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Girl’s Birthday Dresses | Sophias Style

Bonnie Jean Pink Polka Dot Balloon Birthday Dress
Every day spent with your little girl is special so it makes sense that your baby girl’s first birthday dress be special too. Jump a head one year and that special day is here again. Your baby girl’s birthday dress doesn’t fit her anymore. She’s starting to look like a little girl and losing some of that baby weight. She’s a little more independent and maybe she doesn’t want to wear birthday dresses anymore. Not to worry, we have birthday t-shirts too. Don’t forget girl’s accessories, hair bows, hats and tiaras. Have her name embroidered and make it a keepsake. Please allow extra time for embroidery.

White Pink Boutique 1st Birthday Dress

The Perfect Birthday Party Dress |

The perfect birthday dress!
Here is our #1 selling baby birthday dress – easy to see why, right? I can think of nothing more fit for a birthday princess than this white eyelet dress with pink trim and adorable cake and balloon appliqués. It’s been one of our most popular first birthday dresses for years now, so we always have it in stock and ready to ship for your baby’s birthday party. It’s a great look for photo ops, opening presents and big bear hugs from Grandma and Grandpa!
Best of all, this dress is just $29.99 – an unbelievable price for such a boutique dress. You’ll be happy to know that this dress can be had for even less very soon. A little fashionista told me that will be having a special 20% off sale very soon. Make sure to sign up for the Sophias Style newsletter if you haven’t already, and check you emails for the details on this upcoming sale.
Sophias Style Boutique is the best place to go for her birthday party attire, especially if you’re on a budget (and these days, who isn’t?) We carry many girls birthday dresses that are less than $50, so she’ll look great and you’ll still have plenty of cash left over for the perfect cake!

Two New Fall Birthday Dresses for Your Little Girl

Decisions, decisions. Which of these adorable girls birthday dresses will you choose for your little girl? Both of these cheerful birthday dresses are from Bonnie Jean. We’ve been carrying their quality 1st birthday dresses for girls for years now, and they are always best sellers that delight both moms and birthday girls alike.

Polka dot birthday dress
Behind door number 1 is this Bonnie Jean polka dot print birthday dress with cap sleeves. The bodice is adorned with a black polka dot ribbon and bow (the perfect place to add personalized embroidery!) Attached to the bow are three pink balloons gathered in a bunch and embroidered with “Birthday Girl.” There is a peek-a-book crinoline hem trimmed with black polka dot print. This dress is available in sizes 12M-4T, but maybe not for long!

Cupcake 1st birthday dress
Behind door number 2 is a more casual but still adorable first birthday dress. It features a pink and navy embroidered cupcake on the front with a cute polka dot bow. The navy blue skirt is scattered with colorful polka dots and there is peek-a-boo crinoline at the bottom hem. This comes in sizes 12M-4T and can easily be paired with leggings or a sweater if the weather turns chilly.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these first birthday dresses – or for that matter, with any first birthday dress or first birthday outfits from!

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1st Birthday Party Dress | Sophias Style

1st Birthday Party Dress
1st Birthday Party Dress
When it comes to first birthday dresses, Sophias Style is hands-down the best online store you can go to.  We always have adorable styles, and every little girl should have the perfect 1st birthday party dress!
Besides 1st birthday dresses, we have really cute birthday hats and tiaras, so she can feel extra special (and look extra cute in all her birthday photos!).  We also offer personalized embroidery, so you can make her first birthday dress one-of-a-kind. 
When planning their child’s first birthday, many moms get really overwhelmed.  You want everything to be perfect, because this day is so special- it’s really a day for the whole family.  Ordering birthday dresses online can save a lot of time and stress; you won’t have to drive all over town looking, you don’t have to deal with crowds or interruptions while you shop, and you can always just call customer service or use Live Chat if you need any help!  
Sophias Style wants to make planning your little girl’s birthday as simple as possible.  Afterall, this experience should be fun! 

