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The summer is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about school again. Start making your lists of all that you’ll need for your kids to start the year off in style, but within your budget! SophiasStyle Children’s Clothing Store has all that you’ll need to fill your little girls closet with trendy, hip girls clothes and at affordable prices. Every time I visit their website I get so excited about all the adorable girls clothes and great prices too! My girls love wearing their new boutique fashion and their friends’ moms are always asking where I got their adorable outfits. I love telling them about the great deals I got. I usually check every day because they’re always getting new things in. I even found the cutest backpacks for each of them along with some new outfits by Lipstik. I already purchased the girls their outerwear, what a deal on Rothschild coats!

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I am Sophia’s grandma. Yes, that Sophia, the young lady who was the inspiration for Sophia is the oldest of my four granddaughters and, having grown up in a family of brothers and then a son, there is nothing more delightful than granddaughters. Not that I don’t enjoy my brothers and my son. They are great, but girls, little girls – granddaughters – they are delightful.
I don’t live near my granddaughters. I live in Arizona while they live in places farther north but I see them as much as possible and I do enjoy shopping for them. It will still be hot in Arizona when the girls visit us toward the end of the summer. I like to have something for them when they arrive so I did a quick check with the Mom’s and then ordered four pairs of flip-flops in various sizes, a couple of the blue Zutano dresses for the toddlers, a very sporty outfit from Coco Bon Bon for the four-year old and one of Sophia’s Style Trendy Fashion Dresses for the six year old. All are part of the Summer Clearance Sale. When it’s time to dress the girls and head off to the children’s museum I will be ready and they will be – delightful!

First Birthday Party – Baby’s Birthday Party Invitation Idea


We have started a family tradition to throw a big party for our children’s first birthday. When my youngest daughter turned 1, I had a sneaky suspicion that the abundance of attention given to the ‘first birthday girl’ could create some sibling envy for my oldest daughter, who was 5 years old.

In order to avoid the anticipated sibling rivalry to rear its ugly head, I elected to thrust the ‘big sister’ into the role of throwing the best birthday party for her little sister. Her main responsibility was to design the birthday invitations. Together, we decided that the theme of the invitations would be ‘Why I Love my Baby Sister.’ Big sister had a blast brainstorming all of the reasons why she truly loved her little sister (some were touching, some funny and a few that were amusing). She then colored a picture to be used for the invitation.

I used our printer to make copies of her picture and the poem, so the invitations cost only pennies each to make. Here is the list:

I love my sister because:
she loves me
I get to feel her in my heart
I get to see her all the time
sometimes I get to have stuff without her
I have a real good time with her
she’s a real good little sister
she always wants me to play with her & I want to too
she laughs real funny and real loud and it’s so cute
she takes naps alot
we love each other

Sophias Style girl’s clothing store offers a huges selection of birthday dresses, birthday shirts, party hats and more, all perfect for those cherished moments to be remembered forever!

What are your ideas for birthday invitations? We would love to hear!

Also, please share your birthday photos (featuring your birthday girl in Sophias Style clothes) on our Facebook page, and get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate.

Sophia’s Style Fit Tip | Bedtime Rituals | Sophia’s Style Boutique


We all know how important a good night sleep is to adults. We can’t function without one and then we use coffee and other caffeine products to get us through the day. Children are no different. They need a good night sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that infants need 14-15 hours per day, toddlers 12-14 hours, preschoolers 11-13 hours and school-age children 10-11 hours per day. They state that some of the side affects of not enough sleep on elementary children are attention problems, dulled memory, hyperactive behavior and of course the meltdowns. Here are some hints to help you help THEM get the sleep they need.

Routines Rule! Your bedtime regimen may sometimes feel like the movie Groundhog Day, but all the repetition is worth it. Not only do nighttime rituals help children transition to a more relaxed bedtime mind-set, but allowing kids to know what to expect helps them feel in control. Create a routine that works best for your family, and even if it means starting an hour before bedtime, make sure you allow enough time for each task. These tasks can include doing a quick pickup of toys, warm bath, warm PJ’s, brush teeth, story…etc. End each night on a positive note. For newborns to toddlers, you can create a routine similar to above. A warm bath, warm jammies, bottle and a little cuddling before putting to bed.

There are definite NO-NO’s. Habits that need to be broken, that may be wrecking their sleep. Make sure that the child does not watch TV, play video games or use computer at least 30 minutes before bed. For newborns to toddlers, this could be no “running through the house” or giggle play. Just a wind down, maybe some soft music playing, story time or more cuddling (can’t get enough of that).

Using some of these hints will help you help your child to a calm and cozy bedtime. Visit Children’s Clothing Store to browse our inventory of girls pajamas. Our selection is great and our prices are discounted.

Have a bedtime hint or tip or story? All you have to do is click here. I’d love to hear from you and we’ll share your tips. Remember, we’re in this together!

