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Sophia’s Style Girls Clothing Boutique


Girls Clothing Boutique
Girls Clothing Boutique

 It’s Friday, and Halloween weekend!  Did everyone get the Halloween email?  We’re running a 20% off promo, so if you enter TREAT at checkout, you get 20% off your whole order!  That’s only good until Sunday night, so don’t miss out. 
Last night I went to the local Halloween superstore with a friend in search of sparkles and feathers and things to decorate our masks for the masquerade tonight, and it was absolute chaos!  Thank goodness we weren’t trying to buy costumes at the last minute. 
Speaking of last minute things, we’ve officially reached the two month mark for Christmas shopping.  Now’s the time to actually get going on it, because these two months will fly by.  But don’t start getting stressed out!  Remember, you have the miracle that is the internet at your fingertips!  Start shopping girls clothes online now, get your orders in quickly, and come December all you’ll have to do is wrap the presents and deal with Christmas cards. 

Girls Luggage
Girls Luggage

 There’s nothing like having full access to a girls clothing boutique right from your living room to take the pressure off the holidays.  Sophia’s Style girl’s clothing store carries all the pretty holiday clothing you need, and clothes, toys, and accessories that make fabulous gifts! 

Here’s one really great gift idea, we’re now carrying all this really cute luggage for kids.  They’re the perfect size, they’re fun, and they won’t blend in with everyone else’s bags at luggage claim! 

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School Uniforms | Sophia’s Style


School Uniforms
School Uniforms

Is it just me, or is the skirt in the photo to the left way too pretty to be part of a uniform that’s required by school administration?  I thought school administrators were supposed to be cruel and stuffy, they’re supposed to despise children and seek to make students’ lives as unbearable as possible, and they’re certainly not supposed to have good taste.  Looking at that picture, I’m starting to think I’ve been mislead.  Apparently school administrators don’t have bad taste and hate students after all.  That is a seriously cute skirt, I’m tempted to go try it on myself. 

I’ve actually always thought school uniforms are chic.  There’s a Catholic Jr. High school across the street from the University I attended, and I was always a little jealous of how put-together all those kids look in their crisp blazers and plaid knee-length skirts.  Especially because- as much as I love fashion- if you ask me at 7 a.m., I’ll tell you I love sleeping more.  I was always dressed in a jumble of sweaters, tights, and boots.  I like to pretend it looked chic, but probably I just looked homeless. 

Anyhow, if your child is lucky enough to be attending a school where they’re required to wear a childrens school uniform, then you should check out our kids school uniforms at Sophia’s Style. 

Aside from just carrying boutique girls clothing, we also carry a whole lot of uniform clothing- all colors of short and long sleeved polos, a variety of khaki, navy, and black skirts, pants, skorts, jumpers, shorts, and more.  Basically, we carry all the staple uniform items that are required by most schools, so you can find everything your kids need in one place!

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Plus Size Girl’s Clothing | Sophia’s Style

Plus Size Girl's Clothing
Plus Size Girl’s Clothing

It’s a little known fact that Sophia’s Style carries some very cute girls plus size clothes

We have a variety of styles, so you can find the looks that compliment her the best.  Our plus size girl’s clothing mostly comes from three of my favorite designers; Bonnie Jean, Rare Editions, and Spoiled Little Mama.  All three of those brands are seriously high quality, and most department stores carry their styles at astronomical prices.  Luckily, we keep our designer clothing affordable, so you won’t have to pay a fortune to dress your daughter in fabulous dresses and outfits. 

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Clothing for Newborns | Sophia’s Style

Newborn Baby Girls Clothing
Newborn Baby Girls Clothing

Look at how cute this little polka dot dress is!  I love the giant satin rosette on the front, that’s way adorable. 
The great thing about newborn baby girl clothing is that it can be saved and passed on.  This little set isn’t going to go out of style because “incredibly cute” is pretty much always in for newborn girls. 
Christmas is well on it’s way, so if you’re lucky enough to have any new or soon-to-be mommies or daddies in your life, some boutique newborn baby girl clothes would make great gifts! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

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Girls Hair Accessories!


From now until Thursday you can get 25% off all girls hair accessories!  Enter HAIR1028 at checkout to receive the discount. 

We carry really pretty baby girl hair bows, my favorites are the bright colored flowers.  They’re so cute and adorable on baby girls! 

