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Fabulous Easter Dresses | Sophias Style

Sweet as candy and pretty as a picture.  Easter will be here before we know it and it’s always nice to see our girl’s in their Easter best. She can where it to church and if you are really brave, while hunting for Easter eggs. Imagine the great pictures you will capture. Check out Sophia’s Style traditional baby Easter dresses and girl’s Easter dresses. These dresses are not just for Easter they can also be worn to special occasions or as a flower girl Dress.

Get A Great Deal on An Easter Dress!

A beautiful Easter dress!
Hop on in to this year to find the perfect girls and baby Easter dresses. This week is a great time to pick up a girls Easter dress and all of the accessories to go with it. It’s the annual Sophias Style Friends & Family Sale, so any regularly priced items are 20% off. Simply enter the promotion code YESPLEASE at the checkout. The sale ends on October 4, 2011 at 11:59pm CST. Remember to pass the word on to your friends and family!

We have fabulous baby Easter dresses from all your favorite, top quality brands, including Lito, Bonnie Jean, Rare Editions, Chic Baby, Sweet Kids and more. Our Easter dresses capture the essence of a delightful Spring day, and at an affordable price! The extra 20% off is just icing on the cake. Now for the cherry on top – orders of $75 or more also receive Free U.S. Standard Shipping! 

Today is the day to get a head start on your Easter dress shopping. We have dozens of wonderful dresses to choose from and two great deals to help you save even more money on your purchase!

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Toddler Easter Dresses at Sophias Style

Toddler Easter Dresses
Toddler Easter Dresses

Today is Wednesday, also known in my world as Day 3 of 13, because my boyfriend is in California training for his new job, and won’t be back until the 26th (insert sigh and pathetic sad puppy face here).  I’ve been using this two week separation as an excuse to buy Wholefoods salads and sushi, and also to do some spring shopping.  In order to assuage my guilt for over spending, I’ve also started doing my spring cleaning.  And my taxes (procrastination station).  It’s been a busy 3 days, by the end of next week everything in my world should be organized and cleaned out- especially my bank account.  Anyhow, I found the perfect spring and summer dress, it’s white with light blue stripes, and it’s gorgeous. 

Speaking of gorgeous dresses, I hope you haven’t forgotten about getting Easter dresses for girls!  Easter is so late this year, so if you’ve been procrastinating on going shopping the way I’ve been procrastinating doing my taxes, you’re in luck.  Sophias Style is actually still getting new styles of girls Easter dresses daily, so save yourself the trouble (and money) of going to a mall or department store, and instead just order her dress from home!  We carry all the department store brands you love, but at much more reasonable prices, so you can’t lose.  The dress in the image is one of our toddler Easter dresses by Biscotti.  It’s it precious?  What girl wouldn’t look amazing in a dress that looks like rose petals and pink clouds?  We have lots more where that came from, so get to shopping! 

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Adorable Sweet Kids Dresses at Sophias Style


Sweet Kids Dresses
Sweet Kids Dresses

Sophias Style has been carrying Sweet Kids dresses and Sweet Kids boleros and other accessories for a while now, and this brand seriously never misses.  Everytime we get a new style of Sweet Kids flower girl dress, it’s stunning and beautifully made.

I especially love the Sweet Kids girls dress in the photo to the left, because it’s similar to a dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore, and that lady has fantastic style.  Also, the tiered layers remind me of flower petals, and it’s a style that would look gorgeous on any girl at any age. 

Today is the first day of Lent!  That means spring is seriously on it’s way, because Lent preceeds Easter and Easter is a holiday filled with Springtime things like bunnies and eggs and flowers.  Also my cat, Jude, was born around Easter last year, which means he’s approximately one year old.  Jude is the first pet I’ve had on my own, and I’ve managed to keep him alive, healthy and happy for a full year.  Success! 

Does your family practice any sort of tradition for Lent?  Are you going to give anything up for Lent? 

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Girls Easter Dresses | Sophias Style


Girls Easter Dresses
Easter Dresses for Girls

 With Easter just a few short weeks (well, seven short weeks anyway) away, it’s really time to start looking for toddler Easter dresses and girls Easter dresses.  Also, it’s fun to shop, so why wait any longer? 

The dress featured to the left is one of my favorites, I love the sheer fabric at the neck and shoulders, and that particular shade of aqua blue is one of my favorite colors.  How pretty would that look on a little girl with white maryjanes and a blue easter basket? 

We have tons of other great styles of Easter dresses for girls at Sophias Style, so stop by and check them out!

