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7 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Flower Girl Dress

It’s been decided! Your little one will be the flower girl at one of your relative’s or friend’s wedding. Now what? Don’t panic, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure she is dressed accordingly.CRAYON-944-PCH_3

Traditionally, the flower girl’s clothing was provided by the families of the bride and groom, but today most couples expect the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing and other expenses related to her participation.  (more…)

Beautiful Flower Girl Dresses | Sophias Style

Flower Girl’s Dresses

From low-key weddings on the beach to extravagant weddings in a Cathedral, Sophia’s Style has a wide variety of flower girls dresses for your flower girl. Brand names from designers like Bonnie Jean and Lito at great discounted prices. It’s hard to find a better deal anywhere else with such a variety of sizes from infant flower girls to plus size flower girls. Don’t forget the flower girl accessories. Add a sash for a colorful splash or tiara for extra sass.

Lito Dresses For All Occasions | Sophias Style

Lito Black Velvet Holiday Dress

Come one, come all! Whos little girl is the bell of the ball? Lito carries a great line of flower girl dresses, Christmas dresses and special occasion dresses. This manufacturer is very dependable and has very innovative styles to fulfill every little girls wish. Do you have a little prince charming too? Lito carries boys suits for your little prince as well. Shop Lito at Sophia’s Style.

Easy Christmas Ornament Craft

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, but many Christmas crafts are so messy and complicated. DIY goddess Martha Stewart always makes it look so easy, but us mere crafting mortals know it takes a lot more work and time than we’ve got! Plus, my attempts at a Martha Stewart craft NEVER look the way they are supposed to. 

Luckily I’ve found an easy holiday craft that looks great and doesn’t take all weekend to complete. Check out these glittery Christmas bulb ornaments. You only need a few simple supplies to make them and I promise they won’t make a glittery mess all over your house. The trick is that the glue and glitter go inside the bulb. 

While you’re getting in the Christmas mood don’t forget to shop the collection of girl and baby Christmas dresses. Finding a girls Christmas dress is even easier than this craft. With just a few clicks you can find dozens of elegant and unique Christmas dresses for every little girl in the family, as well as shoes and other accessories to complete her look. We specialize in designer clothes at discount prices, so you’ll never need to worry that they’ll bust your budget.  

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

A Very Bonnie Jean Christmas

I love this time of year at because all of our girls Christmas outfits and dresses are starting to arrive. The Bonnie Jean holiday 2011 collection is especially stunning. I’m always excited to see new Bonnie Jean clothing, because their designs are always classy, feminine and made very well. Add a little Christmas cheer and it’s absolute perfection! 

We’ve just added dozens of new Bonnie Jean Christmas dresses to our inventory, so shop away! Our collection features both casual yet adorable Christmas outfits, as well as elegant and festive Christmas party dresses. My top pick is definitely this black and white dress with an olive green taffeta sash and removable bolero jacket. This picture doesn’t really do it justice – trust me, it is absolutely stunning in person!

Bonnie Jean Christmas outfits, though more casual, are still well made garments with plenty of holiday cheer. This red Christmas tree outfit is a must-have this holiday season. You won’t be disappointed in the Bonnie Jean Christmas collection this year. Start shopping now, because Bonnie Jean is such a popular brand and their clothing always goes fast. 

I’ll even give you extra incentive: continuing through this weekend is our 20% off sale on any regular priced items. Simply enter code LIKE at the checkout to apply the discount!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Flower Girl Flower Alternatives |

A beautiful petal alternative!
If you’re planning a wedding then you know just how many details there are to consider. You have to choose a menu, pick jewelry for your bridesmaids, find a cheap flowergirl dress and decide on the types of flowers for the ceremony. No wonder you need a vacation after it’s all said and done! 

I hate to throw another wrench into your plans, but make sure to check with your church, synagogue or ceremony site before making a final decision on your flower girl’s flowers. Some places may not allow the flower girl to drop petals down the aisle because they could stain the floor or carpet. But don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative ways you can incorporate flowers into the flower girl’s walk!

1    Pomander ball Your florist can create one, or you can DIY. Simply cover a foam ball with silk flowers and attach a ribbon so she can carry it. 

2.    Ribbon Wand Attach flowing ribbons, flowers  or tulle to a stick. This would be an especially great prop for an outdoor wedding. The ribbons will look fabulous fluttering in the wind!

3.    Small Bouquet The flower girl is supposed to look like a miniature version of the bride, so why not give her a miniature version of your bridal bouquet? This way she can still carry real flowers but won’t make a mess throwing them on the floor.

Perfecting all these details can easily get expensive, so make sure to shop for discount flower girl dresses from We have hundreds of affordable baby flower girl dresses that are $50 or less! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Get A Great Deal on An Easter Dress!