It’s a Tea Party | Girls Special Occasion Dresses at Sophia’s Style Boutique



I’m always struggling for fun party ideas for my granddaughter. I want to make it special when they are staying with me. I thought why not do a tea party! But, everyone knows Grandma Patty doesn’t do things halfway. I sent out formal invites to my granddaughters and my great niece. I gave them plenty of notice and let them know I will be providing them attire for the event.

I shopped at girls clothing store and found the perfect little girls special occasion dresses for the event. They had the style I was looking for and the price was perfect. I purchased each girl’s dress and they were able to take them home as a memento.

For the menu-easy. I made little finger sandwiches, but not of cucumber and watercress, but of peanut butter. I also offered small butter cookies. The tea was apple juice. I found a cute tea set at a local thrift store. I set up their small craft table with a lovely tablecloth and some flowers that I got from the grocery store.

We turned off the phone and turned on some of my classical music. The girls were sat at the table and we had discussions about the weather, what we’d like to do this summer, etc. The conversation did get giggly and silly at times, but it was good quality time together. We all had to use our best table manners during this tea. That included napkins folded across the lap, elbows off the table and of course our “please” and “thank you”.

At the end of the tea, I had grandpa come in and take a picture of me and the girls together. I then told them that they could keep those dresses, as long as they promised that they would carry on this tradition with their daughters and granddaughters. I plan on making copies of this picture and framing it for my daughter and my niece.

What a wonderful experience. I was so glad that I did that, and it just might become a yearly event. This tea party idea is easy to pull off. Just remember that Sophia’ girls clothing store has a wide selection of girls special occasion dresses and accessories to go with those dresses. Make it special, make it memorable…but still make it easy on yourself.

Have a great party planning idea? Want to share your stories, hints or tips? Click here to share with us your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

It’s Prom Time! | Special Occasion Dresses for Girl’s Prom at Sophia’s Style Boutique



Buy Special Occasion Dresses Direct from

It’s Prom time again! The dresses, the corsage, the shoes…the hair! All of the fun glamorous things that make up the perfect prom outfit. Alot of the times the little girls feel left out. They see their big sisters or cousins getting all “dolled up” for prom and then they go off to their rooms to make up their own perfect prom night. Why not throw a junior prom night at your very own “junior-junior” prom at your house. Planning would be simple, but make sure to start early! You want to make sure you give parents about 3 weeks notice so they can have the perfect outfit picked out. has the perfect little girls dresses for this occasion. The bonus is that you can re-purpose these for Easter, weddings, family functions, etc.
Invitations – simple print out on the computer. Give the nudge to some of the Dads or big brothers to be their “dates”. Have the event be just 2 hrs or so. Enough to play a few songs, have some hors d’oeuvres and take pictures. Remind parents to bring their cameras so they can capture all of the smiles and moments from their first big dance. A great idea would be to ask the parents to bring in a picture from their high school prom. What a great conversation starter for the parents to remember “when”.

Music – easy! Download some music onto your computer and play it. Of course, make sure that there is a couple of Jonas Brothers or High School Musical songs on there. Nothing too loud or hard for them to understand.
Decorations – make it cheesy! Crepe paper, balloons. If you can find a disco ball to hook up that would be great. Make sure to have an area set up for picture taking. Offer to take the pictures with your digital camera and send copies to the parents. Make sure to get a picture of each girl and their “date”. A group picture would also be fun.
Snacks – punch, cookies..simple, easy and a crowd pleaser. Make sure that you have plenty of napkins and that it’s not a dark red punch.
You can make it a fun way to bring in spring and celebrate those special occasions with your little girl and her friends. Remember, girls clothing store has a large selection of little girls dresses. We have everything from formal dresses, accessories, shoes…everything you need to make this “prom” special for your little girl.

Have a great party planning idea? Want to share your stories, hints or tips? Click here to share with us your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Easter Egg Decorating | Sophia’s Style Boutique


Easter is coming!! The folks here at are busy scrambling (pardon the egg pun) to get all the preparations ready for our Easter traditions. I was listening to everyone getting ready to color eggs, and it made me think about the other ways to decorate eggs that do not involve food coloring or vinegar! The cutest idea I found was in Parents Magazine. They call these Sheep-er by the Dozen. Fuzzy white baby socks and felt transform eggs into a fun flock.

What you’ll need: Fuzzy white baby sock (0-6 months), scissors, tan felt, pink felt, tacky glue, two googly eyes, black embroidery floss, needle, two 1/2-inch white pom-poms.

Make it: Cut sock to 2 1/2 inches tall. Cut two outer ear pieces from tan felt and two inner ear pieces from pink felt using the templates. Glue the pink piece to the center of the tan piece and repeat for other ear. Once dry, glue ears to the sides of the sock, pink side down. Cut a circle 1 1/4 inches in diameter out of tan felt and glue to sock. Glue googly eyes on the circle and stitch an upper-case “Y” below the eyes with embroidery floss for the nose and mouth. Glue two 1/2-inch white pom-poms to the front bottom edge for the feet.

