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A Complete First Communion Dress Guide

Sweet Kids White Tiered Organza Tea Length Communion Dress

Sweet Kids White Tiered Organza Tea Length Communion DressAs a major event in every child’s life, the First Communion is actually the most important step into embracing religion on their own. Most Catholic children receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist at the age of 7 or 8 because it is considered the age of reason.Such an event needs preparation, both spiritual and material. The child must understand that not only does he/she need to dress up and look nice, but more importantly – honor and respect the ceremony and its significance.Traditionally, young men wear nice suits and young women wear beautiful dresses.Picking up the perfect dress might be a long and difficult process but here are 7 most important things that you must take into account when doing so:

1. Style

Communion dresses are available in traditional, classic or modern styles.Traditional style dress is the “little bride” lookalike with accessories: veiled headpiece, white gloves and pearls.  “Our lady of Guadalupe”, Irish and Italian Communion dresses are considered to be traditional.Classic is a ball gown style dress with more clean, simple lines. It is usually tea length or full, gathered skirt with a sleeve.Modern style communion dress is a A-line dress, usually sleeveless that comes with a bolero or jacket. It is becoming more popular with parents and girls because of their elegance and simplicity. Halter neck and spaghetti straps are two of the little girls’ favorite features.

Communion Dress Guide

There are a few aspects you need to set before starting to look for the actual dress:-          Length: it is highly recommendable to make sure the dress is below the knee. Best would be tea length or full, ankle length.-          Fabric: knowing your daughter’s preferences and possible fabric allergies, consider selecting the material in advance. It will make the elimination process easier. Types of fabrics: satin, duchess satin, silk, organza, crystal organza and tulle.-          Sleeves: some Communion dresses use halter necks or spaghetti straps, and may come with a matching jacket or bolero. Some parishes or traditions may not allow sleeveless dresses.-          Color: white is the recommended color because it symbolizes purity and integrity. The only appropriate color for a communion dress is white.It is important to ask your priest or parish for general rules regarding length, accessories, headpiece and sleeve before you start looking for dresses.

2. Timing!

Consider shopping for communion dresses taking plenty of time to search and order the dress, having it shipped or altered if needed. First Communion normally takes place May – June during the year. It is advisable to start looking for the perfect dress sometimes in January – February. We all know how fast things are moving these days, so if you find yourself in the month of April and still did not find the dress you are looking for, first find retailers that carry the size you need in stock and ship orders in due time.

Angels Garment Girls Satin Lace First Communion Dress3. Budget

It is important to establish a budget before starting to shop for the communion outfit. You can easily get carried away and considering you might need to buy shoes and different other accessories, you do not want to find you spent quite a lot. In the same time, do not shop with a low budget, it is your daughter’s First Communion and a major event in her life. The dress will be worn at the ceremony of First Holy Communion and it needs to look beautiful.

4.  Measurement

The sizes for different styles and types of communion dresses out there might differ, so it is important to take accurate measurements and have the dress altered if needed. It has to fit perfectly as this will reflect on the entire outfit. A larger dress might look slouchy. A good fitted dress will always make her look neat.In our opinion the most flattering First Communion Dress style for a plus-size girl is an A-line dress.  That is because an A-Line dress is fitted at shoulders and chest and at the waist gradually gets looser.

5. Consider the entire outfit

It is not only the dress you must prepare for the First Communion. Here is a shopping list of things you might or might not need:

Communion Dress Our Lady Of Guadalupe

  • Shoes;
  • Veil;
  • Bag;
  • Gloves;
  • Petticoat;
  • Hair accessories or tiara;
  • Bolero or stole;
  • Socks or tights;
  • Jewelry;
  • For church: missal prayer book, rosary, rosary case, scapular and lapel pin.

6.   Get your daughter involved

She is old enough to take this first step, it is her own major life event so it is important to get her involved into the preparation process. While paying attention to what she likes, guide her into selecting a modest, tasteful, and formal, neither extravagant nor casual dress. Remind her that the most important thing on that day should be religion and not how impressing the crowd with her looks. The dress is a symbol of respect for the ceremony and she should draw attention to herself.

