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Tips on Buying Girls Shoes Online

Buying shoes for girls online might seem like a tedious process. Trial and error may discourage even the best of us but with a little bit of helpful information you can be assured your online shopping for baby, toddler girls shoes will always put a smile on her face while keeping her feet comfortable. Whether they’re running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care.

Buying a new pair of shoes for your sweet girl is a necessity as her feet grow. Choosing a great fit along with that certain style to match that special outfit can be a challenge. These tips will be a useful guide in making the right choice when purchasing girls shoes online with Sophia’s Style Boutique.

Selecting the right size

????????????????????????????????????Getting the right fit for your child is an important part of shopping for shoes. We understand the significance of every step. We recommend checking the way other brands may fit her feet. Whether small or big, the size of shoe could affect her way to move, walk or run and natural development and mobility.

The correct size shoe is s a first condition that a shoe suitable for children should fulfill. It should have a little space to squeeze, and enough space to allow the feet to grow. Considering the growing process it is indicated to check if the shoes still fit well every month. You can measure the distance between the biggest toe to the back of the heel.
Measure their feet before buying shoes. The best moment for measuring the foot is at the end of the day when the foot is largest. (more…)

Girls Pageant Dresses | Sophias Style Boutique

Girls Pageant Dresses

The popularity of pageants just blows me away.  There are even reality shows about these competitions.  We’ve seen the popularity of pageants skyrocket and we’ve been working to expand our girls pageant dress selection.  Whether it’s a natural pageant (no fake eyelashes, “flippers” or lots of makeup) to a glitz pageant (no holds barred) we have the best selection of girls pageant dresses around for ages 6months and up. We even have girls pageant interview suits

A pageant hint…make sure that you have a backup dress. You never know when an accident is going to happen.  Also make sure you’ve packed an extra pair of dress shoes in case of a broken heel.

You do the worry about picking out the perfect pageant dress, shoes or accessories…let your little girl just worry about her walk and smile.  Don’t forget to have her blow a kiss to the judges.

Stylish Shoes by Nina Shoes | Sophias Style

Nina Shoes Fuchsia Fur Studded Boots

If you are looking for trendy girl’s shoes or boots Nina shoes for girls has what you are looking for. Boots are not just for clomping around in the snow. Statements are made with these fabulous fuchsia and studded boots by Nina shoes. A little glam on her feet can make her eyes sparkle too. Girl’s fashion boots and girl’s shoes by Nina shoes are plentiful at Sophia’s Style.

Shoes Make the Outfit | Sophias Style

Nina Gr8 Brown Suede Faux Fur Clogs

It’s true shoes make the outfit even when the outfit calls for baby girl’s shoes. Go trendy and take a blast to the past and get a pair of shoes with faux fur trim. We have boots super cute girl’s boots as well. Footwear for any occasion. Is she going to church? We have girl’s shoes for that. Going to a formal event? We have shoes for that. Going to the park? Yes, we even have shoes for that. From the crib to her prom, Sophia’s Style has girl’s shoes for all occasions. Take a look, buy a pair or two, there is always a perfect time to wear shoes.

NEW at SophiasStyle Emu Australia Boots for Kids and Adults

Cute Baby Girl Boots from Emu International

Winter is here for some of us or on it’s way for the others.  Heck, it’s November already!  Perfect time to shop for warm fashion boots for your little girl.  We just received a large shipment of boots from Emu International. These boots are trendy while still keeping your little girl’s toes nice and toasty.  In fact, we have many styles of girls fashion boots as well.  EVEN women’s boots.  One stop shopping while it’s cold outside.  Make sure to pick up an extra pair of gloves or mittens, they’re bound to lose a pair somewhere between the van and the front door!  Pour a cup of hot coffee and shop by the fire!

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