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Peaches ‘n Cream for your Baby Girl

If you want the most adorable newborn baby girls clothing, then you’ve just got to shop Peaches ‘n Cream! Their outfits always feature funky patterns, bold colors and cute appliqués that will really make your baby or little girl stand out. Best of all, Peaches ‘n Cream clothing at is discount priced off the retail tag, so these adorable clothes are now more affordable than ever!

This cheerful and whimsical Gingerbread man outfit is the perfect newborn baby girl clothes for the upcoming holiday season. This outfit would also make a great Christmas gift for that special baby girl in your life. Now is also the perfect time to accessorize your baby girl outfit, because this week at Sophias Style all regular priced girls accessories are 25% off. Simply enter code 25STYLE at the checkout to apply the discount. You can pick a cute hair bow, a warm winter scarf or a great handbag for yourself! 

The possibilities are endless, so stop in and shop today!

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Lovely Lovely Lipstik |

Boutique girls clothes from Lipstik are always at the cutting edge of fashion trends, and Sophias Style Boutique is proud to carry more than 350 styles from this ultra trendy brand. True, only a budding fashionista can pull off these bold, eye-catching designer duds. You can always expect Lipstik little girls clothing to be jazzed up with sequins, sparkles, bright colors, interesting prints and more designer details!

You can practically build your little girl’s entire wardrobe from our selection. We have Lipstik tank tops, blouses, dresses, jackets, leggings, shorts, skirts and even sweaters. Many pieces are made specifically to mix and match, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of just a few items. These designer baby girl clothes are sure to draws lots of compliments and smiles from everyone she meets. They certainly won’t draw a lot of money from your wallet – our Lipstik clothing is discounted 50-65% off the retail tag. Amazing!

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Go Online and Plan a Baby Shower

Beautiful baby girl clothes
The internet is a wonderful place. As I’ve been planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law (she’s due ANY DAY!), I’ve discovered the joys of the web. You can find tons of ideas and advice on just about any topic. Of course the best thing about the internet is online shopping!

The first stop on my online trip is, where I can stock up on designer baby girl clothes that are up to 70% off the fancy department store tag. I’m also going to recommend shopping at Sophias Style to all the other party guests. Because their newborn baby girl clothes cost so much less than retail, we can all get a lot more bang for our bucks. Sophias Style has a great selection of everything you need for baby, including baby girl dresses, blankets, and even diaper bags for mom.

The perfect baby shower decor!
The internet has also been a huge resource in planning the food, décor and activities for the shower. I’m going to display some of the newborn girl clothes I bought on this clothesline decoration. So simple but so cute! Another very touching idea is to buy cards for various future birthdays in the baby’s life – for example, 1st, 5th, 10th, 16th and 21st. Have the party guests sign a birthday message on each card and then seal them. Give them to mom to save for the birthday girl over the years, or have an aunt or trusted family member mail them as each birthday approaches. I love activities with sentimental value! 

Online I also found a recipe for mini pancakes appetizers speared on a toothpick – perfect for our brunch themed shower!

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Baby Gender Reveal Cake |

Say it with cake!
A new baby trend fast catching on is the Baby Gender Reveal Cake. It’s a fun, simple and exciting way for parents-to-be to announce the gender of the baby to friends and family. The new mommy and daddy simply cut a cake to reveal pink or blue inside. Personally, I’d like my brother and sister-in-law to bake one of these. They’re expecting a baby at the end of this month, but have chosen not to reveal the sex of the baby until his or her arrival day. Luckily I don’t have to wait much longer, but I’ve been dying to know for months – should I buy newborn clothes for girls or boys? 

It’s all very secretive and exciting, even for the parents. The doctor or sonogram technician writes “boy” or “girl” on a slip of paper and seals it in an envelope. Then mommy takes it to the bakery where the baker whips up either a blue or pink confection inside, with gender neutral white or chocolate frosting on the outside.  Mom and dad will be just as surprised as everyone else when they cut the cake!

New born girl clothes at
I’m hoping for a girl because I think newborn baby girl clothes are so much more fun to shop for! The rest of the family is betting that it’s a boy. Of course we’ll all be happy no matter what –we just want a healthy baby. 

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Oo La La – Tutu Moi

Baby portrait tutu
You absolutely have to take a second look at these designer girls outfits from one of our newest brands, Tutu Moi. The company specializes in these tres magnifique tulle tutu outfits for babies and little girls. Now carries dozens of styles from their fabulous clothing collection, in sizes baby 3 months all the way up to girls size 12.

Each set includes a tutu skirt that has twelve layers of hand-tailored tulle. Each tutu is uniquely embellished with beads, fringe, ribbon and other fine details. Each of these boutique girls outfits is completed with a white shirt that is embellished to match the skirt. The beauty and quality of Tutu Moi garments couldn’t be more apparent.

