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1st Communion Dresses | Sophia’s Style


1st Communion Dresses
1st Communion Dresses

I’d like to preface this entire post by saying that I don’t know why the girl in this photo is barefoot and holding a puppy, but that it hardly matters because she’s too pretty for words and that dress is gorgeous. 

And guess what!  You can buy that dress or any of our other stunning 1st Communion dresses at Sophia’s Style! 

Also, we have lots of beautiful plus size communion gowns!  I take quite a few customer service calls and Live Chats throughout the day, and I come across lots inquiries about our plus size collections.  Well, our selection of plus size Communion dresses used to be very limited, so I was thrilled when we decided to start carrying Sweetie Pie special occasion dresses.  They make beautiful dresses in every size, so you can find the perfect fit for your girl! 

In other news, our Tips and Guides blog is featuring ideas for DIY Christmas gifts today, you can check it out here.

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30% Off Reflectionz Dancewear, Today Only!

Reflectionz Leotards and Tutus
Reflectionz Leotards and Tutus

Good news everyone!  For today only we have a sale going on Reflectionz dancewear, all you have to do is enter REF29 at checkout and 30% will be taken off the price of any Reflectionz items you’re purchasing. 

Reflectionz leotards and tutus come in so many bright, fun designs and colors, I think they would make great gifts for any girl- regardless of whether or not she’s in dance.  Remember, this sale is for today only, so don’t miss it! 

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Sweet Kids Dresses are on Sale Today Only!


Paige from SeeryusMama

 Today only, Sophia’s Style is offering 15% off all Sweet Kids dresses!  Enter SWEETKIDS at checkout to receive the discount.  Remember, the code will expire at midnight, so you have to use it today!

The photo to the left is of the adorable Paige, daughter of Sky Seery.  Sky is the author of SeeryusMama, which is a really great blog, I definitely recommend checking it out.  Sky reviewed this Sweet Kids Christmas dress for her holiday guide, and she posted this cute photo of Paige wearing it. 
Enjoy our sale on Sweet Kids special occasion dresses, and I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, 25% Off Everything, Today Only!

Girl's Clothes Online
Boutique Baby Clothes

We got a little too excited about Black Friday sales and decided to have one early at Sophia’s Style.  So, for today only, you can get 25% off all the boutique baby clothes and girls clothing you want (except the things that are already on sale)! 

Pretty cool, huh?  Just enter TURKEY at checkout, and the 25% will be taken off your total. 

Sophia’s Style is the best one stop shop for baby girls clothing and girl’s clothes online

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Is it spring yet?

Easter Dresses
Easter Dresses

It’s too cold outside, I’ve had enough of winter.  I think we should petition Mother Nature to give us spring early this year.  Have you seen any of the spring collections yet?  I have, because the fashion world is silly and operates a full season in advance and I’m a silly fashion lover, so I’m stuck in the same crazy schedule.  But let me tell you, spring is definitely worth looking forward to this year. 

Due to the fact that I’m hoping to alter time and physics by thinking about spring so much that we get fast forwarded to it, I’m going to talk about Easter dresses today!  I love this little girls Easter dress to the left especially because of the way the fabric is draped above the hemline and the buttons down the back. 

I really love Easter, when I was a kid I was so into the Easter egg hunts.  My parents/the Easter bunny used to hide those little plastic eggs all over the house for my brother and I to find.  They were all full of jelly beans or change, and it was so much fun to find them, then afterwards open them all up and see what was inside. 

