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Go Online and Plan a Baby Shower

Beautiful baby girl clothes
The internet is a wonderful place. As I’ve been planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law (she’s due ANY DAY!), I’ve discovered the joys of the web. You can find tons of ideas and advice on just about any topic. Of course the best thing about the internet is online shopping!

The first stop on my online trip is, where I can stock up on designer baby girl clothes that are up to 70% off the fancy department store tag. I’m also going to recommend shopping at Sophias Style to all the other party guests. Because their newborn baby girl clothes cost so much less than retail, we can all get a lot more bang for our bucks. Sophias Style has a great selection of everything you need for baby, including baby girl dresses, blankets, and even diaper bags for mom.

The perfect baby shower decor!
The internet has also been a huge resource in planning the food, décor and activities for the shower. I’m going to display some of the newborn girl clothes I bought on this clothesline decoration. So simple but so cute! Another very touching idea is to buy cards for various future birthdays in the baby’s life – for example, 1st, 5th, 10th, 16th and 21st. Have the party guests sign a birthday message on each card and then seal them. Give them to mom to save for the birthday girl over the years, or have an aunt or trusted family member mail them as each birthday approaches. I love activities with sentimental value! 

Online I also found a recipe for mini pancakes appetizers speared on a toothpick – perfect for our brunch themed shower!

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CachCach Baby Clothes | Sophias Style


CachCach Baby Clothes
CachCach Baby Clothes

 If you happen to be in the market for some super cute and super boutique-y baby clothes, then cachcach baby clothes are the way to go.  This brand is known for it’s adorable style and incredibly luxurious fabrics.  Your child will look cute and feel safe and cozy in cachcach clothesCachcach is also one of the most trusted designer labels for infant clothing.  Cach Cach is carried by most department stores and sought out by mom’s all over the world.  At Sophias Style, you can find great Cach Cach sale clothing for your kids at prices that are nearly 50% lower than anywhere else!  So stop by Sophia’s Style and shop Cach Cach baby clothes today. 

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Cute Discount Baby Clothes

Cute Discount Baby Clothes

It’s sale season at Sophias Style!  If you’re looking for cute discount baby clothes, look no further.  Our sale racks are piled high with cheap children’s clothes that will look great and last without breaking your bank account.

While you shop for cheap kids clothes, keep in mind that you can save $5 on shipping this week by entering 5SHIP at checkout!  We do ship internationally, so if you don’t live in the States, don’t worry!

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Happy 2011!

Girls Clothes Winter Sale

We’ve officially made it to 2011, did everyone have a fun New Years?  I went to Denver and stayed with some friends for the weekend.  They have two adorable boys, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and they were so funny and happy- I don’t think I’ve ever met happier children in my entire life. 

Now that January has arrived, it’s time to start checking out all the awesome winter sales!  We just did a ton of really big markdowns, so stop by our Winter Sale page and stock up on all the discount girls clothing you need while the prices are so low.  The outfit pictured to the right has been marked down by $15, and there are tons of other really cute girls outfits, girls dresses, boys outfits, and baby clothes on sale. 

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The Perfect Winter Sale Storm


Discount Girls Clothing
Rare Editions Plaid Sweater Dress

Deep down inside, I always think I would be a little sad if I won the lottery.  Money comes with so many benefits; I would love the travel, love being able to give the people I care about everything they need.. but at the same time, I think it would kill the joy of shopping for me.  Bargain hunting is so much fun!  The challenge is so exciting.  For example:  I have been in semi-desperate need of a new winter coat.  The one I’ve been wearing has a lovely design, but it’s beginning to look hopelessly ragged.  Even my dry cleaners have given up on it. 

However, it’s Christmas, and I don’t have tons of spare cash to be spending on myself at the moment.  I would put a coat on my wishlist, but to be honest, coats are something I simply have to find for myself- the style, fit and color all need to be perfect. 

So, I’ve been browsing all my favorite women’s clothing sites, and I finally came across The One.  It’s beautiful:  the perfect neutral shade of camel, bracelet-length sleeves, funnel collar, and a swing hem- very 20’s, which is my absolute favorite fashion era.  The only problem was the price!  The coat is gorgeous, and judging by the quality of everything else I’ve bought from that company, it’s probably worth every penny they’re asking.  Nevertheless, Christmas gifts for others are priority number one in December.  I decided to cross my fingers that it didn’t sell out, and hope for the perfect winter sale storm to hit.  And it actually did!  They marked the price down by 40%, and then offered an additional 25% discount on all sale items.  I bought it immediately, and it was just in the knick of time, because the coat completely sold out the very next day. 

