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Girls Pageant Dresses | Sophias Style Boutique

Girls Pageant Dresses

The popularity of pageants just blows me away.  There are even reality shows about these competitions.  We’ve seen the popularity of pageants skyrocket and we’ve been working to expand our girls pageant dress selection.  Whether it’s a natural pageant (no fake eyelashes, “flippers” or lots of makeup) to a glitz pageant (no holds barred) we have the best selection of girls pageant dresses around for ages 6months and up. We even have girls pageant interview suits

A pageant hint…make sure that you have a backup dress. You never know when an accident is going to happen.  Also make sure you’ve packed an extra pair of dress shoes in case of a broken heel.

You do the worry about picking out the perfect pageant dress, shoes or accessories…let your little girl just worry about her walk and smile.  Don’t forget to have her blow a kiss to the judges.

Girls Gifts that Will Excite Her Imagination |

A great girls gift!
Gizmos and gadgets certainly make great gifts for girls, but how about something different this year? Give a gift that encourages her to be imaginative, creative and playful! The Melissa and Doug collection of baby girl gifts and toys is full of unique items that your little girl can put her personal stamp on. No other kid will have a toy just like hers!

I love this Make Your Own Princess Puppet kit from Melissa and Doug. The set includes a princess puppet and two wigs, two dresses, a royal treasury of sparkling jewelry and other accessories. Not only can she use her imagination to create an exciting adventure for her new friend, but she can also change her puppet’s look along the way!

Another great idea is this Melissa and Doug wooden dollhouse. It may look plain and simple now, but the possibilities for these girls toys are endless! A little paint, glue and imagination are all that’s required to make this her dream dollhouse. She’ll also probably need a hand or two as she’s decorating her new home. Girls toys that encourage teamwork and quality time with mom or dad are even better!

Her dream dollhouse!
Think outside the gift box (or bag) this holiday season and get your little girl a present she can truly make her own.

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Designer Shoes are for Playing Too!

A fun Fall game!
I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I saw people swimming at the outdoor pool in my apartment complex. Here it is, mid-September, and it’s still warm enough for a dip in the water.  It’s evidence that summer is still hanging around, and nothing could make me happier! I’m just hoping next weekend is as hot as this one was so I can get in on the pool party.

Even with summer on the way out, there is still plenty of time for fun outdoor activities. Many games are very simple and impromptu, so your little girl can even play outside in the same girls designer shoes she wears to school. Gather the neighborhood kids for a game of Giant Marbles (a super-sized version of the classic game):

1.      To set up: First collect as many balls as you can (soccer, beach, playground, and basketballs), then make a large circle with rope on grass or chalk on blacktop. Place all the balls into the circle and spread them out a little.
2.      To play: Players use one ball as the shooter (a heavier basketball or soccer ball works well). Standing 10 feet away, players take turns rolling this ball at the pile to try to knock out as many balls as they can without the shooter’s going outside the ring. If a player knocks out any balls, he keeps them (“keepsies” in marbles lingo) and gets to go again. When the circle is empty, the player with the most keepsies wins.

Fashionable and functional shoes
This is a game is so much fun that even Moms and Dads may want to join. When you think of little girls designer shoes, you might think of glittery flats or shiny boots – not exactly playground material. But it’s simply not true- at least at Our collection of designer shoes for girls includes sneakers and athletic shoes that are perfect for running, kicking and jumping all day long!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

A Lesson In Figure Skating |


Back in my middle school days I played basketball on the 8th grade team. My ever supportive mother, although she didn’t understand a lick about the sport, came to every game to cheer me on. I’m sure she was confused and bored to tears most of the time. Maybe a few pointers before the season would have helped her enjoy my games a bit more. 

So now it’s your turn to get involved in your child’s sport or activity, even if it’s as simple as learning a few rules or techniques! Maybe all your involvement to date has been buying her girls figure skating clothing, but that changes today! Here’s a quick lesson on figure skating spins so you can identify all those moves on the ice that make her look like a human pretzel. There are three types of spins in figure skating- Upright Spins, Sit Spins and Camel Spins. Each category has basic, foundational moves that evolve into very complicated spins.