For today I won’t bombard you with photos, but we have some extremely cute baby Easter dresses.  I recommend checking them out 😉

Have a great rest of the day, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Birthday Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Birthday Dresses
Birthday Dresses

We just started carrying House of Wu dresses, and they are absolutely beautiful.  They make the birthday dress featured to the left, isn’t it gorgeous?  All of their gowns are stunning, they’re incredibly elaborate and detailed – they’d be perfect for pageant gowns

But anyway, we came here to talk about birthday dresses.  I must admit, when I first got this job, I didn’t fully understand the whole baby girl birthday dress craze.  I mean, I don’t even remember my first few birthdays, and I certainly wasn’t worried about what I was wearing to any of them.  However, I started managing our Facebook page, and now I understand.  There is nothing cuter than proud mommies, daddies, and grandparents posting all their adorable little girls birthday photos.  Plus, the photos always look so sweet, with the birthday girl in her infant 1st birthday dress

So, now I say go all out for the baby’s first birthday, it means a lot to all of the family members and close friends, and it only happens once. 

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Great Sale at Sophia’s Style!


Designer Girl's Clothes
Designer Girl’s Clothes

 We’re running a pretty awesome sale at Sophia’s Style today through Wednesday!  If you spend $100, you get $20 off and free standard shipping.  That’s a pretty awesome deal, and a great opportunity to find some Christmas gifts. 

One thing I really love about Sophia’s Style is all of the opportunities we give our customers to find designer girl’s clothes at such fantastic prices.  We run so many sales that it’s almost impossible not to catch a really great bargain every time you shop. 

If you need little girls clothing or baby girls clothes, Sophia’s Style is the perfect place to look. 

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Toys! | Sophia’s Style


Girls Toys and Gifts
Girls Toys and Gifts

 I always talk about our clothing at Sophia’s Style, but with Christmas approaching, and World Children’s Day on Saturday, I think it’s high time I blogged about our toys.  Especially because you can get 20% off all toys with the code TOYS at Sophia’s Style from today through Sunday.  We carry some really cool stuff, and I definitely would have loved these things when I was a kid. 

My favorite thing from our girls toys and gifts is this ballerina bear music box.  I had a unicorn music box when I was little and I loved it.  I feel like a music box is one of those things every girl should own. 

Boy's Toys and Gifts
Boy’s Toys and Gifts

From the boy’s toys and gifts, I think this new KidKraft Harley rocking motorcycle is really cool.  My brother would have loved it.  It’s so unique and fun, a totally different take on the whole rocking horse concept. 

Out of our baby toys, I like this Baby Aspen Baseball set.  It’s super cute, it has a little baseball uniform and booties, and a baseball cap!  So cute.

Baby Toys
Baby Toys

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Baby Girl Shoes | Sophia’s Style



Photography by Staci of Mi4Boys
Photography compliments of Staci from Mi4Boys

 Before I tell you about our fantastic selection of girls shoes at Sophia’s Style, I wanted to mention this great blog I just started reading today.  It’s called Mi4Boys, it’s written by a photographer named Staci, and it’s about her four sons.  The photos she takes are incredible, she took two for Sophia’s Style, and you can see the full size versions today on our Tips and Guides blog

Now, on to the shoes:  I’ve decided to specifically feature a pair of soft sole crib shoes today, because I feel like I don’t give baby girl shoes enough attention.  It’s a shame, because they’re the cutest kind of shoes.  I bought a pair for a friend of mine who’s expecting a little girl in about three months, and she loves them.  She said she “almost fainted from the cute-ness.” 

These silver ones are my favorite, they’re like little fairy shoes!  I love the bows on the front, and the silver pleats are even prettier in real life, they give the shoes such a unique texture. 

Baby Girl Shoes

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Girls Costumes Make Great Gifts!


Girls Costumes
Girls Dress Up Clothes

 Before you say anything, you should know that I am well aware of the fact that Halloween just happened, and we’ve got 11 months to go before it happens again.  That’s no reason to ignore the dress up clothing for girls at Sophia’s Style. 

Why?  Because kids like to play dress up all year round!  It doesn’t matter that they won’t get any candy for it, they still like wearing costumes.  The best part of this is that a lot of costumes are now on sale, since Halloween is over and so many people forget what fun Christmas presents girls dress up clothes make.  I would have loved to have such beautiful girls costumes when I was a kid, dressing up was (still is) on of my favorite things to do. 

Girls costumes make great gifts, so check out our selection when you start your Christmas shopping.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


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