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Little Girls Sleepwear | Sophias Style


Laura Dare Girls Christmas Pajamas

Your little girl is sleeping snug as a bug this Christmas season, so dress her for the holidays while she sleeps and keep her cozy in babygirls sleepwear by Laura Dare. Fashionable, trendy and oh, soo cute. Laura Dare is known for their boutique girls sleepwear  from spring to winter there is a perfect nightgown, pajama set or comfy robe for your baby or little girl. Many families have a tradition of giving  pajamas to each other on Christmas Eve so they have new sleepwear while opening up presents the next  morning. A picture perfect moment as she wears her new pj’s while waking up Christmas morning.    Don’t leave out your littlest one.  Have your camera ready and create memories this season.

Coordinating Lito Christmas Looks for Boys and Girls |

There’s really nothing sweeter or more adorable than a girls Christmas dress that coordinates with a boys suit. They are great for brothers and sisters, cousins or family friends. Sophias Style has several baby and toddler Christmas dresses from Lito this year that match each other, as well as Lito baby boys formal suits designed to coordinate with the dresses. We have a look for every kid in the family!

Can’t you just imagine your kids posing for a family portrait or Christmas card in these baby Christmas dresses? The long sleeve red and black dress would be great for a baby or toddler. It’s available in size 6M-12, so it’s perfect for an infant. The sleeveless girl Christmas dress would be an elegant holiday look for an older girl of 8-10 years old. Then you can get the boys in on the action with this 4pc red vest suit that matches perfectly with the girls’ dresses! (These three looks from Lito are also available in festive silver and brown.)

This color scheme is very appropriate for the holidays and mom and dad could easily coordinate their own black and red clothes for a family portrait. You can shop one place for not only the kids’ Christmas clothes this year, but also for the shoes, hair accessories, tights and other things you’ll need to complete their looks. Our designer infant Christmas dresses, boys suits and accessories are always discount priced off the retail tag, so you’ll save time and money!

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Toys! | Sophia’s Style


Girls Toys and Gifts
Girls Toys and Gifts

 I always talk about our clothing at Sophia’s Style, but with Christmas approaching, and World Children’s Day on Saturday, I think it’s high time I blogged about our toys.  Especially because you can get 20% off all toys with the code TOYS at Sophia’s Style from today through Sunday.  We carry some really cool stuff, and I definitely would have loved these things when I was a kid. 

My favorite thing from our girls toys and gifts is this ballerina bear music box.  I had a unicorn music box when I was little and I loved it.  I feel like a music box is one of those things every girl should own. 

Boy's Toys and Gifts
Boy’s Toys and Gifts

From the boy’s toys and gifts, I think this new KidKraft Harley rocking motorcycle is really cool.  My brother would have loved it.  It’s so unique and fun, a totally different take on the whole rocking horse concept. 

Out of our baby toys, I like this Baby Aspen Baseball set.  It’s super cute, it has a little baseball uniform and booties, and a baseball cap!  So cute.

Baby Toys
Baby Toys

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Kids Costumes | Sophia’s Style

Kids Costumes

Well, we’ve reached the final days of August, the kids are back in school, and it’s only a matter of time before the start of the holiday season rolls around!  Halloween will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start checking out all our fabulous children’s Halloween costumes at Sophia’s Style.  We’ve got kids costumes and baby costumes, so your whole family will be able to dress up and have a blast this year! 

If you haven’t already, make sure you find a local pumpkin patch and take the kids to choose pumpkins!  My family used to go every year, and it was so much fun.  My dad always helped us carve the pumpkins and make roasted pumpkin seeds.  Check out an easy recipe for those on the Sophia’s Style Blog

Baby Costumes

Don’t forget to check out all our fall clothing, and hit up our sale page because all the great summer clothes just got marked down!  It’s getting cooler by the day, and Sophia’s Style has all the girls clothing and boys clothing you need to keep them warm and stylish!

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Glitter into the Holiday with Christmas Girls Dresses

Girls Clothes, Christmas Dresses

Wherever Sophia and little sister are …they are on-going princess’ in her royal and magical world. As Christmas approaches think about royal family colors in burgundy or purple for Baby Christmas Dresses.

Did you know…

The color of green is said to symbolize the hope that was given to us through the sacrifices of Jesus, and is exemplified by the evergreen trees, which remain alive and green throughout the year.

Red is believed to represent the blood of Christ, which was shed for all humans in order that they might be saved. When combined with the color green, this duo is said to express the hope of being redeemed through the sacrifices of Christ.

Whatever you believe, remember the reason for the season!

Perhaps you want to glitter her in gold Baby Christmas Dresses. Christmas comes in every size and color of girls Christmas outfits It’s all possible with Accessorize w headbands, barrettes, bows and shoes or boots.

Order now so it will be a PRESENT FOR YOU LATER when you are busy preparing for this special time of year!

Girls Christmas, AccessoriesChristmas is all about hope and love!


