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Leading the Procession….Stealing the Show Flowergirl Dresses

Girls Clothes,flower girl dressesYour little one has the royal privilege of leading the wedding procession down the aisle. This is an awesome responsibility to headline the show in the perfect flower girl dress from Tossing lovely petals prior the procession signifies the elegance and royalty of what is to follow. We all dream of the perfect wedding and mostly a long loving married life together.

Fresh rose petals were used as wedding throws in the middle ages, since they are known to have been used to decorate the bride’s hair from very early times.The wedding throw was initially a pagan rite, and grains and seeds were thrown rather than rice, which spread from the orient to the west in the Middle Ages. What people threw would naturally depend on the crops indigenous to the area, and the idea was that the fertility symbolized by the seeds would be passed on to the couple.

Completing the procession of flower Girl dresses with the perfect flower basket, lovely sparkly shoes, head and hair accessories complete the specialness of this important day. And you larger families don’t fight over who will be the flower girl just have all the little girls in the wedding and change the color of the sash and add a flower of the same color to the dress

The baby flower girl dress is also available in all colors and sizes for your lovely day! This will be a grace filled day certain to go down in “one of the funnest days ff my life” book as you grow up.

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Just Us Girls | Sophia’s Style

Girls Undergarments

Remember when you went shopping with your mother for your very first bra?  I do, and although she was mostly just humoring me at the time, I felt so special- because this was something that was just between us girls, and my dad and brother “wouldn’t understand.” 
At Sophia’s Style, we have a great selection of girls undergarments, which of course includes girls bras.  The great part about our store is that it’s online, so you can help her find undergarments for girls without any embarassment! 
Even if she’s not quite old enough to be needing any bras just yet, we have adorable girls underwear and beautiful girls petticoat slips.  If you’ve got any special occasions coming up, make sure you check to see if she’ll be needing a petticoat- they make dresses look so sweet! 

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Girls Dancewear | Sophia’s Style

Girls Dancewear

Before I talk about how pretty and fun our fantastic selection of girls dancewear is at Sophia’s Style, I’d first like to say HAPPY THURSDAY!  Tomorrrow is Friday!  I imagine lots of you have fun family plans for the weekend, I know I do.  Saturday is my mother’s birthday, and we’re celebrating by going to a children’s cancer research benefit. 

It just so happens that I have a really great Mommy, who loves me very much and enrolled me in all different kinds of dance classes when I was a kid, despite the fact that I was (and still am) hopelessly clumsy and distracted.  I got to take tap dance, ballet, and gymnastics, and we have all the framed photos of me in bright, sparkly dance costumes and stage make-up to prove it!  In fact, I remember those photos more than I even remember the actual dance recitals and rehearsals, because my mom and dad both had them on display on their desks for years. 

At Sophia’s Style, we have beautiful girl’s dance clothes.  Whether you need girls leotards, tutus, ballet shoes, or dance shoes, we’ve got lots of adorable options.  Make the most of these times when your little girl is excited to dress up and dance on stage, because it will mean a lot to her to know that she makes you proud! 

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It’s Always A Good Time To Shop For Girls Shoes | Sophia’s Style

Baby Girl Shoes

Kids just love getting new shoes!  When I was a nanny, the children were excited about their new pairs of shoes for weeks, sometimes months, after they got them.  Whenever I told the two year old girl, Ally, that it was time to go outside and to find her shoes, she’d raise her eyebrows and say, “My new shoes?” and when I said yes, she’d get so excited and run off to get them! 

Girls Shoes

At Sophia’s Style, we have so many adorable girls shoes!  My newest obsession is our Wee Squeak shoes, they have little removable inserts that squeak every time the child takes a step.  Evidently it helps toddlers learn to walk, and it makes keeping track of them in public places much easier (if you aren’t looking, you can hear if they start to wander away).  Those things aside, they’re incredibly well-made shoes, and they come in a zillion adorable styles.  They’re excellent baby girl shoes

We also have a ton of really pretty girls shoes.  In fact, yesterday I told my officemate about three different times how much I wish they made a grown up version of these faux-croc Laura Ashley maryjanes, because they’re absolutely perfect (and I’m obsessed with black croc and quilted shoes and purses right now), and the little silver detailed buckles on them are so pretty and vintage-y. 

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Personalized Birthday Dresses at Sophia’s Style!

Personalized Birthday Dresses

Children get so excited about their birthdays, there’s nothing you can do to make too big of deal out of it!  When I was little, I spent the entire month preceeding my birthday counting down the days.  Birthdays were second only to Christmas (which was even more fun because everyone celebrated it and I got to give gifts to my mom and dad).

Here’s a great way to help your kids get pumped up about their upcoming birthdays; have them make a calendar a week or two before the big day, and let them mark off each day.  They can have fun decorating their calander and then choosing a place to hang it (like on the front of the refridgerator) where they will be able to see it and reach it everyday!     

Birthday Dress

In order to make your little girl’s birthday as special as possible, you should check out our birthday dresses at Sophia’s Style!  You can order personalized birthday dresses!  To get a monogrammed birthday dress, just select the size of the dress you want, then check the box that says “Yes, please add embroidery to this order, $8.99,” and then you will be allowed to choose the color of thread and font, and write in instructions for what you want it to say and where you want it embroidered! 