Upright Spins
Scratch spin
The Scratch Spin – This move involves both legs – one skating leg and one “free leg” that is crossed in front of the skating leg. The arms and free leg start extended straight out and high. They are pulled in gradually, which accelerates the spin, and the leg is pushed down so that the feet are crossed at the ankles.

Biellmann spin
Evolve this into: the Biellmann Spin. Yow! This move takes years of practice to master and requires superhuman flexibility. It might be awhile before she attempts this one, but when she does you can correctly identify it. 

Sit Spins
Sit spin
The Sit Spin – A basic move to start this category. The skater bends the skating knee into a sitting position and the other leg is extended. The skater reaches his or her arms out to touch the toes of the extended leg – all while spinning in a circle!

Flying sit spin
Evolve this into: the Flying Sit Spin. The only difference from the basic sit spin is that the skater starts the move from a jump. Her or she must get into the sit spin position while in the air. 

Camel Spins
Camel spin
The Camel Spin – This spin paints a beautiful picture on the ice. What defines the Camel Spin is that the free leg must be held backwards with the knee of the free leg higher than the hip level. Michelle Kwan is famous for performing this move to textbook perfection.

Donut spin
Evolve this into: the Donut Spin (also known as the horizontal Biellmann). In this spin the skater pulls the blade of the skate of the free leg backward with one or both arms while arching the back to create a horizontal circular shape with the body. 

These moves might look complicated but finding beautiful and affordable ice skating clothes doesn’t have to be. Shop for skating dresses, practice pants and jackets and even boot covers. She’ll look good in our figure skating clothes for girls while she masters her technique!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

How to Avoid Hearing “We’re Booored!” | Sophia’s Style


This summer the weather has been downright moody in Nebraska!  One day it’s hot and sunny, the next it’s pouring rain, and another it’ll be so humid you can barely stand to step outdoors!  Keeping energetic kids busy when they can’t play outside is never easy, and I should know, I used to be the nanny for five children.  When you’ve got a vacuming to do, laundry to wash and fold, and dinner to cook, you just can’t afford to give the kids your full attention.  My favorite way to keep them busy was to set them up with an activity they could play together.  Here’s one they really loved: 

The game is called “What Changed?”

  • Have the kids sit in one room, and choose one to stand up and have everyone look very closely at what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it. 
  • Have the child leave the room and change something about his or her appearance (like maybe take off their socks or turn a baseball cap backwards).
  • Have the child return to the room and let the others guess what changed! 
  • Whoever guesses right can go next, or, to avoid anyone being left out, you could have them all alternate. 

Girls Sleepwear

Once you get this game going, you can just listen to them play while you work on other things!  Even if you don’t have many kids yourself, this is a good activity for times when you might be hosting a sleepover or party of some kind. 

Speaking of sleepovers, Sophia’s Style carries a great collection of girls sleepwear and baby girls sleepwear, so she can look as adorable and stylish at bedtime as she does all day! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


Summer’s Almost Here, Time to Shop | Sophias Style


This summer beat the heat by making your baby girl a water baby. It is always fun to spend your summers in the pool or at picnics and dance classes. Be sure to check out summer sandals, girls swimsuits and cute dancewear for your girl to make her feel cool and comfortable this summer. has the newest in kids swimwear looks for the beach or the pool, in plenty of sizes, including baby girls swimsuits, infant girls swimsuits, toddler girls bathing suits, size 4-6x girls swimsuits and size 7-14 girls swimsuits. Whether you are looking for a one piece swimsuit, a bikini, a tankini or swimwear accessories such as sandals and flip flops, you are at the right girls clothing store!

This Kate Mack Pink Rose Tutu Swimsuit is sure to win a lot of little hearts!

P.S.: Don’t forget our Mother’s Day Sale! Now until May 9th we are offering Free Shipping for any purchase $50 or more.

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Fun Ways to Spend The Day With Your Toddler | Sophias Style


Spending time with your little ones can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. The times you spend bonding with your toddler girl or boy will help you create memories you’ll cherish forever! Here are some fun and simple activities that help say “I love you!”:

Pamper your little guy or gal with new toddler clothes from Sophias Style. We have many affordable styles to choose from, including toddler dresses, shoes, accessories and more. You’re sure to receive a big bear hug when you present them with a new gift or toy!

