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Christmas Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Christmas Dresses
Christmas Dresses

Halloween is just around the corner, and I am SO EXCITED to get dressed up!  I bought all the supplies I need to make my mask for the masquerade.  There will be lots of glitter and feathers involved, and I have the most beautiful satin champagne colored party dress!

Speaking of beautiful dresses, once Halloween is over, it’s going to be time to start shopping for Christmas dresses!  I want something either emerald green or royal blue, and I want it to be velvet.  I’m very into velvet right now, my boyfriend has a black velvet blazer and I’ve got half a mind to steal it from him. 

Christmas Outfits
Christmas Dress

 I’d also like to steal all of our girls Christmas party dresses at Sophia’s Style, but unfortunately they don’t come in my size.  That’s lucky for you though, because that means you can buy them for all of your gorgeous daughters and neices and granddaughters!  We also have some really pretty girls Christmas outfits, which I like because they’re exceptionally unique. 

Now’s the time to start shopping for that perfect dress, and they go fast, so don’t miss out!

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It’s Not a Beauty Pageant, It’s a Scholarship Program!

Girls Pageant Dresses
Amy Wieczorek

Believe it or not, this little city in the midwest is fashion obsessed.  We had a huge runway show (not to mention dozens of other events) for Fashion Week here in Omaha.  I was lucky enough to walk for my favorite local designer, and extra lucky because I happened to be walking right alongside our Miss Nebraska ANTSO, Amy Wieczorek.   
This girl is involved in so many organizations and charities, I don’t know how she keeps up!  She’s head of a branch of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), she fundraises for half a dozen charities, and she works and goes to school full time.  The girl is seriously driven, and she’s been doing pageants for years. 

As children get older, pageants require more and more community involvement and volunteer work.  These programs create a fun, friendly competition that encourages kids and young adults to help out where ever they can in the world.  Also, a big part of winning pageants these days centers around the college scholarships given out as prizes.  Education is expensive, and pageant programs provide a way for students to pay for part of their education through helping the community and becoming someone who genuinely deserves a scholarship.  These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a pageant that doesn’t care about volunteer work and good grades.

Getting your little girl started in the pageant circuit at a young age is a great idea, and Sophia’s Style carries some beautiful girls pageant dresses that are fabulous and totally affordable.  Shop our girl’s pageant gowns and baby pageant dresses, and find the perfect dress for her, so she can feel gorgeous and confident at her first pageant!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Girls Swimwear | Sophia’s Style

Girls Swimwear

We have some really great sales happening on girls swimwear over here at Sophia’s Style!  You can find girls swimsuits and baby girl swimsuits for a fraction of the original cost.  Sure, sure, now’s not really prime swimming season, but it will be next summer!  So buy their swimsuits a size bigger now, and save.  Come next summer, she’ll be all set for the pool. 

Shop baby swimwear early and save at Sophia’s Style!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


Boutique Girls Clothes | Sophia’s Style

Boutique Girls Clothes

I love the Bonnie Jean dress pictured above;  it’s girlish and ladylike at the same time, your little girl can wear it to a tea party with her favorite stuffed animals! 

Perhaps it seems crazy, but shopping for designer baby girl clothes is worthwhile!  Yes, she’ll outgrow them in a matter of months.  However, if you haven’t noticed, society is growing more and more fond of secondhand and vintage styles.  You know why?  Because quality clothing lasts.  For example, I own a hand-me-down dress that my mother wore to her high school homecoming, and it’s actually in better quality than some of the brand new clothes I’ve bought in cheap mall stores and hardly worn.  Don’t believe me?  Then keep reading:  Because that dress is so gorgeous, it’s been featured in two editorials.  Both of which were shot outdoors, and involved running through the woods and swimming in a pond (while wearing the dress).  The shoots were always at least six hours long, and shot over a course of two weeks during the hottest days this summer.  The dress still looks great!  The label was cut out before I ever got ahold of it, so I don’t know the designer, but that thing is seriously indestructable. 

Clothes used to be made to last, then they were made cheap, because it was easier.  Nowadays, quality has come back in style.  Between the environmental crisis and the economical crisis, everyone is finally making serious efforts to spend money on things that will last, and create as little waste as possible.  So naturally, we’re seeing it in the fashion world. 

Is it frivolous to spend money on boutique girls clothes and designer baby girl clothes?  Not at all.  When you buy quality clothing, even if it’s just little girls clothing, you can rest assured it will last.  So maybe it will only fit her for three months, but it will fit her baby sister, cousins, and future neices and daughters in years to come.  Trust me, secondhand and vintage is in style for good.  The quality pieces you buy today are going to look good and last (which is more than we can say for the ozone).  So do yourself and your kids a favor and shop for boutique girls clothing at Sophia’s Style, where you can find quality at affordable prices. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


Perfect First Birthday Dresses | Sophia’s Style

First Birthday Dresses
Girls Birthday Dresses

As with Christmas, birthdays come but once a year, and when you’re only a few years old, that interval is downright interminable.  Think about it, at age two, she has literally waited half her life to see another birthday.  SO, it’s very important that your little girl’s birthday be as special as possible! 