Because they are so lovingly made and come in a wide variety of elegant colors, these tutu outfit sets are appropriate for so many of life’s events and occasions. Tutu Moi’s baby girl outfits help create breathtakingly adorable new baby portraits. There are also pretty pink sets perfect for a birthday party, rich orange for Thanksgiving, cheery red Christmas sets and even a bright bold purple tutu that would make a delightful Halloween ensemble.  
Halloween by Tutu Moi

There’s really no bad choice when it comes to Tutu Moi. She’ll look delightful no matter which one you choose!

Bonnie Jean Clothing | Sophias Style


Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Dresses

The temperatures in Omaha, Nebraska have shot up to 96 degrees over the last couple of days.  It is hot and humid and should be awful but I love it.  Spring is seriously here and summer is right on it’s heels.  Yesterday when I got home, I opened all the windows in my apartment, turned on the ceiling fans and took a nap.  When I woke up, it was still light outside so I went to a cafe and had coffee with a friend on the patio and discussed the merits of writing form poetry in a society that is growing more fond of free verse everyday.  That is the perfect[ly nerdy] way to spend an evening. 

If I had to choose one perfect brand of clothing for this season, it would be Bonnie Jean clothing.  Their styles always feel so in tune with the season and the current trends, but still manage to appeal to more traditional tastes as well.  Every little girl should be wearing boutiquey Bonnie Jean dresses and sparkly shoes right now.  I especially love the set in the image because the dress comes with the jean jacket- perfect for the indecisive weather that spring brings. 
Shop Bonnie Jean clothes for your little girl or Bonnie baby clothes for your infant girl today at Sophias Style! 

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Happy Thanksgiving, 25% Off Everything, Today Only!

Girl's Clothes Online
Boutique Baby Clothes

We got a little too excited about Black Friday sales and decided to have one early at Sophia’s Style.  So, for today only, you can get 25% off all the boutique baby clothes and girls clothing you want (except the things that are already on sale)! 

Pretty cool, huh?  Just enter TURKEY at checkout, and the 25% will be taken off your total. 

Sophia’s Style is the best one stop shop for baby girls clothing and girl’s clothes online

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Good Morning Monday!

Boutique Girls Clothes
Boutique Girls Clothes

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was great!  On Friday I went out for a fancy dinner with a friend who just got home from Afghanistan.  It was wonderful seeing him, and even more wonderful knowing he’s home safe.  Then, on Saturday night I went to a super swanky club to see a DJ from Sweden.  Sunday was spent organizing my closet and reading F. Scott Fitzgerald (not simultaneously).  All in all, it was a very successfull weekend, and now I feel ready to tackle Monday. 

Project Finish Christmas Shopping Early is going pretty well so far.  I’ve determined what I want to give both of my parents’ and my brother, and I’ve decided what to tell my father to get for my mother (I always wonder, what happens to moms who don’t have daughters around to help out the dads and brothers?).  Now, I just need to decide what to get my future sister-in-law… would baby girl clothes be too presumptuous of me?  Perhaps, but she could save them until they’re ready for kids!  When I send my wishlist to her, item number one is going to say “A Niece.”  Item number two will say, “Twins.” 

Since I probably won’t have the gall to actually buy baby clothes for my brother’s fiancee, you should take advantage of Sophia’s Style boutique girls clothes for me.  Sophia’s Style is the most adorable girls clothing store on the internet.  It’s basically a sweet little boutique that you can access from your living room. 

Also, from now until Wednesday, you can save 25% on an order by signing up for our emailing list here.  Make sure you place that order asap, the code expires on Thursday! 

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Girls Outfits For Every Season | Sophia’s Style


Baby Girl Outfit
Baby Girl Outfit

My officemate is already getting excited about playing Christmas music at work.  I told her it’s too early, and then I started browsing our girls outfits, looking for blog inspiration, and came across this baby girl outfit.  How cute is that?!  The leggings look like candy canes, and the tunic is decorated with gingerbread cookies!  Now that I’ve looked at it, I want to listen to Christmas music and eat cookies.  *Sigh,* I give in.  As soon as the weather gets cold, I can’t help but think of the holidays. 

Does anyone have big plans this year?  The more I look at our girls outfits, the more I miss going to my grandparents’ house when I was a kid.  I loved sitting in my grandma’s kitchen near the oven while she made dinner.  I always had some kind of Christmas sweater or dress that was really warm and cozy, and my mom always made me let her curl my hair.  I may be a bit of a girly-girl, but that doesn’t mean I like having my hair fixed.  I’m pretty sure we had a fight everytime she came anywhere near me with a brush, a curling iron, or (heaven forbid) a bottle of hairspray. 

I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for Christmas this year!  We only have a couple more months, it’ll be here before we know it!

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Clothing for Newborns | Sophia’s Style

Newborn Baby Girls Clothing
Newborn Baby Girls Clothing

Look at how cute this little polka dot dress is!  I love the giant satin rosette on the front, that’s way adorable. 
The great thing about newborn baby girl clothing is that it can be saved and passed on.  This little set isn’t going to go out of style because “incredibly cute” is pretty much always in for newborn girls. 
Christmas is well on it’s way, so if you’re lucky enough to have any new or soon-to-be mommies or daddies in your life, some boutique newborn baby girl clothes would make great gifts! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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