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Have a Cupcake Birthday! |

The newest trend in girls birthday dresses is cupcakes. Look no further than to find the perfect cupcake 1st birthday dress – and at an affordable price to boot! Her first birthday only comes once a year, so it’s important that she looks her best for the birthday party. Sophias Style can help!

Our cupcake birthday dresses are perfect for a party and feature glamorous sparkle cupcakes, fluffy rosette cupcakes and more fabulous cupcake designs. Sophias Style also carries the perfect birthday dress accessories, such as this super cute cupcake hair clippie

Luckily cupcakes are a popular theme, so you can easily find cupcake themed invitations, decorations and other party supplies for your big bash. And of course, you can whip up a few batches of your favorite cupcakes in place of a traditional birthday cake. Frosting and decorating them can also be a great activity for your party guests. 

Now you’re ready to throw an awesome birthday bash for your little girl. It begins with an affordable first birthday dress from!

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First Communion Photo Taking Tips

Like at any other big family event – a wedding, birthday or anniversary – you’ll want to have special photos to commemorate your little girl’s First Communion ceremony and party. You’ll certainly want to capture digital memories of her in her elegant first communion dress, but there’s more to it than simply snapping away. There will be lots of other hustle and bustle around the church that day – other little girls in their first communion dresses, boys running around in their suits and family members shouting and waving. Dealing with all these elements can be really frustrating and might even ruin your pictures. 

Plan ahead a little to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get the perfect pictures that you want. It’s not a bad idea to take some pictures of her in her 1st communion dress before the big day. This way you’re sure to get a good shot before the stress and excitement of the event. You can take your time and not feel rushed by other parents who are waiting in line to take their pictures too.

You can also scope out a location at the church before the big day. You’ll want an area with good natural lighting and maybe some props or elements she can pose with. This way on the day of the ceremony you’ll know right where to go to take your photos, and won’t waste time testing out a bunch of different areas that might not work anyway. 

Finally, make a checklist of any special shots you’d like to get. This might include a family picture, one with the priest, minister or instructor, or a pose with special classmates. Nothing’s worse than realizing a few days later that you never included so-and-so in the pictures. 

Our elegant and affordable communion dresses also help guarantee beautiful photographs. They all feature breathtakingly beautiful details that will make her feel extra special. | A Very Crafty Christmas

It’s still September but I don’t care – I’m getting into the holiday spirit early. Besides, Christmas decorations have been in the store for a month now and baby Christmas dresses are steadily streaming into I might as well join the club!

Before my kids came along, I had the time (and patience) to create elaborate Christmas crafts and decorations. Things are much more hectic with the kiddos around, but I still want some homemade festivity around the house. Luckily I found these really easy DIY tree ornaments. Literally, all you need is paper, scissors, glue and pom poms. Easy, quick and simple so it’s a great activity for kids. 

Having kids also means I have less time to hunt down the perfect girls Christmas dress or boys suit, and less money to spend once I find them. Sophias Style solves both of those problems. They have a great selection of designer baby girls and toddler Christmas dresses from all the top brands – Lito, Bonnie Jean, Sweet Kids, Chic Baby and more. Maybe that’s nothing new – the department stores carry all the boutique styles too. The true Christmas miracle here is how affordable a girl Christmas dress from is! Our styles are 20-70% off the retail tag, so there’s no reason to ever go to the mall again.

In the time it takes my kids to make this cute Christmas craft, I can go online and buy their holiday attire, all the while saving money!

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Three Cheers for Halloween! |

Here are some costumes for girls that are really worth cheering about. The low prices deserve a “hip hip hooray” too! Aeromax Halloween costumes for girls have arrived at, and they are both adorable and affordable. 
Halloween is fast approaching, so time is running out to find the perfect girls dress up clothing for the big night. We carry a wide selection of girls dress up clothes and costumes from Aeromax, Melissa & Doug, Princess Paradise and Hollywood Babe. 
Our Halloween costumes are high quality pieces, so you can pass them on to younger siblings in years to come or trade with a friend. Your little girl will get lots of wear from any costume you choose for her. All she has to decide is what she wants to be for the day! Is it a cheerleader? A chef? A veterinarian? The sky’s the limit, but the prices at never are. Our costumes are discount priced off the retail tag, every day of the year. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Transition her Look from Summer to Fall

Great for Summer and Fall!
It’s probably a good idea to pack away her swimsuits and shorts when summer ends, but there are some Summer girls clothes you can still breathe new life into when the cooler Fall weather sets in. You’ll get more for your money by taking her boutique girls clothing into two seasons instead of just one. All it takes is a little bit of accessorizing! 

This Lipstik dress is a breezy and beautiful piece of girls clothing that’s great for the Summer months. Make it wearable through Fall by adding a pair of black tights underneath. Fall weather can be bit unpredictable, so you might want a pair of thin tights for Indian summer days, and a pair of heavyweight tights for days that feel more like Mother Nature is already practicing for Winter! A black or pink pair would look great with this dress.

Keep her feet warm and toasty
Then it’s on to shoes. She’d likely pair her boutique girls clothes with flip flops or sandals in the summer, but not come October! These pink glitter flats make a stylish fashion statement, and are much better suited for dipping temperatures. They really make the pink floral pattern on the dress pop.

Finally, you can add a denim jacket over the dress or a long sleeve top underneath if her arms get too cold. I suggest a jacket or cardigan sweater because it’s perfect for the cool morning air but she can easily take it off if the Fall afternoon sun becomes a little too hot.
The perfect pair!

You can easily transition her Summer wardrobe into Fall when you shop! Our boutique girls clothes are always discount priced, so you can easily afford to add all the accessories that will help keep her warm and lengthen the life of her clothing!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

The Perfect Halloween Costume (and Christmas Gifts Too!)