Pop a bag of microwave popcorn, grab a blanket and snuggle up together to watch his or her favorite cartoon or kids movie. This one is perfect for a rainy spring day and is sure to make you both feel warm and loved!

Take advantage of some free time and a sunny afternoon if you’ve got it. Go outside together and kick or throw a ball around the yard. You’ll get some exercise and share plenty of laughter and smiles. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Enjoy your time with your toddler – they’ll be all grown up before you know it! And don’t forget to shop for the best deals on shoes, girls dresses, toddler clothing for girls and much more.

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A Unique New Baby Gift Exclusively at Sophias Style


Sophias Style is proud to be the exclusive carrier of the Bundle ‘n Go, an ingenious new design in baby gear! The Bundle ‘n Go is a stylish and most of all safe way to put baby in her car seat. Traditionally we buckle our children in the car seat over their bulky winter coat, but the Bundle ‘n Go allows you to buckle the car seat straps securely and snugly against the body. Then you simply slip the cape over the straps to keep them warm.

Child Passenger Safety Technician Heather Corley explains:

 “[T]hick winter coats or snowsuits can compromise your child’s car seat safety. In order for a baby car seat or toddler booster seat to function properly, the straps need to remain tight against the child’s chest. Winter coats and snowsuits make car seat safety difficult because they change the way a child fits into the car seat. When the car seat straps don’t fit the child properly, there is a chance the child could be ejected from the car seat.”

The child can even wear the cape out to the car as a winter coat or cover-up, and then you simply switch it to fit over the child once they are buckled safely into the car seat. One size fits 18 months to 4 years, so the kids won’t outgrow it in a season. Designs for boys are also coming soon. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?!

If you are looking for baby shower gift ideas, consider the Bundle ‘n Go! Mothers will appreciate your gesture of safety and unique style – this gift is sure to be a hit at the next baby shower! And don’t forget to shop our entire selection of new baby gifts for discount baby blankets, designer diaper bags and boutique newborn baby clothes. It’s all on sale everyday at Sophias Style!

What do you think of the Bundle ‘n Go? We’d love to hear your opinion!

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Try A New Kind of Birthday Party Treat This Year


We all know half the fun of a child’s first birthday party is the sugary sweet cake! Unfortunately this can also mean a sugar rush for the little ones as well as frosting all over that brand new 1st birthday dress. This can make for a group of CRANKY toddlers and not much fun for Mom and Dad. Take a turn towards the healthy with your birthday treats this year – we swear, the little birthday guests won’t even notice the difference.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the ads for those edible fruit bouquets made with yummy pineapples, strawberries and other assorted fresh fruit. This option is a great alternative to sugary preservatives found in traditional cakes and cookies, and all the pint-sized party guests will be mesmerized by the bright array of colors! Fresh fruit is wonderfully juicy and sweet, so it will still feel like a special treat for the kids. A dazzling fruit display can also help you decorate for the party – no need for a separate centerpiece for the table!

Another great healthy alternative is sherbet. It looks like ice cream and comes in many festive colors, so it’s perfect for a party! For just a little dash of indulgence, add one of those wafer sticks that come in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry varieties.

Now that the snacks are settled, plan her party attire with Sophias Style girls clothing store. We offer girls birthday dresses as well as baby birthday dresses in many sizes and styles so you’re sure to find a unique look that celebrates her!

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A Unique Castle For a Princess |


With warm Spring weather comes a few rainy days here and there. Boy is today one of them – it’s been pouring rain all day here at Sophias Style boutique headquarters! Rain showers force the kids indoors and sure can make it difficult to keep them occupied. Here’s a fun idea that will keep your little princess entertained.

Take an ordinary fold-up card table and use some blankets and your creativity to make her very own indoor princess castle. Place a vase or other cylinder-shaped objects atop the table and then drape them with sheets or blankets to create the castle’s towers. Then add ribbons or flags for decoration. Let her use her imagination to create her own special place!

Once construction is complete, break out the princess kids Halloween costumes and girls dress up clothes for a totally royal playtime look! Sophias Style has tons of dress up accessories and girls Halloween costumes to choose from, all at discount prices. Invite over some playmates and you’ve got a great rainy day activity for the kids!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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