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Easter Dresses for Baby Girls

Girls Easter Dresses
Girls Easter Dresses

This week the weather has been so incredibly beautiful, I have the worst case of spring fever.  All I want to do is run around in shorts, light sweaters, flowy skirts, and day heels.  Temperatures have been in the 50’s for days now, and I cannot express in words the difference it has made in my mood and the moods of everyone around me. 

Anyone who lives in the midwest can tell you, you don’t truly appreciate warm weather until you’ve dealt with our winters.  Midwesters know how to treasure a nice day.  On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to get brunch at a cafe that is normally pretty slow, and it was completely packed with the happiest crowd I’ve seen in months. 

Aside from gorgeous weather and an altogether happier population, spring brings one of the most cheerful holidays: Easter!  We’ve been getting new girls Easter dresses in daily, so many that we can hardly keep up, which is why I seriously recommend checking them out.  I especially love our Easter dresses for baby girls, they’re so precious and tiny!  I can’t wait for my brother and his fiancee to have a little girl, then I’ll get to pick out the perfect toddler Easter dress in a few years!

What does your family do to celebrate Easter?  Mine always went to church and then to an Easter egg hunt.  Do you hide eggs for your kids at home, or do they go to a big hunt with lots of other kids? 

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Gorgeous Bonnie Jean Dresses and Outfits!

Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Spring Dresses

Spring is on it’s way (more or less) and Bonnie Jean is coming out with dresses that are absolutely to die for.  I’m particularily in love with the sets that include a cute little dress with a matching jacket- they’re so perfect for spring when the weather is cool in the mornings but warm enough for short sleeves in the afternoon. 
All the girl dresses by Bonnie Jean are so well made, it’s one of our favorite brands.  Also, we do carry Bonnie Jean birthday dresses

Enjoy the remainder of winter while you can, because before long we’ll be seeing green grass and leaves again!  I can’t wait, the days have already started to get longer and it makes me so happy. 

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It’s Almost Time for Easter!


Baby Girl Easter Dresses
Girls Easter Dress

We have so many adorable girls Easter dresses at Sophia’s Style already!  Your little girl will look so cute hunting for Easter eggs in a satin, pastel purple bubble dress or one of our beautiful Bonnie Jean baby girl Easter dresses

Aside from Easter dresses, we have lots of other great spring styles, and we’re getting new stock in daily!  Get ahead on your spring shopping with affordable designer styles from Sophia’s Style.

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Is it spring yet?

Easter Dresses
Easter Dresses

It’s too cold outside, I’ve had enough of winter.  I think we should petition Mother Nature to give us spring early this year.  Have you seen any of the spring collections yet?  I have, because the fashion world is silly and operates a full season in advance and I’m a silly fashion lover, so I’m stuck in the same crazy schedule.  But let me tell you, spring is definitely worth looking forward to this year. 

Due to the fact that I’m hoping to alter time and physics by thinking about spring so much that we get fast forwarded to it, I’m going to talk about Easter dresses today!  I love this little girls Easter dress to the left especially because of the way the fabric is draped above the hemline and the buttons down the back. 

I really love Easter, when I was a kid I was so into the Easter egg hunts.  My parents/the Easter bunny used to hide those little plastic eggs all over the house for my brother and I to find.  They were all full of jelly beans or change, and it was so much fun to find them, then afterwards open them all up and see what was inside. 

For today I won’t bombard you with photos, but we have some extremely cute baby Easter dresses.  I recommend checking them out 😉

Have a great rest of the day, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Time for the Weekend!

Girls Dresses
Girls Dresses

 It’s Friday at last!  Weekend plans anyone?  Mine are to sleep late, go thrifting, and drink tea (outside, if the weather allows, I’m determined to  cherish every moment before the snow gets here).  I’m hoping to come across a miricle vintage dress that’s sparkly enough for New Year’s Eve.  Actually it doesn’t even have to be sparkly, I can add sparkles. 

Speaking of sparkly, we’ve just started carrying girls dresses by Sweetie Pie, and they’re so pretty!  Green is my favorite color, which is why I chose to feature this particular dress today.  Isn’t it beautiful?  These dresses are perfect for pageants, flower girl dresses, and really any other formal event. 

Also, Sophia’s Style carries lots of beautiful infant dresses, so you can find a baby girl dress for your littlest princess, too!

We’re running a really cool sale on dresses, right now!  If you enter DRESS at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off  dresses.  That code expires on Sunday, so if you want to use it, definitely do your shopping this weekend. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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