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Girls School Uniform Dresses from

Girls Uniform Dresses

Many schools have moved away from strict uniform codes and instead just started to enforce more lenient dress codes.  The reason for this is that they receive less complaints from parents about the difficulty of finding uniform clothing.  However, purchasing uniform basics is still the easiest way to incorporate dress-code-friendly peices into her wardrobe.  Girls uniform dresses from Sophias Style would be perfect to layer with her favorite t-shirts and cozy sweaters this winter.  And you can rest assured that her girls school uniform skirt will meet the length requirements. 
Personally, I love the girls school uniform scooters.  They’re cute and feminine, but more functional than regular girls school uniform skirts.  The best thing about schools that have looser dress code requirements, is that all of her girls school uniform dresses from will mix right in perfectly, and the basic styles will make a great blank canvas for her to style with accessories and really personalize. 

School Uniforms for Girls have Arrived at Sophias Style


Girls School Uniforms
Girls School Uniforms

While visiting relatives in San Francisco this winter, I was taking a bus downtown and the cutest group of little first grade girls wearing girls school uniforms got on the bus with their teachers.  They were so adorable, I actually took a picture with my phone.  That officially sold me on school uniforms for girls.  I only wish my school had made such cute, preppy little outfits mandatory.  Instead they allowed me to run around in all kinds of awful 90’s stretch pants and neon colors. 
On top of the catastrophe that was 90’s fashion, school uniforms would have also saved me from the awkward phase between the ages of about nine to seventeen when getting dressed for school became a challenge of mammoth proportions.  Honestly, some kids whined about algebra, but math never had anything on the unsolvable equation that was my wardrobe situation from the first day of junior high through the last day of high school:  If Sue has 40,000 items of clothing in her closet, and attends school 5 days a week for 36 weeks a year, how many times will she be late to first period because she couldn’t find anything to wear?  The answer was A) All of them.
Save your daughter a little time (okay, a lot of time) and several headaches, and buy her girls school uniforms from Sophias Style today.  They’ll look great and last all year, and she’ll be able to focus on real math. 

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Looking Suave in Boys School Uniforms

Boys School Uniforms

I spend so much time focusing on all the great girls clothing here at Sophia’s Style, it’s about time I mentioned the new boys school uniforms we’ve got in stock!  There are crisp, clean polos in all kinds of rich colors, neat, perfectly pressed khakis, brilliant white button ups, and more.  Whatever his school requirements, we’ve got the school uniforms for boys he’ll need. 
Who doesn’t like boys in uniform?  I think they look so smart and classic!  Can’t you just picture them; reading Orwell for the first time, daydreaming about recess, making faces at the over-processed cafeteria food? 
We’ve got all different styles of boys uniform tops– and they’re all priced so well, you won’t have to be stressed about paying for uniforms on top of school supplies!  And we’ve also got a great collection of high quality boys uniform pants that will look great and last all year! 
Also, I know a lot of kids think uniforms can be a bit of a drag, because they don’t allow much room for personalized style.  One great solution to this problem is to let your kids pick out fun back to school accessories!  We’ve got this really cool backpack, made by the ever popular Ed Hardy, that will make carrying home books a blast. 

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Kids School Uniforms Don’t Have To Be Awful!

Kids School Uniforms

Don’t school uniforms seem to get the worst reputation?  They’re always portrayed as dull or pretentious or unnattractive, etc.  Well, here at Sophia’s Style, we disagree.  Kids shouldn’t have to hate their uniforms!  Children’s school uniforms don’t have to be awful, they can look clean, classic, and [most importantly] stylish.  School uniforms are meant to take the focus off clothing, so that kids can give school their full attention.  With uniforms from Sophia’s Style, your kids won’t worry about how they look in the required school attire, they’ll feel comfortable and stylish everyday, and it will be as effortless as the school administrators intended.  

We just recently started carrying an enormous selection of girls school uniforms and boys school uniforms, so that if you’re child’s school requires them, you’ll have plenty of affordable and well-made options. 

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention, we’re giving 15% off all school uniforms, all the way through 8-8-10. Just enter the code UNIFORM at checkout!

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Girls School Uniforms, Lookin’ Sharp


Back to school season is just about here!  I’m a little sad this year, I’ve finally finished school, and now there’s no excuse to buy new books and school clothes.  Luckily for me, I snagged a job that allows me to live vicariously, so I can get my school shopping fix from the office.  We just got loads of girls school uniforms in, and they’re so crisp and sharp looking.  There’s literally everything she’ll need, from pleated skirts and jumpers to slacks and polos.  We even have a collection of activewear, so she won’t be wanting to feign illness to get out of gym this year! 

Girls School Uniforms

School’s just around the corner, and you don’t want to go broke buying your girls school uniform from expensive department stores and catalogs.  Sophia’s Style has affordable uniforms that will last through semester after semester. 

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Children’s School Uniforms: Pride of Smart Kids


Uniforms are an inseparable part of a student’s life. Pretty girls and fine-looking boys all like to dress up in their best when going to school.
As a parent, it becomes really difficult to ensure that your little champ looks great every season and still be in your budget. A cost conscious parent will ensure to purchase the uniforms from a reputable boutique to avoid recurring expenses during the school year.   
Kids’ school uniforms at Sophias Style for both boys and girls helps you to choose from a wide range of premium quality tops, bottoms and plus sizes. Our great offers and discounts are sure to help every parent smile to see their child in the best.

Smart. Stylish. Super
From crisp, white short sleeved polos for boys to stylish scooter skirts for girls, we have the most amazing range of kids’ school uniforms this has made us the first choice for parents.
We have an endless range of wrinkle-free long trousers for winter and pleated cotton shorts for spring and summer for boys. Our wonderful collection of coats and jackets, winter skirts and pinafores from our school knitwear category is sure to keep your children warm and cozy during the freezing winters.

Your kids will love to attend school sports days with our sportswear options. Watch your little girls score over others with our range of girl’s flat front pants, Bermudas, skimmers, cable tights and long sleeved cardigans. In addition to kid’s school uniforms, your kids will breeze through their classes with our selection of school bags, shoes, boots and other accessories. After all, perfect grades begin with perfect children’s school uniforms from Sophias Style.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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