Shop for the perfect little girl hair accessory at Sophia’s Style this week!  I recommend buying a few different colors and styles, that way you’ll have just what you need for each of her outfits. 

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15% Off Girls Outerwear! | Sophia’s Style


Girls Dress Coats
Kate Mack Girls Dress Coat

 I have some excellent news to report today:  You can have a 15% discount on Sophia’s Style outerwear!  Enter COATS1024 at checkout to receive your discount. 

I have some other excellent news to report today:  It’s Friday!  And on a vaugely-related note:  I bought leopard print ankle boots yesterday!

“How is that possibly related” you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you. 

Girls Dress Coats
Leopard Print Details

 Leopard print is huge this season, so much so that a few of my favorite shopping sites for women’s clothing have actually created a category for leopard print clothing and accessories, so you can shop everything they have that involves it on one page.  That’s a big deal.  Now, notice that the lovely coat pictured today has… leopard print details!

It’s an exceptionally pretty coat in real life, I don’t think the photo does it justice.  I love that it’s a simple, classic cut, with the beautiful little rosettes and leopard print bows to keep it from looking dull.  It’s definitely my favorite piece in our girls dress coats and girls outerwear collection right now. 

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Girls Dress Coats | Sophia’s Style


Girls Outerwear
Baby Girl Outerwear

I have a secret!  And I’m terrible at secrets, so here it is:  There’s going to be a pretty sweet sale on girls outerwear and baby girl outerwear starting tomorrow!  Watch your inboxes for the email, or check our homepage for the code.  Anytime you get a sale on outerwear, you should buy.  Coats are a necessity, and you have to have more than one, because they get worn everyday, and even a high quality coat will look tired if you don’t give it a day off every once in awhile. 

Also, don’t forget about girls dress coats, she’s going to need something to go with all those pretty holiday dresses this winter.  I recommend buying a size up, because we have some especially nice Rothschild little girls winter coats that are definitely nice enough to be worn for several years. 

I noticed we’ve put up some girls snow pants, and those count as outerwear!  Remember when you got snow days off at school, and you could stay home all day and build snow men and make snow angels? 

In other news, has anyone noticed that wide leg jeans are coming back?  I’m not thrilled about this.  I don’t like things obstructing the view of my shoes.  Viva la Jeggings!  

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Adorable Clothing for Toddlers!


Toddler Girls Clothing
Toddler Girl Clothing

 If you have a toddler girl, then you’ve probably got your hands full and hardly have time to read this blog.  Nevertheless, I’m going to hope your little girl actually laid down for her nap on time today, and your spouse miraculously got all of the laundry and necessary cleaning done yesterday, and suddenly you have been left with an hour of precious free time, and that being the selfless and thoughtful parent you are, all caught up in a wave of affection for your family (especially your thankfully unconcious tot) you’ve decided to spend that time scouring the online shopping world for new toddler girl clothes.

If that’s the case, then you’re in luck!  I’ve narrowed the vast Sophia’s Style collection right down to the toddler girl clothing, so all you have to do is click those three blue, underlined words, and you’ll be transported to a magical world of toddler clothing for girls that is equal parts adorable, well-made, and affordable.  Also, if you’d like to go directly to the exceptionally pretty outfits featured in the photos, I linked them, so just click!

Toddler Girls Coats
Toddler Girls Outerwear

 You’re welcome.  No really, it was nothing, I’m just happy to help.  Gosh, you’re being too kind!  Oh alright, if you insist, you can send your handwritten Thank-You’s and gifts (although really, you shouldn’t have!) to me at Sophia’s Style.  Email if you’d like the links to my numerous online Wish Lists. 

Speaking of Wish Lists (I smell a segue, are you ready to segue?) have you made your Sophia’s Style Wish List?  Come on guys, the holidays are approaching!  Find the things you like but don’t want to pay for yourself, then add them to your wishlist by clicking Add to Wishlist (you have to have a Sophia’s Style account, if you don’t then just sign up, it’s nothing scary, and I promise we won’t try to make you get a credit card or sell your email address or any of that annoying stuff).  Then you can send your friends and family your Wish List.  Come the next event or holiday that requires the exchanging of gifts, you won’t wind up with a bunch of stuff you’ll have to return for store credit or twelve gift cards to restaurants you won’t ever go to because you have a child in her terrible-twos and a babysitter would cost more than the meal. 

Now go shop, she’s going to wake up soon!

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P.S. I was kidding about the gifts for me, please don’t send stuff, I think I could get fired for that.

