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First birthdays. They are something so unique and special…the perfect time to celebrate the first year of your life with your baby girl in it. 
She is so precious to you, so make her first birthday memorable with a beautiful first birthday dress or first birthday outfit from a quality maker at an affordable price. In addition to 1st birthday outfits, we have adorable birthday hats and all the accessories she will need, including shoes and hair bows! We even have darling birthday tutus that are full of fun for your birthday princess. Take your time and enjoy putting it all together, because first birthdays only happen once, but the first birthday memories will last a lifetime.

The Perfect Birthday Party Dress |

The perfect birthday dress!
Here is our #1 selling baby birthday dress – easy to see why, right? I can think of nothing more fit for a birthday princess than this white eyelet dress with pink trim and adorable cake and balloon appliqués. It’s been one of our most popular first birthday dresses for years now, so we always have it in stock and ready to ship for your baby’s birthday party. It’s a great look for photo ops, opening presents and big bear hugs from Grandma and Grandpa!
Best of all, this dress is just $29.99 – an unbelievable price for such a boutique dress. You’ll be happy to know that this dress can be had for even less very soon. A little fashionista told me that will be having a special 20% off sale very soon. Make sure to sign up for the Sophias Style newsletter if you haven’t already, and check you emails for the details on this upcoming sale.
Sophias Style Boutique is the best place to go for her birthday party attire, especially if you’re on a budget (and these days, who isn’t?) We carry many girls birthday dresses that are less than $50, so she’ll look great and you’ll still have plenty of cash left over for the perfect cake!

Most Important Part of First Birthday Dresses ~~ Bundle of Love Inside

           IF It wasn’t for LOVE the birthday would not happen!  Listening to a song the other day “we are a masterpiece of Love” by Mathew West, I was feeling grateful. 
Your first birthday girl is a masterpiece of love! Why not personalize her outfit and all her party attire. (She and everyone at the party will learn how to spell her name. What a great way to teach and celebrate your baby’s first Birthday).

Childrens names today are uniquely pronounced and spelled. I heard some mothers talking the other day on how Aaron Beau Dylan was going to be the baby’s name no matter what boy or girl. However you look at it the Babys 1st birthday is SPECIAL!

GirlsBest time is NOW to prepare with sales and free birthday shipping at check out girls first birthday dresses and suits, toys, books and gifts …again one stop shopping without leaving home

Remember “It’s not what you have it’s who you are~~ so be special!”


Birthday Dresses Forever


Birthday dresses are the two words that stir up wonderful emotions inside all of us. Ever wondered why? Is it because a birthday happens to be the most special, most precious day in the entire year? Or is it because it is the day our world is flooded with packages of love and lots of good wishes? Maybe, it is a little bit of everything; but at Sophias Style, we believe that birthdays, like diamonds, are most valued. So just like every moment of your little girl’s day is exceptionally precious, the girl’s birthday dresses she takes so much pride in, must also be the same – very precious and very special.

Birthdays are special, but if it is your little girl’s first birthday celebration, then it must mean the world to you. That’s why at Sophias Style we have the most amazing collection of first birthday dresses, in addition to lovely girl’s birthday dresses.

Little girls are sure to wear the ‘numbers’ tank shirts in pretty pink with great pride, while toddlers look cute and very adorable in birthday cake dresses. You will love the simple yet stunning satin dress with organza overlay, lovely pink bows at the waistline, and the cake, embellished with pearls and trimmings. At Sophias Style, you can choose from birthday girl overalls embellished with crystals and a birthday girl skirt set in gorgeous lavender.  There is also a brown polka dot cupcake girl’s birthday dress and a tank cupcake birthday outfit in ravishing pink. You can chose a pink and brown personalized birthday girl sequined tulle skirt set, pink and brown personalized birthday onesie or t-shirt, and a birthday girl pantaloons set, among many others.

And if you want to make her feel even more special, then pick up something really nice from our fabulous collection of birthday cupcake ribbons, ice cream cone hair bows and birthday cake personalized hats.Happy Birthday, Little Princess!
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