Make sure to try these for easy and fun Easter decorations. Also, make sure to visit for that perfect girls Easter dress or accessory. Our customer service reps are here to help make your holiday fashion purchasing easy.
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Planning That First Birthday Party-Invitations |


First birthday parties are lots of fun to arrange, especially because it’s a party for yourself even more than it is your baby (but, don’t tell anyone!). After all, your little prince or princess doesn’t really understand what the whole ruckus is all about. While you’re celebrating a year since giving birth, which in itself is an exhilarating occasion, you’re also celebrating that your little tyke is moving forward (literally). The staff here at is here to help make that first birthday party planning easy and less expensive. Let’s chat about party invitations.

A diaper invitation is a great idea for first birthday parties. You simply would cut a piece of paper into a square, fold it in half to make a triangle and fold the corners of the triangle toward the center. This should look somewhat like a diaper. You can even add a real safety pin to hold the triangles. Wording the invitation can be a fun experience as well. You can write the invitation like a newspaper headline: “_______Just Turned One!!” You can also print on them a little story like “One year ago, on (date of birth) a little angel blessed our lives. We named her/him (baby’s name). In the past year, she/he has learned so much…how to drink from a cup, feed herself/himself, crawl , almost walk, talk, laugh and love. Now, she/he is calling on her/his favorite friends and family to help celebrate a wonderful past year and big kick off for the next. Your presences is requested at the very first birthday party for (baby’s name)”. You can add the location, date and time. You can even photocopy or scan a picture into your invite. What a memorable keepsake this will be for family and friends. Make sure that you keep a few extra to put in her baby book. Who knows, maybe she’ll use this idea for her child’s first birthday!

Make sure to visit for the perfect girls birthday dress. Our selection is outstanding, allowing you to dress your little girl in the perfect dress while still saving money.

Kids Party Planning | Fun & Inexpensive Party Games |



Planning your child’s birthday party can be stressful, both on the mind and the pocketbook. knows that nowadays every cent counts. You want to have the most perfect party for them, but you still want to be able to enjoy it and not worry the whole time. There are a few key areas of a birthday party that need attention. Let’s start off with games!

Think about’re going to have all of these kids in your house for say 2 hours. Let’s make sure to have some fun activities planned, so these little munchkins are not destroying your house (and your nerves). Now, you can go all out and rent an inflatable bounce house or have some miniature ponies come make a visit. But, we’re talking about saving money…those things are very expensive. There are inexpensive game ideas out there for every age group.
For infants and toddlers – make it simple. They love to play with things they can throw. Take a large box, paint it green and cut a large hole in the top. Then take some scrap fabric, sew a pocket and fill it with rice. Make sure you close that pocket up well (you can even use glue). Then have the toddlers toss the beanbag into the green box. You can always say you’re feeding
the frog his dinner. Kids love this! You can award prizes (of course, each child would end up winning a prize eventually–to make things fair). Toddler girls love dress up. Visit a local thrift store and buy some cute costume or dress up pieces (boas, high heels, hats, costume jewelry, etc). You can have them dress up. It’s hilarious to see what these little ones will come up with for their outfits. (Make sure to have your camera handy to capture those future high fashion models) You can save the dress up kits for a future rainy day, that way you don’t feel like the investment would be just for a one use venture.
For younger children-they love crafts. You can put out construction paper, yarn, glue sticks, crayons and have them make cards for the birthday child, or do their own version of a self portrait. Something that works for most ages, except for the younger ones is a pinata. You can make one very easily from home. Click here for a site that gives you instructions. You can also buy one at your local discount store or party store. Buying the empty one is an inexpensive version, because you can pick what goes inside. It does not have to be all candy, it can be plastic rings, erasers, stickers, etc. You personalize it to match your party guests. All you do is grab a handkerchief from your drawer, a whiffle ball bat and clear the room while they’re swinging. With some of the younger ones, you may need to “pre-split” the pinata for them. Just don’t tell them that you did that!

These are just some ideas on planning that perfect and inexpensive birthday party. Check out to find the perfect birthday dress and birthday hat, that will help to get the party started in style, while not breaking the bank to do it.

First Communion Dresses | Sophia’s Style Boutique



It’s been very busy here at Sophia’s Style. What a fun season this is. Picking out that perfect First Communion Dress is a huge decision. We being the parents or grandparents may have the perfect dress in mind, but our little girls have a mind of their own. We may think something traditional and long in mind, they may pick out something off the shoulders and tea-length. The one thing that helps is our selection of dresses will help you in that decision making. We have a wide selection of First Communion Dresses that will please both the adult and the little girl. We have brands such as Lito, Rare Editions and US Angels that are boutique designers but we have them at discount prices. We know that this is a stressful time, coming together with a dress decision. Our consultants are here to help you through this. We also have a great selection of accessories like first communion veils, slippers and gloves. Plus, with our great return policy, if you get this home and she does not like it…no worries!!

Give us a call, we’re here to help you through this special but stressful time. is a great resource for planning for that First Communion or any special event.

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