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Christening Gowns for Girls
Baptism Gowns for Girls

Baptism is such an exciting event for new parents, but it’s also a very special day to relatives.  It’s a chance for everyone to see, and maybe even hold the newest member of the family, possibly for the first time.  For such a special day, you need a very special baptism gown.  This is more than just a baby dress, this is something that will be admired, photographed and probably saved for years.  In fact, many families decide to save baptism dresses as family heirlooms. 
Sophias Style carries newborn Christening dresses that are beautiful and intricately designed, they make perfect heirloom dresses that you can pass on from generation to generation.  You can shop for boys baptism outfits or Christening gowns for girls at  We carry a variety of styles, so you can find just the one to suit your baby. 

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Christening Gowns | Sophia’s Style

Christening Gowns
Christening Gowns

A child’s Christening is an incredibly important family event, and you want every detail of that day to be as special as possible, right down to the Baptism dresses.  At Sophia’s Style, we carry beautiful, handmade Christening gowns that will look precious and last.  Many families choose to save Christening gowns for future generations, or just as keepsakes.  For such an important day, and for such a precious heirloom, you want real quality, and if you choose a gown from Sophia’s Style, you can rest assured that’s what you’ll get. 

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Baby Girl Baptism Dresses with Christening Poise

               Girls ClothesChristening – to receive into the Christian Church by Baptism!
Do you remember your day of Baptism? I don’t either but my christening gown photo is lovely and I know my spirit was touched being baptized into the church of my family faith! 
            Thanks mom and dad for loving me enough to start me off on the right path for the journey! What a gift.
The girls christening gowns are like a mini brides dress at girls clothing boutique and complete the outfit with baptism bonnets, baptism shoes, and even baptismal remembrances like blankets.
Your baby girls baptism dress may become a new family heirloom for generations to come.
This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Sophia is grateful  to be sharing the journey with you!


Christening Gowns, Traditions Today


Baptism ceremonies are one of the first and most meaningful traditions you will experience with your child.  It’s a rite that dates back to biblical times, and serves as an important spiritual commitment.  Originally, the term “christening” referred to a ceremony in which a child was both baptized and given their name.  Currently, a christening is both a baptism and a formal presentation of your child to the church, family, and friends, which is why a christening gown is such a precious keepsake.

When choosing a christening gown, you’ll want to find something that is beautiful and timeless, just like the tradition itself.  Many families choose to save baptism gowns so that they can be passed down, generation after generation, as a family heirloom.  If you’re purchasing a gown, you probably already realize the importance of finding something beautiful for your child to wear, but you may also want to consider quality and style, as this is an opportunity for you to start your own family tradition! 

At Sophia’s Style, we carry a variety of christening dresses that are hand made with clear attention to detail and quality.  They’re pieces that will survive the test of time, and more importantly, the test of fussy babies.  We carry gowns in several different styles, so you can choose from very traditional looks or more contemporary takes on baptismal wear.  Everything is made from the best materials and sold at reasonable prices, because we know the importance of quality that’s affordable. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Christening Gowns: Treasured Family Heirlooms

When it comes to honoring the significance and celebrating the Godsend gift – your special child, you can trust nothing but christening gowns, christening dresses and baptism gowns hand-crafted to perfection by Sophias Style. With our attention to detail and complete dedication to quality craftsmanship, we deliver, not just a piece of clothing, but a treasured family heirloom for your child and your family.
At Sophias Style, we completely understand the significance of the important events in your child’s life. That’s why each of our baptism gowns, christening dresses and christening gowns are hand crafted using nothing but the best fabrics, colors, cuts, designs, craftsmanship and customer service.
The finest fabrics and trims with special attention to all decorative accents is something that is hard to miss in our exclusive collection of heirloom quality special occasion attire and accessories. In addition to christening gowns, baptism gowns and christening dresses, we also impress you with our fabulous collection of preemie sets, take me home outfits, keepsake gifts and accessories like shoes, socks, matching bibs, blankets, booties, bonnets, bracelets, sweaters and headbands.
Accented perfectly with lovely embroidery, decorative ribbons and laces and stunning pearl, satin and shell buttons, our range of christening gowns and dresses create history.   
At Sophias Style we believe that your child’s special event is an occasion that must be treasured for eternity.

A Baptism Gown for Baby… But Don’t Forget Mom and Dad!


With the help of you’re sure to find the perfect christening dress for your little girl to wear on her baptism. Our boutique designs at discount prices make that part easy! This special day is all about your new bundle of joy, but don’t forget about your own look. Many eyes will be on the child’s parents and godparents at a baptism, and of course it’s an especially meaningful day for them.

Here are a few thoughts Moms and Dads should keep in mind when dressing for the baptism ceremony:

You’ll probably be standing for most of the service, so keep your feet in mind! High heels are not totally out of the question, but it’s a good idea to keep them to a low, comfortable height.

