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Baby Easter Dresses | The Perfect Dress for Your Little One | Sophia’s Style Boutique


Now that Fat Tuesday has passed and the month of February is about to be done, it’s time to put some focus on planning for your family’s Easter celebration. We always think about the dinner, the coloring of the eggs and the filling of baskets. But, let’s not forget our littlest ones by finding the perfect infant Easter dress. While these little cuties cannot bite the heads off those tasty chocolate bunnies just yet, they still can be a cute as a bug’s ear for that special family gathering. It might be the first time some extended family members get to meet your newest addition, so let’s make sure to make this is most memorable with a picture perfect outfit. has a great selection of baby girl Easter dresses. The selection ranges from the standard pastel pinks and yellows to more up-to-date corals and brighter colors. We also have the cutest girls shrugs available, in case there is still that chill in the air.

When it’s time to pick out that Easter Bonnet, baby Easter dress or the accessories to go along to complete the outfit, check out our selection. We’re here to make your shopping for baby girls Easter clothes easy and help give you some time back to help find that perfect place to hide those eggs!

Girls Christening Gown | How to Properly Care For and Keep that Treasured Girls Outfit | Sophia’s Style

SPBAG__1’ve made that huge investment in a once-in-a-lifetime girls Christening Gown. We all know that now, more than ever, you want to protect your investment. You have watched,with pride, as your daughter or granddaughter was christened in a beautiful beaded and sequined dress. You have pictures to remember that day, but you want more. There are some simple steps to follow that will help you care and preserve that dress to pass on to your grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

Step 1…Have the dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible to remove any food, drinks or body oils. The longer these things are left on the gown, the harder it is to remove them later. Be sure that any sequins or beads on the dress can survive the cleaning process.

Step2..Stuff bodices and curved areas of the dress with acid-free white tissue paper. This will prevent these areas from becoming creased over time.

Step3..Fold the dress carefully and wrap it entirely, using the same acid-free tissue paper that was used to stuff the curved areas.

Step4…Place the dress in an acid-free, archival safe cardboard box or bag. Sophia’s Style offers a great preservation bag that will fit this purpose perfectly.

Step5..Keep the dress stored in a cool, dry location. Dampness and heat can ruin the dress over time.

Remember to pass on these instructions when you pass on the dress. These steps will need to be repeated at each wearing. This small investment of time will help preserve your girls Christening gown or special outfit for generations to come.

Girls Easter Dress | Easter is fast approaching | Sophia’s Style Boutique


It’s hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner. It’s so hard to find that perfect little girls Easter dress. My daughter prefers the non-traditional Easter dress. Now, she’ll wear ribbons, lace and bows..but would prefer something brighter and something a little different. Sophia’s Style has a very large selection of girl’s Easter dresses. Their dresses range from the traditional pastels and lace to the more modern bright colors and patterned dresses. She had a difficult time narrowing down her decision, but was excited when she found the dress in yellow and black. With her skin tone and hair, it was a perfect match. We paired it up with a girls petticoat and a baby hair bow. She’ll be the bright flower at Easter brunch.

If you are having challenges while picking out that baby girls Easter dress, visit Their selection and accessories might make your choice making harder, because their selection is top notch and the prices are the best around!

Personalized Baby Gifts | Sophia’s Style



Looking for a unique personalized baby gift or unique baby shower gifts? You can create a treasured keepsake such as a monogrammed blanket by having your Sophia’s Style purchase personalized. Select a gift monogrammed with a child’s 1st birthday or beautifully embroidered with her name. Truly a one of a kind personalized gift for your special princess. An embroidered baby gift such as personalized baby blankets or a personalized Easter basket can make a little girl feel even more special. Giving that personalized baby gift is as easy as 1-2-3. Visit and select an item to be personalized. Next you simply add the personalized embroidery service to your order. Fill out the embroidery information in the checkout. Fill out the item and name to be embroidered in the checkout. We will select the thread color and style that best compliments the item. Please note that this service does add an additional 7 days delivery time to your order.

Whether you are searching for a unique baby shower gift idea or the perfect personalized baby gift, Sophia’s Style can offer beautiful embroidery on any clothing purchase including: an embroidered baby blanket, embroidered hat, embroidered shirt, dress or top.

