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Tips on Buying Girls Shoes Online

Buying shoes for girls online might seem like a tedious process. Trial and error may discourage even the best of us but with a little bit of helpful information you can be assured your online shopping for baby, toddler girls shoes will always put a smile on her face while keeping her feet comfortable. Whether they’re running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care.

Buying a new pair of shoes for your sweet girl is a necessity as her feet grow. Choosing a great fit along with that certain style to match that special outfit can be a challenge. These tips will be a useful guide in making the right choice when purchasing girls shoes online with Sophia’s Style Boutique.

Selecting the right size

????????????????????????????????????Getting the right fit for your child is an important part of shopping for shoes. We understand the significance of every step. We recommend checking the way other brands may fit her feet. Whether small or big, the size of shoe could affect her way to move, walk or run and natural development and mobility.

The correct size shoe is s a first condition that a shoe suitable for children should fulfill. It should have a little space to squeeze, and enough space to allow the feet to grow. Considering the growing process it is indicated to check if the shoes still fit well every month. You can measure the distance between the biggest toe to the back of the heel.
Measure their feet before buying shoes. The best moment for measuring the foot is at the end of the day when the foot is largest. (more…)

A Complete First Communion Dress Guide

Sweet Kids White Tiered Organza Tea Length Communion Dress

Sweet Kids White Tiered Organza Tea Length Communion DressAs a major event in every child’s life, the First Communion is actually the most important step into embracing religion on their own. Most Catholic children receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist at the age of 7 or 8 because it is considered the age of reason.Such an event needs preparation, both spiritual and material. The child must understand that not only does he/she need to dress up and look nice, but more importantly – honor and respect the ceremony and its significance.Traditionally, young men wear nice suits and young women wear beautiful dresses.Picking up the perfect dress might be a long and difficult process but here are 7 most important things that you must take into account when doing so:  (more…)

7 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Flower Girl Dress

It’s been decided! Your little one will be the flower girl at one of your relative’s or friend’s wedding. Now what? Don’t panic, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure she is dressed accordingly.CRAYON-944-PCH_3

Traditionally, the flower girl’s clothing was provided by the families of the bride and groom, but today most couples expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her participation.  (more…)

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