Discount Girls Clothing

As much as I loved the coat before, I love it even more now that I got it at such a killer price.  If I had an unlimited clothing budget, I’d have just bought it right away.  Sure, I’d still adore it, but there’s no way I’d be able to appreciate it the way I do now.

Sophia’s Style is now beginning our Winter Wonderland Sale– which is our Perfect Storm of winter discounts.  Winter items are not only marked down, but you get an additional 25% off all our in-season styles if you enter WINTER25 at checkout.  Now you can shop all the things you just couldn’t quite justify spending money on before, and get them at a fraction of the original price.  Winter markdowns are a beautiful thing. 

Side Note:  If you’re feeling like you should be slowing down the winter shopping and starting to think about spring, you’re half right.  Spring is what’s next.  However, we all know that we’ve got about two more months of bitter cold ahead of us before we can even hope to start emulating anything that’s happening on the runways in the way to Spring ’11 RTW.  Also, winter styles vary far less from season to season than warm weather looks do.  Nice coats, cozy sweaters, and lots-o-layers are basically always going to be in, so never hesitate to stock up when the price is right.

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Need Help Christmas Shopping?



Discount Baby Clothes
Discount Baby Clothing

 It’s December at last!  I’m so excited for Christmas this year, I have the perfect presents for everyone in my family.  How’s your shopping going?  Need help?  If you’re struggling, then I have excellent news for you.  Sophia’s Style has a daily deal, called Steal of the Day, where we choose one item and mark it way down (like, up to 80% off) for one day only.  We post these deals on our Steal of the Day page, and we also send out email notifications- you have to specifically sign up for those, it only takes a few seconds.

Basically, we’re offering really awesome one day deals to anyone who wants them, and it’s the kind of thing that’s very helpful around Christmas.  You can get cheap kids clothes and discount baby clothing suggestions in your inbox, so it’s like we’re doing your shopping for you! 

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

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Great Sale at Sophia’s Style!


Designer Girl's Clothes
Designer Girl’s Clothes

 We’re running a pretty awesome sale at Sophia’s Style today through Wednesday!  If you spend $100, you get $20 off and free standard shipping.  That’s a pretty awesome deal, and a great opportunity to find some Christmas gifts. 

One thing I really love about Sophia’s Style is all of the opportunities we give our customers to find designer girl’s clothes at such fantastic prices.  We run so many sales that it’s almost impossible not to catch a really great bargain every time you shop. 

If you need little girls clothing or baby girls clothes, Sophia’s Style is the perfect place to look. 

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Ultra-Affordable Girl’s Clothing | Sophia’s Style

Discount Girls Clothing

At Sophia’s Style, finding good deals on girls clothing is never a challenge.  However, if you’re really trying to be responsible about your spending, you might want to check out our sale page.  You can find incredibly cheap girls clothes– that are of course still fantastic quality.  All of our discount girls clothing is still boutique style and quality, it just happens to be on sale as well! 

Now’s the time to stock up on summer dresses and outfits.  Cute sun dresses like the one pictured make sweet fall outfits if you add leggings, boots, and a cardigan! 

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Discount Baby Clothing | Sophia’s Style

Discount Baby Clothing

See how excited the little girl in that picture is?  That’s because her mommy bought her that gorgeous dress for only $29.99!  At Sophia’s Style, we’ve got all kinds of adorable cheap kids clothes and discount baby clothing, so you can find great bargains for your little ones!  Shop for casual clothing, shoes, accessories, holiday outfits, fancy dresses, outerwear, and more on our sale pages.  You’ll find quality clothing for a fraction of the original retail cost. 

You’d better hurry, once these awesome deals sell out, we won’t be getting anymore of them in stock.  I won’t keep you any longer, get shopping! 

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Most Important Part of First Birthday Dresses ~~ Bundle of Love Inside

           IF It wasn’t for LOVE the birthday would not happen!  Listening to a song the other day “we are a masterpiece of Love” by Mathew West, I was feeling grateful. 
Your first birthday girl is a masterpiece of love! Why not personalize her outfit and all her party attire. (She and everyone at the party will learn how to spell her name. What a great way to teach and celebrate your baby’s first Birthday).

Childrens names today are uniquely pronounced and spelled. I heard some mothers talking the other day on how Aaron Beau Dylan was going to be the baby’s name no matter what boy or girl. However you look at it the Babys 1st birthday is SPECIAL!

GirlsBest time is NOW to prepare with sales and free birthday shipping at check out girls first birthday dresses and suits, toys, books and gifts …again one stop shopping without leaving home

Remember “It’s not what you have it’s who you are~~ so be special!”


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