A beautiful Easter dress!
Hop on in to this year to find the perfect girls and baby Easter dresses. This week is a great time to pick up a girls Easter dress and all of the accessories to go with it. It’s the annual Sophias Style Friends & Family Sale, so any regularly priced items are 20% off. Simply enter the promotion code YESPLEASE at the checkout. The sale ends on October 4, 2011 at 11:59pm CST. Remember to pass the word on to your friends and family!

We have fabulous baby Easter dresses from all your favorite, top quality brands, including Lito, Bonnie Jean, Rare Editions, Chic Baby, Sweet Kids and more. Our Easter dresses capture the essence of a delightful Spring day, and at an affordable price! The extra 20% off is just icing on the cake. Now for the cherry on top – orders of $75 or more also receive Free U.S. Standard Shipping! 

Today is the day to get a head start on your Easter dress shopping. We have dozens of wonderful dresses to choose from and two great deals to help you save even more money on your purchase!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

First Communion Photo Taking Tips

Like at any other big family event – a wedding, birthday or anniversary – you’ll want to have special photos to commemorate your little girl’s First Communion ceremony and party. You’ll certainly want to capture digital memories of her in her elegant first communion dress, but there’s more to it than simply snapping away. There will be lots of other hustle and bustle around the church that day – other little girls in their first communion dresses, boys running around in their suits and family members shouting and waving. Dealing with all these elements can be really frustrating and might even ruin your pictures. 

Plan ahead a little to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get the perfect pictures that you want. It’s not a bad idea to take some pictures of her in her 1st communion dress before the big day. This way you’re sure to get a good shot before the stress and excitement of the event. You can take your time and not feel rushed by other parents who are waiting in line to take their pictures too.

You can also scope out a location at the church before the big day. You’ll want an area with good natural lighting and maybe some props or elements she can pose with. This way on the day of the ceremony you’ll know right where to go to take your photos, and won’t waste time testing out a bunch of different areas that might not work anyway. 

Finally, make a checklist of any special shots you’d like to get. This might include a family picture, one with the priest, minister or instructor, or a pose with special classmates. Nothing’s worse than realizing a few days later that you never included so-and-so in the pictures. 

Our elegant and affordable communion dresses also help guarantee beautiful photographs. They all feature breathtakingly beautiful details that will make her feel extra special.

Fall Flower Girl Dresses |

A great fall flower girl dress
The colors of weddings and flower girl dresses for Fall change along with the leaves. For Fall and Winter weddings you are more likely to see rich tones of red, orange, purple or classic black in the bridal party attire. Of course we pay attention to wedding fashion trends, and our Sophias Style flower girl dress inventory reflects that!

Red is always a great choice for a fall wedding. It’s a popular color so there are literally thousands of bridesmaids dress styles, decorations and floral arrangement ideas that incorporate this color scheme. We’re also in on the action with beautiful and affordable flower girl dresses in stunning shades of red.   

This classic red flower girl dress by Sweet Kids is even more stunning in person. It is a beautiful taffeta material that is rich and luxurious to the touch. The charming rosettes create a great detail that isn’t over the top – perfect for a formal church wedding. Since red is also a Christmas color, she can wear the dress again for the holidays. 
Another option is this Kids Dream flowergirl dress in a rich shade of burgundy. It’s still in the same color family but is a bit more understated than bold red. There are also black rosettes on the bodice and a small jeweled pin. This would be a stunning dress for a nighttime wedding – think lots of flowers and candles!

A stunning flower girl dress!
So many choices, such little prices! We carry hundreds of flower girl dresses that are $60 or less, helping to keep your dream wedding well within budget. Shop and see for yourself.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Flower Girls Dresses for Every Wedding

Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses
Every couple is different, which means that everyone has their own idea of the perfect wedding!   No two ceremonies are alike, and that’s why it’s important to find the flower girl dress that will fit with the color scheme, level of formality, and general style of your wedding.  Many brides complain that it’s difficult to find anything original, and no one wants a wedding that feels too “cookie-cutter.”  That’s why at Sophias Style, we work hard to find beautiful flower girl dresses in a variety of colors, lengths, cuts, and patterns. 

Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect satin bubble dress for a whimsical feeling spring wedding on a fabulous beach, or an intricately embroidered gown for a formal fall wedding in a beautiful cathedral, we’re sure to have just the dress for you! 
Your flower girl will feel gorgeous and she’ll be the perfect finishing touch on your special day.  And don’t worry, you can find more than just the flowergirl dress of your dreams!  We carry beautiful girls dress shoes to match, and elaborate headpieces and flower girl baskets as well.  Find everything you need to complete your dream flower girl ensemble at

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