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Girls Halloween Costumes, Something For Everyone

Girls Halloween Costumes

When I was a little girl, I didn’t want anything to do with scary or gruesome girls Halloween costumes!  I was all about wearing anything sparkly, shiny, and girly.  My best friend, on the other hand, wanted to be some sort of monster or witch every year- she hated all the costumes I thought were the best!  Somehow we got along, in spite of our total lack of common interests; she loved sports, which I never understood (still don’t) and I loved books and playing dress up.  One fall, her mom took us to see the movie Hocus Pocus in the theatre, and by the time the movie was over, she wanted to dress up as the zombie and I wanted to be Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Well, at Sophia’s Style, we’ve got all different kinds of little girls dress up clothes– so whether your child wants to be a dragon, a witch, or Sarah Jessica Parker (ok, not really SJP, but something pretty and girly), you’ll be able to help her find the perfect costume! 

We also have loads of adorable baby girl Halloween costumes, so you can pick out something for her even if she’s too little to care what it is! 

Don’t forget, anything you purchase right now is 15% off with the code 15OFF (enter it at checkout, you’ll see the field for it), so it’s a good time to get their costumes! 

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15% Off Girls Christmas Dresses! | Sophia’s Style

Girls Christmas Dresses

Ok, technically that 15% off applies to everything, so even if you’re not in the market for girls Christmas dresses, you should still check out the site and do some shopping!  Just type in 15OFF at checkout, and it will take 15% off your entire purchase. 

Anyway, Sophia’s Style does have an absolutely gorgeous selection of girls holiday dresses.  Right now, my favorites are all the velvet dresses in dark green or burgundy.  They look so warm and lovely, perfect for holiday parties or candlelight Christmas Eve ceremonies at church. 

Also, you should know that we have all different sizes, so if you need a baby Christmas dress, a little girl Christmas dress, or a plus size Christmas dress, Sophia’s Style is the place to go! 

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Girls Clothes! | Sophia’s Style

Girls Clothing

Guess what guys, we’ve got a discount promotion going!  You can get 15% off your entire purchase if you enter 15OFF at checkout! 

It’s August, and that means prime shopping season, so we’ve decided to make it all the more fun to find girls clothes this fall with %15 off all the girls clothing you could possibly need. 

Both of the photos I’m posting today were taken by happy parents and sent into Sophia’s Style to show us how much their girls loved the outfits they got from our site! We love seeing happy shoppers, and if you want, you can look through our Sophia’s Style Stars page and see all of the adorable photos families have sent in.

Girls Clothes

Now’s a good time to start looking for holiday dresses, fall jackets, winter coats, and back to school outfits.  We’ve been getting loads of new clothing in, and it’s all so unique and beautiful! 

While you’re checking out all the necessities for your girls, don’t forget to have a look at our baby girl clothes!  She may not be going to school yet, but she still deserves to look fabulous, right? 

Have fun, and don’t forget:  15OFF

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In your Easter Dress…. Bonnet…. with all the Frills Upon It….


I remember when it was Easter time my mom would say
“there’s the Easter bunny” and I would run to the window AS FAST as I could to see it—-
but she would say “oh you just missed it!”

Girls Clothes/dresses/easter bx=Don’t MISS this great sale on darling Easter dresses! Sophia is always thinking ahead of what to wear (she’s been making Christmas gifts lately too shhhh!) Now she is thinking of what little sisters baby Easter dress will look like. Sometimes mom dresses them alike because there are so many sizes available at in girls Easter dresses.

Little sis LOVES to do everything Sophia does even wear the same shoes and bags with matching hats!

Your little one will look beauty FULL in these lovely little Easter dresses that could be a flower girls dress or vice versa!

Remember the gift baskets at it’s a good way to replace that candy!
Easter reminds me of the caterpillar that said
“just when I thought it was all going to end, I turned into a beautiful butterfly!”

Enjoy today but plan for tomorrow,
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Baby Girl Baptism Dresses with Christening Poise

               Girls ClothesChristening – to receive into the Christian Church by Baptism!
Do you remember your day of Baptism? I don’t either but my christening gown photo is lovely and I know my spirit was touched being baptized into the church of my family faith! 
            Thanks mom and dad for loving me enough to start me off on the right path for the journey! What a gift.
The girls christening gowns are like a mini brides dress at girls clothing boutique and complete the outfit with baptism bonnets, baptism shoes, and even baptismal remembrances like blankets.
Your baby girls baptism dress may become a new family heirloom for generations to come.
This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Sophia is grateful  to be sharing the journey with you!


Girls Swimwear, Get It While It’s Hot Outside!

Girls Swimwear

It’s August, do you know what that means?  It means lots of girls swimwear is on sale at Sophia’s Style!  And the stuff that’s not on sale is still being sold for way better prices than anywhere else, so come get new suits while it’s still hot enough outside to swim. 