Spread Holiday Cheer with


The kids are back in school and now that Labor Day has passed, summer is officially over. This is the time to start planning for the holiday picture! I like to start getting some ideas of what I want to do for the oh-so-famous picture on our Christmas cards this year. Should we all sit in front of the Christmas tree or the fireplace? The whole family or just the kids? And am I really going to let my husband wear that Santa hat for the photo…again?

One thing I know for sure – I want to find the perfect Christmas dresses for my girls that will express their individuality. I have three daughters ages 5, 11 and 13. They all possess such different personalities that it makes it hard for me to dress them alike. This year I’m going to let them pick out their own dresses. has just what I’m looking for. We have a large selection of all different styles and brands of the most beautiful girls Christmas dresses! boutique makes it fun and easy to shop with our endless choices and affordable prices!

How early do you start shopping for the holidays? Chat with us!

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Halloween Costumes at


When it comes to Halloween costumes, it seems our little ones always end up looking more adorable than scary. I mean honestly, how can a cute bumblebee or Dracula baby Halloween costume ever come off as frightening? We just end up wanting to kiss, hug and snuggle them even more!

Luckily, adorable is also affordable this Halloween with . We offer dozens of discount kids Halloween costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating and are sure to please your little guys and ghouls.

If you’re really in a spooky (or adorable mood), don’t forget to checkout out the great selection of Halloween sweaters, dresses and outfits that girls clothing boutique has to offer!

What is your little one going to dress up as this Halloween? Share your ideas with us!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Celebrate Your Little Girl With A Birthday Dress

Click here for girls Birthday dresses at

A friend of mine got wonderful news this week and I’m so excited for her! Finally paperwork has come through from the Indian government and next month she and her husband will be traveling overseas to adopt two young sisters from India. They started this process more than a year ago, and now the adoption is nearly final. The girls were abandoned in a train station after their mother died, and I know my friend is anxious and excited to show her new daughters the love and care they’ve been missing.

To help her celebrate their arrival, friends and family are throwing a “gotcha day” party for the girls. This is a common occurrence, especially when families adopt internationally. Instead of celebrating the child’s birthday (which is often times unknown), they celebrate the day he or she was adopted – a “gotcha day.” It’s a great way of moving forward from a past that is often scary and painful. More importantly, it signifies a new beginning with a new family.

 Just because the celebration has a different name does not mean the girls should be without beautiful birthday dresses! I helped my friend pick out a birthday dress from for each girl to wear to her party. They’ll be the perfect icing on the cake for their “gotcha day” celebration. I know their new dresses will make the girls feel like princesses on such an important day in their lives. I hope beautiful birthday outfits help them create memories with their new family that will truly last a lifetime!

How do you celebrate you daughter’s birthday (or “gotcha day”)? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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First Birthday Party – Baby’s Birthday Party Invitation Idea


We have started a family tradition to throw a big party for our children’s first birthday. When my youngest daughter turned 1, I had a sneaky suspicion that the abundance of attention given to the ‘first birthday girl’ could create some sibling envy for my oldest daughter, who was 5 years old.

In order to avoid the anticipated sibling rivalry to rear its ugly head, I elected to thrust the ‘big sister’ into the role of throwing the best birthday party for her little sister. Her main responsibility was to design the birthday invitations. Together, we decided that the theme of the invitations would be ‘Why I Love my Baby Sister.’ Big sister had a blast brainstorming all of the reasons why she truly loved her little sister (some were touching, some funny and a few that were amusing). She then colored a picture to be used for the invitation.

I used our printer to make copies of her picture and the poem, so the invitations cost only pennies each to make. Here is the list:

I love my sister because:
she loves me
I get to feel her in my heart
I get to see her all the time
sometimes I get to have stuff without her
I have a real good time with her
she’s a real good little sister
she always wants me to play with her & I want to too
she laughs real funny and real loud and it’s so cute
she takes naps alot
we love each other

Sophias Style girl’s clothing store offers a huges selection of birthday dresses, birthday shirts, party hats and more, all perfect for those cherished moments to be remembered forever!

What are your ideas for birthday invitations? We would love to hear!

Also, please share your birthday photos (featuring your birthday girl in Sophias Style clothes) on our Facebook page, and get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

Baby Easter Dresses | The Perfect Dress for Your Little One | Sophia’s Style Boutique


Now that Fat Tuesday has passed and the month of February is about to be done, it’s time to put some focus on planning for your family’s Easter celebration. We always think about the dinner, the coloring of the eggs and the filling of baskets. But, let’s not forget our littlest ones by finding the perfect infant Easter dress. While these little cuties cannot bite the heads off those tasty chocolate bunnies just yet, they still can be a cute as a bug’s ear for that special family gathering. It might be the first time some extended family members get to meet your newest addition, so let’s make sure to make this is most memorable with a picture perfect outfit. has a great selection of baby girl Easter dresses. The selection ranges from the standard pastel pinks and yellows to more up-to-date corals and brighter colors. We also have the cutest girls shrugs available, in case there is still that chill in the air.

When it’s time to pick out that Easter Bonnet, baby Easter dress or the accessories to go along to complete the outfit, check out our selection. We’re here to make your shopping for baby girls Easter clothes easy and help give you some time back to help find that perfect place to hide those eggs!

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