Babies wear white baptism dresses to symbolize innocence and purity. Express your joy and happiness with bright, cheerful attire! Dad can coordinate with his tie or a pocket square. Rich colors are practical when a baby is around – it’s much harder to hide spit up accidents on a white or cream-colored suit!

Forgo big dangly earrings or large chunky bracelets and necklaces and instead choose simpler pieces. We all know babies love to tug on anything they can get their tiny hands on!

Now that you and your baby are dressed for this big moment, it’s time to celebrate and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Remember A Baby’s Christening For A Lifetime |


A baby girl or boy’s baptism may only happen on one day in his or her life, but it is sure to be cherished forever by Mom, Dad, godparents, grandparents and many other loved ones. can help make that one day and the lifelong memories special with our beautiful heirloom baptism gowns.

All of our baptism dresses are meant to be keepsakes you’ll be able to pass on through the generations to siblings, cousins and other family members. Every family deserves to have such a garment! Our baptism clothing is discount priced so that now everyone can afford a beautiful dress or outfit for their little one. We also carry a special garment bag for our baptism dresses and outfits so that you can protect them from wear and tear over the years.

Another great way to remember the occasion and honor the baby’s godparents is with a baby footprint or handprint kit. You can find these online or at your local craft store. You simply make an impression of your baby’s hand or foot in a clay mold, and then you can present it to a loved one to display as a special keepsake for many years!

Are you a godparent? How are they special to you?

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Joining the Christian Faith |


Do you remember my friend I told you about who adopted two sisters from India a few months ago? The girls have been here for a few months now and are adjusting very well. My friend says they love to sing, dance and even help pick up around the house! Now that they are settling in, their parents are ready for another big step: baptizing the girls into the Christian faith.

My friend and her husband are very excited for this special moment and I know it means a lot to them. I’m so excited for them and I know I can help them find a beautiful christening dress for each girl from Of course, since the girls are 5 and 7 years old they won’t wear traditional christening gowns meant for babies. Instead, they’ll wear beautiful white special occasion dresses and 1st communion dresses that will be just perfect for their baptisms.

It’s so great to watch my friend and her family become closer to the girls each day. They are truly a beautiful new family and for sure I’ll be there for this blessed event in their lives!

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Celebrating A New Baby


I’m quickly learning what it feels like to grow up – seems new and exciting changes are happening every day. In the past year many friends have gotten married, bought their first homes or moved away. Last week another of my old college friends hit a big milestone – she and her husband are expecting a baby girl this spring! You really know you’re growing up when friends start having babies.

My friend is one of the most caring and supportive people you will ever meet. She constantly puts others first and is always making others smile – she certainly made college an enjoyable experience for me! She’s truly a selfless person, and no one deserves to be blessed with a beautiful baby more than her.

She and her husband are school teachers in Houston, so I don’t get to see them very often – usually just major holidays. I’m disappointed that I probably won’t get to be there for the birth of their baby. Still, I’ve got the perfect gift idea for the new baby – a beautiful christening gown from I think she’ll be thrilled to have such a beautiful garment for such an important event in the baby’s life. I plan on sending the baptism dress to her as a Christmas gift.

I’d gladly spend a lot of money on a christening dress for my friend’s baby – she totally deserves it. The great thing about is that I don’t have to spend a ton. I can purchase an absolutely gorgeous, high quality baptism gown at a discount price. I think the dress I picked out for the new baby will make my friend cry – that’s when you know it’s the perfect gift!

What life event made you realize you were officially “grown up?” Share your thoughts with us!

~ Lindsey

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Start a Beautiful Family Tradition With


Some call it Baptism; others know it as a christening. No matter what you call it, it’s one of the most important days in your baby’s young life. It literally means an act of introduction and signifies the child’s cleansing and official welcome into his or her religion. Anyone who’s experienced it knows just how much meaning the ceremony holds for parents, godparents and grandparents. It is a service rich with love and tradition.

You can add even more significance to this important event by starting a family tradition with your baby’s baptism dress or christening gown. Pass the gown or outfit on to each infant in the family as he or she gets baptized. My family started this tradition when my older sister was baptized. I wore the same gown for my own baptism and so did two of my younger cousins. Now the dress belongs to our whole family and we’re all waiting for the next baby girl in the family who’ll get to wear it!

Start by finding the perfect baptism gown or christening outfit for your little one. You can get a gown to pass on to baby girls and a suit or outfit to pass on through the boys in the family. No matter what you need, can help! We have many gorgeous heirloom gowns to choose from, all at very affordable prices. Our christening gowns and outfits are beautifully detailed and made to last. We even have tips on how to care for your baptism gown so that your family tradition can continue for years to come!

Bring even more to your family tradition by adding an accessory to the gown or outfit with each new baptism.  has a selection of socks, headbands and more that are the perfect final touch ! Think of all of the family history and significance your christening dress will have in just a few years!

What family traditions do you cherish most? Share them with us!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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