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Coordinating Lito Christmas Looks for Boys and Girls |

There’s really nothing sweeter or more adorable than a girls Christmas dress that coordinates with a boys suit. They are great for brothers and sisters, cousins or family friends. Sophias Style has several baby and toddler Christmas dresses from Lito this year that match each other, as well as Lito baby boys formal suits designed to coordinate with the dresses. We have a look for every kid in the family!

Can’t you just imagine your kids posing for a family portrait or Christmas card in these baby Christmas dresses? The long sleeve red and black dress would be great for a baby or toddler. It’s available in size 6M-12, so it’s perfect for an infant. The sleeveless girl Christmas dress would be an elegant holiday look for an older girl of 8-10 years old. Then you can get the boys in on the action with this 4pc red vest suit that matches perfectly with the girls’ dresses! (These three looks from Lito are also available in festive silver and brown.)

This color scheme is very appropriate for the holidays and mom and dad could easily coordinate their own black and red clothes for a family portrait. You can shop one place for not only the kids’ Christmas clothes this year, but also for the shoes, hair accessories, tights and other things you’ll need to complete their looks. Our designer infant Christmas dresses, boys suits and accessories are always discount priced off the retail tag, so you’ll save time and money!

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In-Season Styles for $15 or Less at Sophias!

Girls Coats on Sale
Girl’s Coats On Sale

It’s snowing like crazy in Omaha, Nebraska today!  Driving to work actually took me twice as long as usual, so much for my attempt to get into the office early today.  In spite of my annoyance at being inconvenienced, I have to admit that it is breathtakingly beautiful outside.  Snow is so pretty, and it’s so cozy in my office. 

The good news is, winter clothing is going on sale everywhere, including Sophias!  We have a great winter sale right now, and we decided to make shopping for bargains easy for you by putting all of our in-season styles for $15 or less into one place.  Now you can shop our Winter Steals Under $15, and find all the best bargains. 

Now, get a cup of hot cocoa and settle in with a blanket and your laptop and start shopping!

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Baby Boy Clothes | Sophia’s Style


Boys ClothingLet’s all take a second to admire the absurdly adorable photo to the left.
Ok, now, Sophia’s Style has- and no doubt this is in large part due to the name and the fact that it’s a company run by a family with two little girls and no little boys- a bit of a reputation for being solely a girls clothing boutique.  However, it’s a lesser known fact that we carry loads of fantastic, boutique quality boys clothing as well! 
If you’re a clever mum or dad, you should realize that this information gives you an edge.  Your son can be the best dressed little boy in town, because no one else knows that such great boys clothes and baby boys clothes are being sold online for such incredible prices!  Just look at that picture!  That kid looks like a toddler version of some Scandinavian billionaire architect on holiday in Greece.  Granted, he’s only wearing a pair of white linen pants, but anyone who’s been to a coastal city in Europe during the summer will tell you- that’s virtually the only thing guys wear that time of year. 
So there you have it:  An affordable way to dress your child like a wealthy European.  Shop Sophia’s Style boys clothing, so your boy can look fabulous and you can save money. 

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Boy’s Clothing | Sophia’s Style

Boys Clothing

Oh hey, have I ever mentioned that Sophia’s Style carries boy’s clothing?  Probably not, which makes now a very good time to do it.  We sell boys clothes!  And you should buy them, because- as you can see in the photo to the right- they’re very cute, and the days of him allowing you to dress him in cute clothes are numbered.  In a few years he’ll hit Jr. High, and then he’ll mostly look like a disaster until he gets a girlfriend and she insists he wear things that fit him properly again.  So seize the day!  Shop for baby boy clothes and boys clothes while you still have time! 

Make sure you check out the boys formal wear while you’re shopping, every [young] man ought to own a proper suit, and we’ve got such handsome ones for really low prices- it’d be shame to miss out. 

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Baby Girl Baptism Dresses with Christening Poise

               Girls ClothesChristening – to receive into the Christian Church by Baptism!
Do you remember your day of Baptism? I don’t either but my christening gown photo is lovely and I know my spirit was touched being baptized into the church of my family faith! 
            Thanks mom and dad for loving me enough to start me off on the right path for the journey! What a gift.
The girls christening gowns are like a mini brides dress at girls clothing boutique and complete the outfit with baptism bonnets, baptism shoes, and even baptismal remembrances like blankets.
Your baby girls baptism dress may become a new family heirloom for generations to come.
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Sophia is grateful  to be sharing the journey with you!


Handsome Little Gentlemen | Sophia’s Style

Formal Wear for Boys

It’s not always all about the girls at Sophia’s Style, we know your boys want to dress like the classy little men they are! We’ve got a great collection of boys formal wear that includes boys suits in a variety of colors, boys Christening suits, and even boys tuxedos (he’ll look like a miniature James Bond)!

Don’t forget, you’ll want to complete his look with some boys dress shoes, so he can look perfect from head to toe!

Just wait till you see him twirling around the dance floor with the flower girl at the next wedding reception, or greeting guests at holiday parties. He’ll be looking like a gentleman for all the weddings, holidays, and any other special occasions he’ll be attending in a Sophia’s Style suit or tux!

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Boys Clothes: Cool, Classy, Comfortable

Across the world,  mothers of little toddlers’ debate that shopping for boys clothes is not as much fun as shopping for girl’s ‘clothes. The wide range of boys’ clothes, baby boys’ clothes and boy’s accessories at Sophias Style can change this age-old conception.
Character wear, mini rock-look fashions, edgy tees and distressed jeans – the boy’s fashion scene is all set to send pulses racing. And things are definitely getting better at Sophias Style. From socks and shoes, jeans and t-shirts, overalls, onesie, shirts and polo’s, cargo pants, carpenter pants, corduroys, shorts, cute sweat outfits, sweaters, jackets, coats, vests, hats, cool shoes and everyday wear to formal attire and costumes, we’ve got a massive range of fashionable and hip boys clothes and baby boy clothes.
We have a great collection of soft and super comfy knit tanks in an assortment of bright colors that bring together knit applique and screen printing for that extra pizzazz. It’s a bright and sunny day and it’s hard to keep in indoors. So why not let him have fun in the sun with knit shorts with oversized front pockets and stitched grommets. Watch him jump with joy at the sight of short sleeve shirts and cargo shorts in very exciting colors and designs.
So whether an electric guitar tee or surf board shorts, with Sophias Style’s boy’s clothes and baby boy’s clothes, your little champ is all set to go places. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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