 7.   After purchase advice

Hang the precious dress in a cool place, away from sunlight. Make sure you straighten it nicely and protect it against dust and accidents. Heavy materials should be stored flat to prevent stretching. Just shortly before the event, make sure it is neat and unwrinkled, clean and all layers of petticoat fluffed nicely. If needed, take it to a dry cleaners before the day of the event and make sure it is ready in time. Carefully read the instructions on the label before attempting anything with the dress: ironing or washing.
Angels Garment Our Lady Guadalupe Halter Communion DressPreparing for the First Communion can be time consuming and quite stressful. Especially as the event date is getting closer and you still did not find the perfect dress.

We hope you found this article helpful and if you have additional tips, please share it with the others in the comments below.

First Communion Accessories | Sophias Style

Communion Wedding Flower Girls Pink Floral Headpiece Tiara

Do you have your little girl’s communion dress picked out? Don’t forget the communion accessories. Sophia’s Style Boutique has many to choose from. Beautiful tiaras, first communion veils and hair wreaths that will add a little something special to her First Communion day. When you are all set with the headpieces we also have elegant gloves, tights and shoes to make her special day memorable and one that neither of you will ever forget.

First Communion Photo Taking Tips

Like at any other big family event – a wedding, birthday or anniversary – you’ll want to have special photos to commemorate your little girl’s First Communion ceremony and party. You’ll certainly want to capture digital memories of her in her elegant first communion dress, but there’s more to it than simply snapping away. There will be lots of other hustle and bustle around the church that day – other little girls in their first communion dresses, boys running around in their suits and family members shouting and waving. Dealing with all these elements can be really frustrating and might even ruin your pictures. 

Plan ahead a little to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get the perfect pictures that you want. It’s not a bad idea to take some pictures of her in her 1st communion dress before the big day. This way you’re sure to get a good shot before the stress and excitement of the event. You can take your time and not feel rushed by other parents who are waiting in line to take their pictures too.

You can also scope out a location at the church before the big day. You’ll want an area with good natural lighting and maybe some props or elements she can pose with. This way on the day of the ceremony you’ll know right where to go to take your photos, and won’t waste time testing out a bunch of different areas that might not work anyway. 

Finally, make a checklist of any special shots you’d like to get. This might include a family picture, one with the priest, minister or instructor, or a pose with special classmates. Nothing’s worse than realizing a few days later that you never included so-and-so in the pictures. 

Our elegant and affordable communion dresses also help guarantee beautiful photographs. They all feature breathtakingly beautiful details that will make her feel extra special.

Choosing a First Communion Dress for your Little Girl

A beautiful communion dress
A first communion dress is a very important garment in a girl’s life. The occasion it’s meant for is very special and what she wears should mirror that feeling. Just as no two little girls are alike, 1st communion dresses also vary greatly. There’s a style out there no matter what you’re looking for!

There are three basic choices on length – floor length, tea length or knee length. Generally first communion dresses are tea or floor length, because these styles are more formal and better suit the occasion. Then you need to consider sleeves. You can go sleeveless, short sleeved or long sleeved. The church might have restrictions on what types of sleeves are allowed, but if she really loves a sleeveless 1st communion dress you can always add a sweater or bolero jacket so that it’s appropriate for your guidelines.

Once you have chosen a silhouette, it’s time to decide on a fabric. Communion dresses come in a large array of different textiles and textures. At you’ll find simple cotton gowns or more luxurious taffeta, organza and satin gowns. Cotton gowns are typically less expensive, but can lack the intricate details that will make her dress unique. Common extras include rhinestones, bows, sashes, ruching, sheering, pick-ups and more. 

You can feel comfortable choosing any type of communion dress at because our prices are discounted from the retail tag so they are always on sale! We also have all the other accessories that she needs to make her first communion look complete – veils, gloves, dress shoes, socks, tights and more. 

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1st Communion Dresses | Sophia’s Style


1st Communion Dresses
1st Communion Dresses

I’d like to preface this entire post by saying that I don’t know why the girl in this photo is barefoot and holding a puppy, but that it hardly matters because she’s too pretty for words and that dress is gorgeous. 

And guess what!  You can buy that dress or any of our other stunning 1st Communion dresses at Sophia’s Style! 