When it comes to your little girl or boy’s Halloween costume, they are probably most concerned with a look that will earn them the most candy from trick-or-treatees (I just coined that phrase by the way!). You, on the other hand, might be thinking more about Halloween costumes for your kids that are affordable and easy. You have neither a fortune to spend, nor the time to sew and construct an elaborate Halloween ensemble. Shop and make everybody happy this year.

  Our collection of kids Halloween costumes and dress up clothes features lots of cute and creative looks that are perfect for this spook-tacular holiday. This blue veterinarian costume from Melissa and Doug works for a boy or a girl and the packaging includes all the accessories that make it look totally authentic – even a plush doggy “patient!” 

Other Melissa and Doug brand Halloween outfits and costumes include a chef, pirate, construction worker, waitress and more. Melissa and Doug also specializes in high quality kids toys that encourage imagination. Do your Christmas shopping while you pick up this year’s Halloween costume!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Stylish Winter Coats for Every Day |

Rothschild girls outerwear
Today is the last day of summer, which means it’s more than appropriate to start thinking about winter. You don’t want to let that cold creep up on her, so stock up on some of our girls outerwear while it’s still early. Sophias Style has little girls winter coats in a variety of styles, colors and sizes – and we’ll only be getting more as the season approaches. 

One thing you can count on from our entire selection of little girl and baby girl outerwear is quality pieces that are affordable, functional and fashionable. It’s very important to have a winter coat that will be comfortable, warm and will last her through the winter, but you don’t have to sacrifice the fashion either. Each of our winter coats features the best of both worlds. A bold and fashionable coat can really liven up those gloomy winter days!

A special occasion also deserves a special kind of coat. Our Rothschild and Bonnie Jean girls dress coats fit the bill perfectly. They are classically tailored and very sophisticated – a great piece to accompany her Christmas dress, flower girl dress or party attire.

You want to be prepared for the winter chill, no matter what the occasion calls for. Our coats are so affordable that you can get an everyday coat and a dress coat. Now she’ll be ready for anything!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Go Online and Plan a Baby Shower

Beautiful baby girl clothes
The internet is a wonderful place. As I’ve been planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law (she’s due ANY DAY!), I’ve discovered the joys of the web. You can find tons of ideas and advice on just about any topic. Of course the best thing about the internet is online shopping!

The first stop on my online trip is, where I can stock up on designer baby girl clothes that are up to 70% off the fancy department store tag. I’m also going to recommend shopping at Sophias Style to all the other party guests. Because their newborn baby girl clothes cost so much less than retail, we can all get a lot more bang for our bucks. Sophias Style has a great selection of everything you need for baby, including baby girl dresses, blankets, and even diaper bags for mom.

The perfect baby shower decor!
The internet has also been a huge resource in planning the food, décor and activities for the shower. I’m going to display some of the newborn girl clothes I bought on this clothesline decoration. So simple but so cute! Another very touching idea is to buy cards for various future birthdays in the baby’s life – for example, 1st, 5th, 10th, 16th and 21st. Have the party guests sign a birthday message on each card and then seal them. Give them to mom to save for the birthday girl over the years, or have an aunt or trusted family member mail them as each birthday approaches. I love activities with sentimental value! 

Online I also found a recipe for mini pancakes appetizers speared on a toothpick – perfect for our brunch themed shower!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. | Pretty New Bonnie Jean Dresses

Beautiful Bonnie Jean!
I love Bonnie Jean. Time and time again, whether it’s girls dresses, outfits, birthday dresses or accessories, they deliver sophisticated and high quality clothes for girls. Bonnie Jean is available in all the pricey, high end department stores, but you don’t have to pay those high end prices to get one of their fabulous little girl dresses in to her closet. carries them for up to 70% off the retail tag!

Bonnie Jean has beautiful and feminine designs for girls of any age – their toddler girl dresses are just as sophisticated and detailed as a garment for a pre-teen girl! The expert designers at Bonnie Jean have an amazing knack for making every garment look and feel like something ultra fancy for a special occasion – even if it’s just for everyday wear. 

This new girls dress from Bonnie Jean will make your little girl feel extra special and beautiful, even on ordinary days. The elegant fuchsia rosettes on the skirt make it look more like a Christmas dress than casual wear, but it’s perfect for school days, shopping with mom or a trip to the movies. We have plenty of new dresses for girls from Bonnie Jean, and more and more are arriving everyday!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Fall Flower Girl Dresses |

A great fall flower girl dress
The colors of weddings and flower girl dresses for Fall change along with the leaves. For Fall and Winter weddings you are more likely to see rich tones of red, orange, purple or classic black in the bridal party attire. Of course we pay attention to wedding fashion trends, and our Sophias Style flower girl dress inventory reflects that!

Red is always a great choice for a fall wedding. It’s a popular color so there are literally thousands of bridesmaids dress styles, decorations and floral arrangement ideas that incorporate this color scheme. We’re also in on the action with beautiful and affordable flower girl dresses in stunning shades of red.   

This classic red flower girl dress by Sweet Kids is even more stunning in person. It is a beautiful taffeta material that is rich and luxurious to the touch. The charming rosettes create a great detail that isn’t over the top – perfect for a formal church wedding. Since red is also a Christmas color, she can wear the dress again for the holidays. 
Another option is this Kids Dream flowergirl dress in a rich shade of burgundy. It’s still in the same color family but is a bit more understated than bold red. There are also black rosettes on the bodice and a small jeweled pin. This would be a stunning dress for a nighttime wedding – think lots of flowers and candles!

A stunning flower girl dress!
So many choices, such little prices! We carry hundreds of flower girl dresses that are $60 or less, helping to keep your dream wedding well within budget. Shop and see for yourself.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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