I really like these kinda retro ones with the ruffles.  The red is (in my opinion) clearly meant to be worn with absurdly large, white, Jackie O sunglasses.  The other one looks so 60’s to me, it’s perfect for a barbeque at the lake where there’s a dock to jump off of. 

We also have lots of great baby girl swimsuits, so your littlest ones have something to wear as well!  Make sure you remember the sunblock, their delicate skin is easy to burn! 

Swimwear for Girls

Here’s a great tip:  If your child has sensitive skin, look for sunblocks that are made with physical blockers, which are listed in the ingredients as zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide isn’t absorbed by the skin, it’s a natural ingrediant that actually sits on top the skin and physically reflects sun radiation off the face.  Because it isn’t absorbed, it’s much more gentle and won’t cause irritation.

Have lots of fun in the sun while you still can!  And don’t forget to check out our swimwear for girls at Sophia’s Style!

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Looking Suave in Boys School Uniforms

Boys School Uniforms

I spend so much time focusing on all the great girls clothing here at Sophia’s Style, it’s about time I mentioned the new boys school uniforms we’ve got in stock!  There are crisp, clean polos in all kinds of rich colors, neat, perfectly pressed khakis, brilliant white button ups, and more.  Whatever his school requirements, we’ve got the school uniforms for boys he’ll need. 
Who doesn’t like boys in uniform?  I think they look so smart and classic!  Can’t you just picture them; reading Orwell for the first time, daydreaming about recess, making faces at the over-processed cafeteria food? 
We’ve got all different styles of boys uniform tops– and they’re all priced so well, you won’t have to be stressed about paying for uniforms on top of school supplies!  And we’ve also got a great collection of high quality boys uniform pants that will look great and last all year! 
Also, I know a lot of kids think uniforms can be a bit of a drag, because they don’t allow much room for personalized style.  One great solution to this problem is to let your kids pick out fun back to school accessories!  We’ve got this really cool backpack, made by the ever popular Ed Hardy, that will make carrying home books a blast. 

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Toddler Christmas Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Toddler Christmas Dresses

Yeah, it’s only August, but it’s never too early to look!  Besides, last minute shopping for anything Christmas-related is always a nightmare, so get a jump start.  Also, just so you know, now’s the time to catch great sale dresses, like the one pictured to the left– which is so cute, I want to have a grown up version of it made for me.  Here at Sophia’s Style Boutique, we’ve got a great selection of girls clothing, including toddler girl Christmas dresses, so she can look festive when December finally rolls around! 

In the meantime, you’d better enjoy the last bit of summer with her, it’ll be cold out before you know it!  Here’s a fun outdoor activity idea:

Have her stand on a big sheet of newsprint or other paper, then trace her shadow.  Let her color it using finger paints!  She can make her very own lifesize self portrait!  Dorian Gray would be so jealous!  If you don’t want to use paper and paint, just get sidewalk chalk and trace her shadow in the driveway, then she can color it with the other colors. 

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Cheap Baby Clothes | Sophia’s Style

Discount Baby Clothes

Not my most poetic title, but whatever, the point is you need to check out the sale page at Sophia’s Style!  We’ve got some of cutest “cheap baby clothes” you’ll ever see, and- as my tacky title suggests- they cost almost nothing! 

I’m an avid online shopper, I don’t remember the last time I set foot in a mall.  The only places I go to buy clothes in person are thrift and vintage boutiques.  So when I’m looking to pinch pennies, what I like to do is go to my favorite online shops, and see how many complete outfits I can put together using only items from the sale pages. 
Well, I thought I’d try to do the same with our sale page, and it was so easy! 
The dress pictured to the right comes with those fantastic tights, and you can get these sandals that will match that shade of pink, or this pair of maryjane’s that are the perfect shade of green!  To accessorize, I’d have her wear this delicate little pink headband.  Since it’s almost fall, I’d pair this outfit with a cute little jean jacket, which would be simple and basic, since the rest of the outfit is so bright.  Voila!  There’s a complete fall outfit, all on sale!  So go checkout our discount baby clothes, and have fun shopping Sophia’s Style Boutique

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Kids School Uniforms Don’t Have To Be Awful!

Kids School Uniforms

Don’t school uniforms seem to get the worst reputation?  They’re always portrayed as dull or pretentious or unnattractive, etc.  Well, here at Sophia’s Style, we disagree.  Kids shouldn’t have to hate their uniforms!  Children’s school uniforms don’t have to be awful, they can look clean, classic, and [most importantly] stylish.  School uniforms are meant to take the focus off clothing, so that kids can give school their full attention.  With uniforms from Sophia’s Style, your kids won’t worry about how they look in the required school attire, they’ll feel comfortable and stylish everyday, and it will be as effortless as the school administrators intended.  

We just recently started carrying an enormous selection of girls school uniforms and boys school uniforms, so that if you’re child’s school requires them, you’ll have plenty of affordable and well-made options. 

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention, we’re giving 15% off all school uniforms, all the way through 8-8-10. Just enter the code UNIFORM at checkout!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


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