Finding the Perfect Baptism Gown



A baby’s baptism is such a momentous occasion for a family. The tradition, symbolism and meaning behind the ceremony is one that parents, grandparents and godparents treasure. Finding the special baptism gown is a very important part of this tradition. Silk, satin, ribbons and lace help in surrounding your precious baby girl in the magic and honor of this special day. How precious do they look with the crisp white around them and the precious bonnet around their angelic face. Finding the perfect dress that can be passed down from generation to generation is a hard decision. Sophia’s Style makes it easy. They have the perfect gown that will make the ceremony memorable and the pictures priceless.

I was also able to find accessories to complete the outfit. They have shoes, jewelry and most importantly gown storage bags to make sure that this outfit is preserved and available for the next generation. Visit Sophia’s Style for all of your baby girls baptism needs.

First Birthday Dresses | Sophias Style



It’s hard to believe how fast a year can go by. My niece is going to be turning one in a few months. Being the fantastic aunt that I am, I wanted to get her the perfect first birthday dress. My niece is such a girly girl and she deserves a dress fit for the princess she truly is. I found the perfect first birthday dress at Sophia’s Style. Their selection of dresses made my decision a tough one. Do I go with eyelets and lace? Do I go long sleeved? I wanted to make this a memorable occasion for my niece, myself and my sister.

I was also looking for accessories to complete the little one’s outfit. Sophia’s Style had the perfect petticoat to go under this dress, to make her truly look like she was the birthday cake! In looking for this petticoat I found the most adorable birthday tiara. It said “Birthday Princess”…I was sold! Sophia’s Style’s prices were unbelievable. I was able to get my niece the whole outfit AND a couple of outfits for the spring. I’ll be sure to post pictures once we get them done on their photo club.

First Communion Dresses | Sophias Style


What a special time in a child’s life as to go through their first communion. Part of planning this special holy celebration, is picking out the perfect first communion dress. The crisp white of the dress, the smell of flowers and candles in the air add to the symbolism in taking this first step in their future with their church. These beautiful first communion dresses can be passed down from generation to generation the same as passing on this holy tradition. Families always get excited when planning for this special day. Adding special accessories like veils, gloves and satin shoes can make your little girl feel like she is truly blessed when surrounded by family and congregation.
Sophias Style has an extensive selection of beautiful first communion gowns and accessories. Top boutique designers such as Lito, US Angels and Rare Editions create magical dresses to highlight this special event.
Remember Sophias Style for your first communion needs and have your blessed one in the most glamorous of attire for her big step.

First Communion Dress | Sophias Style



I went with a girl friend to her little sisters first communion at their family church and was quite taken with the beauty and symbolism surrounding the occasion. She wore a beautiful first communion dress in white to represent purity. She also wore special jewelry, white gloves and a veil. I remember that family played a huge role in the celebration, choosing her first holy communion dress in the hopes that is would be passed down as an heirloom through the generations.
First communion is a special time in your little girls life. She has made vows and commitments and as she goes to participate with the rest of the church body in the Lord’s Supper you want her to feel special. Sophias Style offers beautiful first communion dresses that she and your family will cherish and at prices you will love. These are the same quality name brand dresses found in department stores but at discount prices. Their selection includes plus size first communion dresses, designer first communion dresses by Lito brand, white gloves, veils and satin shoes.
While shopping for a first communion dress be sure to check out other girls clothing at Sophias Style.

Christening Gowns to Treasure Through the Generations



A quiet hush fills the congregation as your baby girl is brought to the front to be presented for her Christening. Parents and family gather around to dedicate their precious treasure in her elegant Christening Gown. As cool water trickles down baby’s forehead, slightly startling the sleeping infant, you smile lovingly at this precious one.

This is a day to be treasured in your hearts and so will the special Christening Gown chosen for the occasion. Beautifully crafted Christening Gowns are often handed down through the generations. If you want to start this keepsake tradition in your family, choosing a well crafted and beautiful style is important. Quality brands such as Day Dream Heirlooms or Lito offer excellent choices. When selecting your baby girls dress look for craftsmanship, elegance and timeless styles. For family and friends, attending the special day, accessories such as lace trimmed socks by Piccolo, a delicate lace bonnet, satin bibs, pure white blankets, picture frames and white satin slippers all make wonderful baby Christening gifts. Find these and other Girls Clothing at Sophias Style.
As your baby girl is presented to the congregation and wrapped in their love and yours she will be perfectly beautiful for this very special occasion in her life. You may also rest assured the Christening Gown she wears will be treasured down through the family generations.

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