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3 Most Popular Inspirational Girls Outfits With Your John Deere Boots

You’ve seen them, you fell in love with them! John Deere boots are super cute for any boy or girl. And to make sure they wear them right, we thought about sharing some inspirational and trendy outfits for your little girl!

What’s great about these high quality boots is the fact that you can wear them in any season.

  • Wear them with a summer casual dress! If you can pair a cute, simple summer dress with these boots, you will get a pretty cool look! Make sure to add a bit of color and feminity to this outfit with a cute flower headband or hairclippie, a nice bracelet or some small girly earrings.

Here is our suggestion for a summer dress-John Deere look:Dress-Boots

1. Bonnie Jean Chambray Lace Skirt Flower Button Summer Dress

2. John Deere Blue Top Leather Boots

3.Crystalmood Silver Diamond Earrings

4. Crystalmood Red Chinese Small Floral Bracelet

5. Reflections White Petal Flower Gem Headband


How about combining these chunky, cowboy boots with a cute adorable tutu? Just get a simple t-shirt for the top and it will be such a fashionista look for your little one! Ofcourse, accessories play an important role so make sure you add something to make this look cuter! But do not overdue it, the tutu is girly enough.




  1. 3 Pearls Kids Black Girls Rock Ribbed Fitted Tank Top
  2. Gigi Pink Ruffled Satin Bow Tutu Girls
  3. Reflectionz Ivory Stretch Pearl Rhinestone Brooch Headband
  4. The Kids Watch Girls Light Pink Flowers Hummingbird Wristwatch
  5. John Deere Sanded Green Top Boots


And the classy look: pair the boots with some leggings/stretch pants. Add a cute, longer t-shirt and you’ll get a casual, cool look for your girl. With this outfit you can play around with accessories as they will smoothen things. Here is our inspirational leggings-John Deere boots outfit!


  1. Miss Fit Grey Zip Button Front Stretch Pants
  2. Mimi and Maggie Turqoise Floral Applique Tunic
  3. John Deere Blue Top Leather Boots
  4. Reflections Pink Feather Cupcake Motif Hair Clippie
  5. Bixbee Pink Sparkalicious Writst Strap Wristlet Purse

What is your favourite outfit of them all?


What would you pair your John Deere boots? We’d love to see and hear about your ideas, so please make a comment in the box below so that other moms can benefit too!



7 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Flower Girl Dress

    It’s been decided! Your little one will be the flower girl at one of your relative’s or friend’s wedding. Now what? Don’t panic, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure she is dressed accordingly.CRAYON-944-PCH_3

Traditionally, the flower girl’s clothing was provided by the families of the bride and groom, but today most couples expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her participation.


   Here are some basic details you need to be aware of when shopping for “the” flower girl dress:SWKI-SK478IVO-DRESS__1_15

1.       What is the etiquette of the wedding? How is the couple? Is it going to be a Victorian Vintage theme or more of a Rustic Country Style wedding? (include links)

This is a first step that will give you an idea of what to look for and what to exclude in your search for the perfect dress.

Whatever the formality of the event, don’t pick up a long, uncomfortable dress that your little one will have trouble wearing. It will only reflect on her while walking down the aisle and the most important thing about this is for her to look and feel good.

2.  What does the bride want? Does she prefer a certain color or a style? Are there any special preferences about the length of the dress, hair, shoes, and accessories?

This is an important step before starting to look for the dress. Do not be discouraged if the bride gives you a long list of requirements for the event, there are lots of dresses out there for you to choose from and surely you’ll find one that will meet all of them.

3.  Where is the wedding taking place? Is it indoors? Or is it an outdoor location? Depending on this you will know how much or how little you need to buy.

-       For an outside venue: consider the fabric of the dress: cotton and linen are great fabrics, particularly for summer weddings. If the outdoor wedding is to be held in early spring, however, heavier fabrics and a jacket are in order.


-       Keep jewelry to a minimum – they might be uncomfortable in a hot sunny weather.

-       Hair is important to consider for a wedding outside: you might want to add a hat if the weather announces to be sunny or the ceremony will take place around noon. A nice, delicate flower is a wonderful accessory that will keep hair in place if it’s windy.

-       For a chilly season, consider buying tights for her little legs. You do not want her freezing on that aisle.

-       Make sure the accessories match the outfit.

4.  When is the wedding taking place? What year/season/date?

This will also help you choose an appropriate size for your little one – knowing how fast kids grow, you might want to buy the dress just a few weeks before the event. But do not leave this till the last moment. Having the dress ready and adjusted for the rehearsal – one or two weeks before the event is perfect timing.


5.  Are there other flower girls at the wedding? Because if there are, they might need to wear the same dress. In this case the bride might tell you she wants matching outfits and she will probably direct you for the exact dress you need to buy.

6.  Quality and wrinkle factor. We know our little ones move a lot! And before the actual ceremony takes place and afterwards for the photos she will probably do a lot of moving too! This will reflect on her dress so make sure you look for great quality material that will not wrinkle that easily.

7.  HER – You considered all these factors and asked the bride everything you needed to know about the wedding. Now, it’s time to get her involved! As she is the one that will be the center of attention, she needs to be comfortable and happy with the outfit. Tea-length white dresses with a bonnet or satin bow are standard and sweet, but there are many little-girl looks to choose from.

Being a part of a wedding event is an emotional and very rewarding event for a little girl – she gets to be the center of attention, pay an important role and dress up really pretty.


It is an important event that needs a bit of preparation and research. If you enjoy searching, mixing and matching and making sure everything is according to plan – congratulations! It will be an enjoyable process.

If you are not that kind of person or do not have too much time to invest in this, call us. already helped a few tens of thousands flower girls look amazing and we will help anytime we can. Our site has an impressive collection of wonderful flower girl dresses and we guarantee that if you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your girl, we have it at very affordable prices.

Did your little girl already been through an event like this? Share your experience with us and help other moms prepare better!

Thank you, mom!

Dear mom,


Thank you.


For everything you are to me. For carrying me 9 months, through difficult days when you could hardly move, getting past the morning sickness, uncomfortable sleeping positions and the nervousness of having to go through labor. Thank you for having the courage to do it anyway and sacrificing all that for me.

You are my whole world. From the moment I went from the coziness of your womb into this cold, loud, bright world – your voice, your smell where there for me all the time. During day and during night, I am sorry I did not give you a break. But I felt scared, and your warmth gave me the comfort and assurance I needed to get past it.
Mother Care

Thank you for every day that you feed me, change me, dress me, wash me, pick up my toys, play with me. And for all those nights when you woke up for me – to comfort me and hold me. There is no better place for me than in your arms. You are such an amazing person, I look at you and your smile has the power to take away my hurt and sadness. I know when I am not well, you would give everything to make me feel better.

I understand you make the ultimate sacrifice and I could never pay that back. But I see it in your eyes and when you hold me – I make you happy.

Mothers-Day-FlowersEverything I have and everything I am – I owe it to you! You gave me the gift of life, raised me and you taught me how to love. There are no words to describe how amazing you are, mom!


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