Sophias Style makes taking care of her attire easy, so that you can focus on what is really important. Our communion gowns are simple yet elegant and best of all are affordable too! We also have the perfect shoes, veils, gloves and other accessories to complete her look.

Find one-of-a-kind first communion dresses for less every day at SophiasStyle.com

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

A Creative Way to Save Money On Your Wedding | Sophias Style


Everywhere you look it’s all about weddings – expensive weddings. There are some many things that cost so
much – flowers, food, you name it! It seems like the list of wedding “must haves” keeps growing and growing. I realized this very early on during my own wedding planning process.

Stationary is quickly ballooning into a bridal budget buster. If you’re sending “Save the Date” cards, don’t be surprised if they are almost as detailed (and almost as expensive!) as the actual wedding invitations! The other day I came across a great idea for a save the date card that’s a little different. These are actually Save the Date Stickers. They are completely affordable and also a refreshing change from the standard photo magnet or postcard. You can print them yourself and send them in a small envelope that won’t cost any more than standard postage. Send a few to each wedding guest and they can easily mark a day planner or calendar with your wedding date!

Sophias Style offers a tried and true way to save money on your wedding – our boutique flower girl dresses at discount prices! Styles start at just $29.99 and are simply divine. You’re sure to find the perfect one for any age flower girl. Pick out a fabulous baby or toddler flower girl dress that is sure to coordinate perfectly with your wedding color scheme. We also have great hair accessories, shoes and flower girl baskets to match!


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Lindsey’s Big Day is Finally Here!


So for about ten months now I’ve been sharing tips and details of my wedding planning process. Well today is finally my wedding day! I can hardly believe it! All the details of my wedding are ready to go- definitely no time to change anything major plans now. But if you’re planning your own wedding, don’t forget to check out Sophias Style, where you’ll find the greatest selection of affordable flower girl dresses around. It will be the easiest task to cross off your list.

This season this beautiful pink Sweet Kids flower girl dress has been one of our best-sellers. It’s going fast so hurry and grab it for your special little flower girl. It also comes in plum purple, silver, orange and hot pink. Great for spring and summer weddings! Happy planning – next time you hear from me I’ll be married!

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Cute Baby Shower Gifts From Sophias Style


Don’t ask why, but giraffes just seem like the perfect whimsical, cute little creature for a baby. A friend just recently had a baby, and she decorated the baby’s room in a giraffe theme. Let me tell you, she had no trouble finding plenty of giraffe gear to put in the nursery! She definitely made it easy to buy new baby gifts for the baby shower too.

Sophias Style has this adorable giraffe blanket set that made the perfect gift for my friend’s new bundle of joy. It’s a great gift to have embroidered with a name or special message. Shop our entire section of baby gifts and baby gear, and find unique baby shower gift ideas that are sure to delight the new Mama-to-be! Of course, new clothes for baby make a great gift too, and are always useful. We’ve got loads of cute outfits, dresses and other newborn baby clothing to choose from – all at discount prices.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Ice Cube Melt Relay Race For Kids of All Ages


Now that temperatures are finally heating up, it’s time to head outdoors! Break out the sunscreen, trendy sunglasses and girls swimwear, then turn on the sprinkler or hose down the slip ‘n slide. Here’s another fun game you can add to the outdoor festivities. This Ice Cube Melt Relay race is a great group activity for children of all ages, so everyone from wee ones in baby girl swimwear to pre-teens can join in on the fun.

Here’s all you will need:
• Two teams with an equal number of players
• Two ice cubes that are the same size

This game is pretty simple but still tons of fun! Freeze two ice cubes, one for each team (the bigger the better). Arrange each team in a single file line and let each team member hold the ice cube for a set amount of time, about 20-30 seconds. At the sound of a whistle or some other signal, they player must pass the ice cube off to the next teammate behind them. The first team to completely melt their ice cube wins!

After all of the excitement, change clothes and treat everyone to an ice cream bar or popsicle. Our girls summer clothes at Sophias Style are perfect for a trip to the ice cream parlor! Enjoy the warm Spring weather and don’t forget to shop Sophias Style boutique for great discount deals on all the trendiest spring clothing for girls and boys.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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New Spring Outfit Sure To Please


Brighten up her day and her look with one of our newest girls outfits from Sophias Style! This cheerful spring outfit by RMLA is perfect for a warm and sunny day. It’s a casual look so it will work great for school and playtime, but it’s still unique and fashionable!

You’ll also find affordable baby girl outfits and toddler outfits at Sophias Style, from high quality brands like Bonnie Jean and BT Kids. At your next play group session she’ll definitely be the talk of all the other Mommies. Just tell them it’s all at Sophias Style children’s clothing boutique, and all at 30-70% off retail prices! New styles are always arriving, so be sure to keep checking for all the latest trendy fashions for your little girl.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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