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The Right Choice Of Girl’s Pageant Dresses And Gowns

Ever wonder why girl’s pageant dresses, pageant gowns and toddler pageant dresses have such an special appeal? Why has the popularity of fresh and simply stunning designs shot up this season?
Well, at Sophias Style, we know the reasons for this popularity spreading like pirated music. After all, it’s hard for any self-confessed, die-hard eye-candy addict to resist the sheer beauty and splendor of girl’s pageant dresses and pageant gowns. And if your little girl is a fashion icon in her own right, then she’s sure to have a couple of stylish and sophisticated toddler pageant dresses in her wardrobe.
Girl’s pageant dresses and pageant gowns from Sophias Style are the perfect choice for girls competing at national and state-level pageants, or other competitions and recitals. Your little girl will grab the attention of all even if she’s not in the spotlight with our pageant dress collections. Elegantly created in a multitude of captivating colors, bewitching designs, darling styles and fabulous fabrics, our breathtaking collection of girls and toddler pageant dresses can freeze traffic without much effort.
Let her dress up in a cupcake style full skirt and a super stretch bodice, with an off-shoulder neckline accented perfectly with an elaborate chiffon flower on each shoulder, and watch the beauty queen smile with pride. She will be the center of attention in a magnetic sleeveless neon pink twinkle organza outfit embellished with rhinestones. A sundress style pageant dress in lime or even sage green is sure to turn her friends a dark shade of the same color.
So make sure you learn how to handle the shower of compliments after she wears girls pageant dresses, pageant gowns and toddler pageant dresses from Sophias Style.  

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Girls Sleepwear For Your Sleeping Beauty


Who says girls pajamas and girls robes cannot be the stuff that fairy tale dreams are made of? Your little princess may have an incredibly stylish pink party dress with the traditional proclivity of turning all her friends green with envy, but without definitive, glam and chic sleepwear, her wardrobe is incomplete.

At Sophias Style you have a captivating array of sleepwear in a multitude of fabrics, patterns, designs, styles and color Girls SleepWear. Let the apple of your eye feast her eyes on a fleece pajama or Whiz girls set in classic pink or even a stylish Royal Wear girls sleepwear. Colorful cupcakes and a sprinkling of glitter on cupcake pajamas are indeed the icing on the cake for the birthday girl.

If Polka Dots and Floral prints are more her style, then pajamas and robes with these prints are sure to add a whole new dimension to her unique style. If the hearts and lips girls pajamas or delicately feminine, short-sleeved, two-piece sleep sets with subtle accents at the neckline and cuffs are not in sync. with her adventurous streak, then the girl’s sea fresh cats nightgown is just ‘purrfect’.

Pretty, comfortable, super-soft, and warm, the new line of Sophias Style girl’s sleepwear collection is every girl’s sweet dream come true.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

First Communion Dresses: Eternally Magical

An absolutely breathtaking 1st Communion dress is every girl’s dream come true. Her First Communion is a beautiful and holy rite of passage, where she learns about bonding and expressing beliefs. Sophias Style brings you a simply divine range of First Communion dresses for all age groups, style and budget. What’s more, we also have a fabulous size range that can impress even the most discerning ‘hard to fit girls’. You are sure to find the perfect plus size communion dresses with effortless ease.
Our incredible collection of First Communion dresses and plus size girls communion dresses commands appreciation simply because it brings you Hollywood style high octane fashion without the astronomical price tag. And we have dresses to suit your girl’s whims and fancies. So whether classic, elegant styles, old-world traditional dresses and modern designs, your daughter will treasure the memories for the rest of her life.  
A swish of satin in a sleeveless communion dress or Baptism dress with  a tulle skirt is sure to turn heads. The grace and elegance of a beaded, sleeveless satin communion dress can only be matched by a white pear beaded, plus size communion dress with lace trimmed shawl scarf, satin top and organza skirt. At Sophias Style we create more than just beautiful first communion dresses and plus size girls communion dresses.  We create eternal magic, soulful and sensational. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

The World At Her Feet With Girls Shoes

Ever wonder what’s the common thread that links girl’s shoes, baby sandals and girl’s sandals? Well, it’s simple, – the desire to extend their footprints in all directions.  Just let your stylish, little girl step into any of the Sophias Style fashionable and cool dress shoes, casuals, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals and boots and she is ready to take a step in the right direction.
Crafted with precision, from premium quality materials like cotton and suede, and in a multitude of captivating colours – gorgeous lavender, regal purple, pulsating pink, divine white, fascinating fuchsia, sedate pastel green, patriotic navy blue, sophisticated black and earthy brown –  shoes for girls can be dressy, sporty and even eco-friendly.
Her twinkle toes deserve nothing but the best, so get her the classic running shoes in the winning combination of pink and white. Watch her bloom as vibrant, colorful flowers dance across adorable, slim fitting comfy, strappy sandals or put the sparkle in her life with shimmering soft sole shoes. And if she’s a water baby, let her make a splash with the pool-side, wave-inspired, water-friendly sandals. 
Dazzling or dreamy, groovy or glitzy, tough or trendy, regardless of the girls shoes or sandals your little girl chooses, she certainly can have the world at her feet from the wide range of collection at Sophias Style.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Unleash Flower Power With Flower Girl Dresses