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Baby Girl Clothes for Fall | Sophia’s Style


Baby Girl Clothing

Guess what!  We’ve got a new blog started, it’s going to be for Tips and How To articles, and we’ve got a few posts up already!  You can check out today’s post, and I’ll be letting you know here everytime I put up a new one! 

Now on to other important updates:

In case you’ve yet to notice, Sophia’s Style has the World’s Cutest Baby Girl Clothing, according to us and a number of happy shoppers.  We are also often told that we have the World’s Most Unique Baby Girl Clothes, but this has yet to be verified on any official level, it’s just general opinion.  So if you’ve got babies, and/or friends or relatives with babies, you should check them out.  

Wee Squeak Brown Boots

Since babies grow fast, I think it’s mathematically safe to assume you’ll be needing some new, cute baby girl clothes this fall and winter, and I’m going to help you start shopping now!  Today’s featured outfits are perfect for this fast-approaching fall season.  To view the featured pieces in detail, click on any of the photos. 

The first is an adorable set by Sophia’s Style, it’s in floral and earth tones, and has leopard print trim.  This is essentially everything great about this year’s fall fashions combined into one adorable outfit. 

The second is a sweet floral dress by Bonnie Jean with a peter pan collar.  It just so happens that peter pan collars are my absolute favorite new trend, they’re adorable for girls of any age, and they add a touch of sweetness to outfits that otherwise might have looked a bit generic. 

Baby Girl Dresses

For both of these sets, I recommend these brown suede boots by Wee Squeak.  They’re great for helping babies learn to walk, and they’re incredibly well-made.  The boots will keep her feet snug and stylish, and they’ll match all her fall and winter daywear. 

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Black and Blue Boys….Formal Wear


A different kind of black and blue for boys can put them in terrific boys formal wear. Talk about good looking!

Boys Clothes, Boys Formal wear
 Boys have special days too for First Communion, Wedding, Sunday best and performing.
Hey mom check out for all colors to chose from in formal boys clothes. Besides black and blue how about these handsome suits in brown or burgundy formal clothing for boys!

Finish the total look with boys formal wear complete with shoes, ties, shirts and vests.

Besides Dad and Pampa  some of Sophias best friends are boys to climb trees with, play tag and out skate. If she isn’t out running them she is out skating them (now perfecting her axle).

            “A boy carries out suggestions more wholeheartedly when he understands their aim.”

                 Robert Baden-Powell

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First Communion Dress – Your Daughter a Little Bride


Sophia is very excited about her upcoming First communion dress. She prays every night for her family and friends especially those who do not have a faith to believe in. Her faith is strong and Her first communion dress will make the day even more complete as she opens her Heart to God.

girls clothes/dresses/communion.html

Help your daughters day by dressing her in a beautiful First communion gown so her heart will be ready for this new exciting change in her life! also carries a fantastic choice of First communion shoes, gloves and veils to complete her attire. Your daughter will never be closer to feeling like a bride then on this Holy 1st Communion day.

“Sharing your joy with a friend is twice the joy.”


Girls Plus Size Clothing at Sophia’s Style

Plus Size Girls Clothes

Sometimes, finding cute clothes can be the biggest nightmare, and it’s such a shame when that’s the case, because shopping is supposed to be fun!  If you’re looking for plus size girls clothing, the search can be especially difficult.  At Sophia’s Style, we’ve got every kind of plus size girls clothes, and we make an effort to ensure that everything we carry is as stylish and unique as possible in every size! 

These days our society puts so much pressure on kids to look “perfect” at such a young age, it’s simply not fair.  As your girl grows up, her body is going to change drastically a number of times, and she’s going to want to find clothes that make her feel good during each one of those phases. 

When I was in junior high, I hit a growth spurt that sent me a good three inches above every other kid in my class, and I hated it.  My mother and I scoured the malls in search of pants that would be long enough for me, but no matter where we looked, I always wound up in jeans that couldn’t quite reach the tops of my shoes.  I was about as awkward as a pre-teen could get.  One of my closest friends, Amanda, had the opposite problem, she hit 4’10” and got stuck there for two years, while the whole rest of her body filled out.  Every pair of pants she got had to be hemmed, and she had to shop in the women’s section for tops. 

Girls Plus Size Clothing

At Sophia’s Style, we want every girl to be able to have beautiful clothing at every stage of her life!  That’s why we carry a variety of sizes, so girls who grow up like Amanda and I can shop together on our site and find dresses, tops, pants, and everything else they need, and they can actually have fun doing it! 

Show your girl Sophia’s Style girls plus size clothing, she’ll have a great time getting her fall wardrobe together this year! 

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Girls Special Occasion Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Girls Special Occasion Dress

Before I started working here at Sophia’s Style and speaking regularly with our customers, I never realized how difficult it is to find special occasion dresses for baby girls and little girls! 
We get calls from stressed out brides, pageant moms, and a variety of other family members who just want to find a unique and beautiful dress for their girl.  As cheesy as this may sound, it really feels great when we can help them find exactly what they need- especially because our prices are so reasonable, I never have to feel bad telling a bride-to-be how much she’s going to have to spend on her flower girl! 
We get lots of emails from pleased customers, and we always forward them to everyone who works here, because we all love knowing that our girls special occasion dresses are making people happy. 
If you’ve been dreading the search for your girls special occasion dress, come look at Sophia’s Style, we honestly want you to be able to find the perfect dress, and we’ve got so many beautiful and original styles, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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