Baby’s First Birthday Dress

Birthday Dresses for Toddlers
Birthday Dresses for Toddlers

Do you ever think back to the very first birthdays you can remember?  Remember how one year seemed like an eternity back then?  I mean, one year is a pretty good chunk of time to someone who can still count their age on one hand.  That’s why I think it’s important to make a big deal out of those birthdays.  As adults, it’s easy to feel like there are holidays and special occasions all the time.  For kids, the days, weeks and months between exciting events stretch on for ages!  So you can’t just let a day of such monumental importance as a birthday pass you by without a second glance, you have to celebrate!  Pull out all the stops, starting with the baby’s first birthday dress!  Or birthday dresses for toddlers, we have so many cute options with fun features, like snap on numbers to show her age. 

Enjoy finding the perfect baby girl 1st birthday dress for her special day!

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Birthday Dresses!


Baby Girl Birthday Dress
Baby Girl Birthday Dress

If there is one thing Sophia’s Style does better than anyone else, it’s birthday dresses.  We always have lots of cute styles in, and we take care to never go out of stock in our most popular ones. 

The adorable girl in the photo is Gwen, and her mother was kind enough to post this fantastic photo of her wearing a baby girl birthday dress from Sophia’s Style on our Facebook page. 

Gourmet Grocery Online Birthday Cake
Gourmet Grocery Online

If you are planning a birthday party soon, you should check out the birthday cakes and cookies at Gourmet Grocery Online.  They have so many really unique birthday deserts!  And you have to get those cute photos of the birthday girl with cake frosting all over her face at her first birthday party, then you can embarass her by showing them to her boyfriend when she’s in high school and college. 

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Birthday Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Birthday Dresses
Birthday Dresses

We just started carrying House of Wu dresses, and they are absolutely beautiful.  They make the birthday dress featured to the left, isn’t it gorgeous?  All of their gowns are stunning, they’re incredibly elaborate and detailed – they’d be perfect for pageant gowns

But anyway, we came here to talk about birthday dresses.  I must admit, when I first got this job, I didn’t fully understand the whole baby girl birthday dress craze.  I mean, I don’t even remember my first few birthdays, and I certainly wasn’t worried about what I was wearing to any of them.  However, I started managing our Facebook page, and now I understand.  There is nothing cuter than proud mommies, daddies, and grandparents posting all their adorable little girls birthday photos.  Plus, the photos always look so sweet, with the birthday girl in her infant 1st birthday dress

So, now I say go all out for the baby’s first birthday, it means a lot to all of the family members and close friends, and it only happens once. 

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Perfect First Birthday Dresses | Sophia’s Style

First Birthday Dresses
Girls Birthday Dresses

As with Christmas, birthdays come but once a year, and when you’re only a few years old, that interval is downright interminable.  Think about it, at age two, she has literally waited half her life to see another birthday.  SO, it’s very important that your little girl’s birthday be as special as possible! 

The first thing you’ll need to make her special day is a baby birthday dress.  That’s where Sophia’s Style comes in:  we carry perfect first birthday dresses, toddler birthday dresses, and girls birthday dresses.  However many years old she’s turning, we have something that will make her feel like the beautiful little birthday girl princess she is. 

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1st Birthday Dresses | Sophia’s Style

1st Birthday Dresses

Personalized birthday dresses from Sophia’s Style are adorable and unique, particularily for a first birthday.  A baby’s first birthday is as much a celebration for the family as it is for the baby, so start her birthday traditions off right by getting her a baby birthday dress1st birthday dresses make lovely keepsakes, because parents want to remember the day they celebrated their first year with their child.  Shop for birthday dresses, outfits, and more at Sophia’s Style! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Birthday Outfits for the Birthday Girl

Birthday Outfits

On her special day, she really ought to have something special to wear, right? 
Well, you’ll never guess where I’m about to suggest you go to buy her birthday dress, birthday shirts, and/or girls birthday outfits… Sophia’s Style!  Of course, because not only is everything at Sophia’s Style made with the best workmanship and the highest quality materials, but it’s sold at a fraction of the cost other companies charge. 
This means you can afford to spoil her a bit, because her birthday is the one day of the year when you should! 
Find her a beautiful birthday dress, and she’ll feel like the adorable little birthday princess she is. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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