The first thing you’ll need to make her special day is a baby birthday dress.  That’s where Sophia’s Style comes in:  we carry perfect first birthday dresses, toddler birthday dresses, and girls birthday dresses.  However many years old she’s turning, we have something that will make her feel like the beautiful little birthday girl princess she is. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


Girls Clothing Sale!


Girl's Clothes
Girl’s Clothes by Greggy Girl

 We have a fantastic sale going on right now at Sophia’s Style!  If you spend $99 or more, you get $15 off!  Plus, the shipping is free on all of those orders as well.  So basically, if you purchase $99 worth of girl’s clothes, you only have to spend $84 altogether. 
This is my favorite kind of sale.  I actually wait for this kind of email from my favorite clothing websites, and then I order all my basics at once:  new jeans, sweaters, tights, leggings, and undershirts.  All the things I know for sure I’ll need and use on a regular basis.  I figure, these are things I’ll have to buy eventually, I might as well do it all at once so I can get a discount. 
So, even if there’s nothing in particular that you need at this moment, now’s definitely the time to stock up on all the little girls clothing, and baby girl clothes you know you’re going to need sooner or later. 

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First Communion Gowns | Sophia’s Style

Communion Dresses
Communion Dresses

 For your little girls 1st Communion dress, you’ll want something beautiful, unique, and well-made.  Even though she’s only going to wear it once, you’ll want to save it as a keepsake, and possibly even a heirloom for your grandaughter.  At Sophia’s Style, we have first Communion gowns and Communion dresses that are beautifully made in a variety of styles, so she’ll be sure to find the perfect one and treasure it forever. 

Make sure you also browse through our Communion accessories, you can find her entire ensemble in one stop with Sophia’s Style. 

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Flower Girl Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Cheap Flower Girl Dresses
Affordable Baby Flower Girl Dresses

Is your little girl going to be in a wedding soon?  Are you horrified by the outrageous amount of money it costs to dress a toddler in formal wear for a mere two minute jaunt down a church aisle?  Are you baffled by the fact that your expensively dressed tot will be accompanied down said aisle by a tuxedo-clad boy toddler who has been- for some reason that totally contradicts any and all sense of logic- entrusted with the care of valuable jewelry? 

Well I have good news, Sophia’s Style carries beautiful discount flower girl dresses that will look amazing and won’t require you to take out a small loan.  All of our affordable baby flower girl dresses are boutique quality.  You can find a cheap flowergirl dress for far less than what you’d have to pay at any other store, and it will look just as, if not more, beautiful than the overpriced dresses sold everywhere else. 

Happy shopping!

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Girls Costumes
Girls Costumes

I cannot even express to you how much I love Halloween.  This year is going to be fantastic.  My boyfriend’s band is throwing their annual Vampire Masquerade at a very nice club, which means I get to buy a very pretty dress, make a pretty mask, and wear lots of glitter and elaborate makeup.  Fancy parties are like grown ups consolation prize for being too old to trick-or-treat anymore.  We may not get free candy, but we do still get to play dress-up and we don’t have any curfew. 

Here at Sophia’s Style, it’s all about the girls Halloween costumes!  We have so many beautiful princess costumes, I’m jealous that I’m too big for all of them.  So, if you ahven’t taken time to browse our girls dress up clothes, you should do it now.  You’re missing out!  And, costumes like these would cost almost twice as much at most stores- if you can even find them in any stores. 

So, shop our beautiful girls costumes for your little girl, and find something she’ll love.  Then, take some time to plan a fun Halloween for yourself after the trick-or-treating!  So what if you don’t get free candy?  You’re a grown up, you can do other cool stuff, and you can hire the a the high school girl next door to baby-sit (she’s too old to trick-or-treat and too young to go to a masquerade, so she should be available). 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog


Easter Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Girls Easter Dress

I know, I know, it’s just now starting to get cold outside, and I’m already expecting you to start looking for a girls Easter dress.  Well, I’m crazy, that’s the only possible explanation.  But we do have some really pretty baby Easter dresses, and it never hurts to start shopping early, so maybe you should just look.  You don’t have to buy anything.. although, if you’re going to be needing baby girl Easter dresses this coming spring, you may want to buy now.  Sophia’s Style is known for our fabulous special occasion clothing, and new styles do go fast!  I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just saying…

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day.  This weekend was beautiful.  I spent it sipping hot tea at my favorite coffee shop while re-reading The Great Gatsby, and browsing sidewalk sales at the secondhand stores in my neighborhood.  I found two gorgeous sweaters, and a little red floral print dress.  Perfect, right?  That’s what fall weekends are made for. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


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