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New Friends, New Teachers, New Girls Uniforms… Plus more!

Sophia says the best part of going back to school is seeing old friends, making new friends
and my new girls school uniform!

Girls School UniformsThere is something great about that new crisp bold colored school uniform it just makes you feel special whether you are small, medium or plus! Learning new ideas and laughing go hand in hand like friends.
Don’t forget to Thank mom or dad for sending you to a school that wears girls school uniforms because it lets you sleep longer in the AM (less time to get dressed)!

Did you know you have to BE a friend to MAKE a friend!  

Be a friend help the person next to you!


This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Orange, Red and Yellow Scream Sunshine!


Once upon a time, long ago…..I remember my mom telling me “orange and pink” or “pink and red” girls clothes don’t match”.  I am sooo glad times have changed. 

Now I wear these combinations every chance I get!

It not only screams fun and cheerfulness it brightens up everyone’s mood!

Going to the beach, festival or church ? Doesn’t matter ~~take your little ones in FUN combinations put together at Sophias Style!  (even you would  want to wear.) Click on these links for fun combinations of girls clothing and baby girls clothes.

If its hot these baby girl clothes combinations scream cool off, and if its cloudy or overcast these girls clothes shine like sunshine!

 Try it more than once and you’ll love it.This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Brighten up someone’s day!


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