Also, we have lots of beautiful plus size communion gowns!  I take quite a few customer service calls and Live Chats throughout the day, and I come across lots inquiries about our plus size collections.  Well, our selection of plus size Communion dresses used to be very limited, so I was thrilled when we decided to start carrying Sweetie Pie special occasion dresses.  They make beautiful dresses in every size, so you can find the perfect fit for your girl! 

In other news, our Tips and Guides blog is featuring ideas for DIY Christmas gifts today, you can check it out here.

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First Communion Gowns | Sophia’s Style

Communion Dresses
Communion Dresses

 For your little girls 1st Communion dress, you’ll want something beautiful, unique, and well-made.  Even though she’s only going to wear it once, you’ll want to save it as a keepsake, and possibly even a heirloom for your grandaughter.  At Sophia’s Style, we have first Communion gowns and Communion dresses that are beautifully made in a variety of styles, so she’ll be sure to find the perfect one and treasure it forever. 

Make sure you also browse through our Communion accessories, you can find her entire ensemble in one stop with Sophia’s Style. 

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Sweet Kids Dresses | Sophia’s Style

Sweet Kids

Sweet Kids is this line of girls dresses we carry at Sophia’s Style that are just stunning.  If you’re getting married or you have a girl who’s going to be in a wedding, you’ve got to look at the Sweet Kids flower girl dresses
Sweet Kids dresses are incredibly well made, and so elegant and unique.  They come in gorgeous colors, and all the materials are so pretty!  The one in the photo has a satin bubble skirt, and the top is taffeta and covered in tiny rosettes.  And if that’s not your style, don’t worry- Sweet Kids has an enormous varity of cuts and styles and colors, so you can find the perfect Sweet Kids dress for your little girl! 

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Have Fun with Sophias Style Communion Clothing

The thought of dressing up in jeans to the opera and T-shirts to church may not cause a problem in today’s casual world, but when it comes to first communion clothes for your kids, you cannot be indifferent.
Communion clothing needs to be special, and who better to understand this than the experts at Sophias Style.
Find A Flattering And Fitting Ensemble
Considering it’s a really special day, first communion clothes should be exceptional in every sense of the word. At Sophias Style, being extraordinary is more of a rule than an exception. Our stunning collection of communion clothing, hand crafted in silk and satin speaks for itself. 
A First Communion satin dress with bodice covered in pearls and sequins, a matte satin first communion dress in pristine white with a round neckline and cap sleeves and topped with cut-out work with pearls, or communion clothing with a round neckline encircled with pearl and flower appliqué, tulip sleeves and tea length tulle skirt with satin ribbon hemline – each ensemble is a breathtaking work of art just waiting to inspire the wearer.
The very special lady of the day would love to indulge in a simply stunning tea length communion dress. These dresses have a satin bodice with sheer overlay, a high collar with lace applique enhancing pearls and full tulip sleeves highlighted with lace appliqué, pearls and sequins.  The exquisitely embroidered organza skirt with a pearl and sequined hemline sends the fashion quotient soaring. The elaborately beaded back with pearls and sequins completes the extravagant experience.
After all, special occasions like the First Communion of your child deserve nothing but the best.

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Make A Brand New Beginning With First Communion Dresses And Gowns From Sophias Style

How would we describe a First Communion? For some it is a beautiful rite of passage. Many others believe that it is an event that is most likely to have a transformative impact on your child. The attire for an occasion that is so pure and divine cannot be anything but absolutely special and completely unique. That’s exactly what First Communion gowns and dresses from Sophias Style are all about – a pure, unadulterated celebration of the most remarkable event of your daughter’s life. 
Because it is her day
First Communion gowns and dresses from Sophias Style will not only dress your girl in a wonderful combination of tradition and modern styles, they will also define this sacred day and make it an inalienable part of her memories forever. Our first communion dress will ensure that she will be the cynosure of all eyes on a day that is well and truly hers.
These simple yet elegant classic styles have very delicate touches of detail.   The fabrics are satin and organza. These traditional full length gowns are lavishly detailed with beading, pearls, and sequins.    Trendy and modern dresses are ideal for those that appreciate the value of combining style with classic good taste. Sophias Style brings you the most comprehensive selection of First Communion dresses for girls of all ages.
Every First Communion dress is created with care from the best fabrics using nothing but the best traditions of hand-sewing, hand-embroidering, hand-knitting and hand-finishing. After all, the occasion demands nothing but the best, right? 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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