Christmas Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Christmas Dresses
Beautiful Red Christmas Dress

Happy Tuesday, it’s not Monday anymore!  We’ve been busy, busy, busy over here at Sophia’s Style headquarters, mostly because we keep getting beautiful new baby Christmas dresses in, and this office is full of ladies with baby fever.  So, besides doing our actual jobs, we also spend lots of time ooo-ing and aahh-ing over all the pretty little details on every new dress style we get in stock. 

Girls Christmas Dress
Gorgeous Velvet & Plaid Christmas Dress

 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I love velvet, and I am so thrilled to be seeing it in women’s fashion this season!  Velvet has that glossy but soft look that’s glamorous and cozy at the same time (such combinations are rare where fashion is concerned). 

Little girls are so lucky, velvet never goes out of style for them.  Normally we see trends pop up on the runways and in high fashion, then they trickle down through ready-to-wear, and about two to four seasons later we see them in little girls’ fashion.  But not this time!  We’re taking our cues from the littlest ladies this year, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

Baby Christmas Dresses
Speaking of pretty little details…

 So, this Christmas, don’t ignore all those gorgeous velvet and velour Christmas dresses when you buy your girls Christmas dress.  It’s such a beautiful, classic style.  Let’s adopt the look, but not steal it.  Afterall mom, she had it first. 

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P.S.  Did I mention that the navy velvet and plaid Christmas dress is on sale?

Must-Have Shoes for Fall and Winter


Girls Shoes
Pink Patent Boots

 Happy Monday everyone!  I’ve had three cups of coffee and I get to blog about shoes, it’s a good day!  This weekend was glorious, I went to a very fancy party on Friday night, then woke up bright and early on Saturday to go get family picures done at a orchard near my parents’ house.  I arrived at 8:10 (only 10 minutes behind schedule, not bad for a Saturday morning), and was greeted by my brother’s girlfriend who was wearing a very sparkly piece of jewelry on the most important finger!  She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, and then we got our family pictures taken with her, because she’s going to be my sister-in-law!  I’m so excited.  After the pictures we went out to breakfast for a mini-celebration, then my mom, my new sis (Brittany) and I went to see a florist and talk about wedding things.  Brittany has already picked out colors, and I’m thrilled because she has fantastic taste, and she showed me a photo of the style for the bridesmaid dresses- they’re going to be beautiful- once again, she has fantastic taste. 

Little Girl Shoes
Beaded Laura Ashley Sneakers

 Anywho, how was everyone else’s weekend?  Hopefully great, this fall has been perfect so far, we couldn’t ask for better weather in Omaha.  Have you started thinking about late-fall and winter shoes yet?  Your little fashionista is going to be needing some new kicks, and you’re in luck, because Sophia’s Style has some adorable girls shoes that she’s going to love (yes, I’m already day-dreaming about which pairs I’ll buy my future neice, because after marriage comes baby in the baby carriage).  Here are my top three Must-Have pairs of little girl shoes:

1.  My first favorite pair are the pink patent lace up boots.  They’re bright and fun, and they’ll keep her warm while still looking cute and girly.  Plus, over the past four or five years, boots have gone from being a bit of a fashion statement item, to being a wardrobe staple.  The simple design of this pair is classic, and the lace up detail and fun color keeps them for looking boring. 

Girls Shoes
Laura Ashley Maryjanes

 2.  My next favorites are the beaded Laura Ashley sneakers.  Laura Ashley is a designer brand, and those shoes are so pretty and so well made.  They’re more fun than regular sneakers, warm enough for winter wear, and unique.  The photo really doesn’t do the colors justice, they’re even prettier in real life. 

3.  I swore to myself I wouldn’t post about anymore black shoes, but this pair of maryjanes by L’Amour is so pretty that I couldn’t help it.  I chose this photo because you can really see how nice the interior of the shoes is.  They’ll make great winter dress shoes, and because they’re black, they’ll go with almost any outfit.  They’re patent leather, and the little flowers on the straps are super pretty and have tiny rhinestones in the centers. 

You can go directly to the pictured pairs by clicking on their photos, or you can shop girls shoes or baby girl shoes at Sophia’s Style and see everything we have in stock.  Have your little girl help pick out her own shoes, it’s a fun activity and if you start early, she’ll love shopping with you!  My mom and I still shop together, it’s our favorite mother-daughter activity. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog


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