Girls Flower Girl dresses from Sophias Style in a mesmerizing range of classic and contemporary styles are certainly creating quite a sensation this season.
So what makes the collection of flower girl dresses at Sophias Style so special? For starters, our extensive line of dresses are crafted from the finest fabrics – satin and organza. Then there is our  tendency to fuss over every little detail. Take a look at the lace and rice pearl embellishments on our elegant cream floral satin and organza formal flower dress, and you will know what love at first sight is all about. We have also added ribbons and rosettes that are sure to wrap your little one in a cloak of mystique. 
The exquisite range of girl flower dresses at Sophias Style is sure to send you and your little girl over the top with excitement.   The most romantic color of them all – sage green – is a universal favorite.   We also have girls dresses and flower girl  dresses in shades like gold and silver, black, white, aqua, teal, lilac, jade, wine, coral, tan and rust, among scores of others.
And the icing on the cake is the extensive line of headpieces.  These include crowns with and without veils, head wreaths, hair bows, headbands and rhinestone tiaras. With baby girl flower dresses available at Sophias Style, your bundle of  joy  is bound to unleash the flower power to the world.  

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Kid’s Halloween Costumes: Anything But Child’s Play

Kid’s Halloween costumes are not something parents can be casual about. Kids love to dress up, and there’s no better occasion than Halloween where their talent and ingenuity comes alive. But whether Miley Cyrus’ Girls Halloween costumes or a Batman Baby Boy Halloween costume, parents almost always tend to lose the plot. So what if you are not blessed with an imagination that defies the laws of gravity, we at Sophias Style are here to extend a helping hand when you are bludgeoned by an overdose of Girl’s dress up clothes and Boy’s Halloween costumes.
Sophias Styles is here to impress you with a multitude of Kid’s Halloween costumes. And before your mind conjures up images of small orange pumpkins, miniature black witches, gypsies and over-the-top ghosts, do take a look at our fascinating collection. Whether your little one wants to be ingenious and daring, cute and sassy, glamorous and dashing, or even daunting and scary, you are sure to find many bright sparks that promise to be more exciting than collecting hordes of candy on Halloween night.
While our stunning collection of Girl’s dress up clothes include unicorns, Fiona (Shrek), Rapunzel, Barbie of Swan Lake, Kim Possible, Dora the Explorer, Velma (Scooby Doo), Queen of the Nile and Colonial Girl, boys can also create a sensation  with Colonial Boy, Astronaut, Toy Soldier, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Musketeer, Doughboy, Frontier Boy and Gladiator. From the latest movie and TV show superheroes, to ballerinas, fairies and wizards, and all their favorite Disney comic and cartoon characters, kids can really let their imagination run wild with Sophias Style Kid’s Halloween costumes.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Spread Spring Summer Cheer With Girls Easter Dresses

Soaked in a cauldron of bright and happy colors, Girls Easter Dresses are here to spread spring and summer cheer. We at Sophias Style help you celebrate the effervescent hues of toddler and Baby Girl Easter dresses at reasonable rates.
Whether for Easter service at church, a frantic Easter egg hunt, or just to play with friends and enjoy the wonderful warm weather and longer days, these colorful Girls Easter dresses are sure to get any girl out of her blue funk.
We offer classic, modern, and beautiful baby girl and toddler Easter dresses in a rainbow of captivating colors – pastel pinks, soft blues and soothing yellows and divine whites. With our incredible variety, parents are sure to build the fashion quotient in their daughters. 
Your little one will never want to get out of a modern, fun, and vibrant cherry red dress bursting with brightly colored graphic flowers. She is sure to be as pretty as a picture in a fancy pink tulle dress, or a sequined flower dress or even a sunny smocked Easter dress. Let your baby bloom in a vivid baby girl Easter dress decked with pink and yellow flowers. Easter spring flower toddler dresses in fuchsia, silver, orange and brown are sure to make more than a fashion statement this season.
Sophias Style is definite to send the mercury soaring this summer with cute and classy Easter expressions.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Newborn Baby – Showering the Occasion of Motherhood and Fatherhood


What can bring a smile on one’s face and melt someone’s heart? It’s the joy of becoming mother or father to a newborn baby. It’s that time you realize that your family is complete.

Make every day special for your baby by giving her the best from Sophias Style’s selection of newborn baby girl’s accessories, dresses and more. products are crafted in such a way that it suits the supple skin of your baby.

So, hurry up and choose a darling outfit to dress up your baby in the best way.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog

My Baby – Shining like an Angel


When those stars start twinkling and moon shines above the sky, I see my baby standing in the window and staring at them. She asked me, with those wondering eyes, how I can be around the stars.

It’s important to let free your kid’s dream, it’s like kites soaring high free.Make her dream come true; style her in lovely Sophias Style US Angel dresses and make them feel part of a fairy tale.

For every parent their baby is like an Angel and for them you are her world. So, make her feel special and cast the spell of everlasting love with this present.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Make your child feel comfortable with Sophias Style Undergarments

Kid’s undergarments must be of fine quality. Small children are in a joyful mood only if they are feeling comfortable with what they are wearing. You must have noticed your children crying when you dress them up for a fancy dress competition. It is because they are not at ease.

Girls, especially, are very particular towards the look and feel of their clothes and also the shape of undergarment must be appropriate to the dresses and skirts they wear.
We carry baby diaper covers, baby bloomers, girl’s underwear and other girl’s undergarments that are both practical and fashionable. Our girl’s undergarments, including girl’s underwear, petticoat slips and girl’s bras, pair perfectly with our girls clothes and are very affordable.

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