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Cute Girls Swimwear

I know that the weather outside is frightful…so why not flash ahead to summer by shopping for little girls swimwear?  Many families take a cruise or tropical vacation in the winter months, and it’s usually hard to locate swimwear off season. Well, we’ve gotten in tons of cute girls swimsuits in stock.  Whether you want a 2piece, 1 piece, coverup or towel we’ve got you covered.  Just a tip on taking care of your swimwear-always rinse it out right after coming out of the pool or ocean.  The salt and chlorine are rough on suits, and the sooner you rinse it out, the longer your suit will last.  Also on that note, do not put the suit in the washing machine.  Usually the agitation of the machine will stress the nylon fabric and that will lead to easier snags and wear.  Just simply handwash it and hang it over the tub. Easy and will help you save money.  Find all kinds of girls swimwear at 

Girls Accessories Sale This Week at!

The perfect outfit is not complete without a fabulous hat, scarf or little girl hair accessory. The outfit makes the kid, but we all know the accessories are what make the outfit in the first place! Luckily for our shoppers all our girls hair accessories and other fashion accessories are on sale this week at  When you enter code 25STYLE at the checkout, you’ll get 25% off all of our girls accessories, including socks and tights, bags, hats, jewelry and hair bows. The sale ends on Thursday, October 27, so hurry and place your order this week!

We’d also like to introduce our collection of new womens purses and bags, all of which are eligible for the 25% discount! What, you thought girls accessories sale meant only baby and little girls? Think again! Moms can get in on the action too this week with the purchase of one of our Tosca brand womens  leather bags. We have dozens of varieties in all of the season’s hottest colors. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our growing women’s department – we’ll be adding new items daily!

Everything from baby girl hair bows to a trendy bag for mom is on sale this week, so don’t hesitate. Stop, Shop and Save today!

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Have a Cupcake Birthday! |

The newest trend in girls birthday dresses is cupcakes. Look no further than to find the perfect cupcake 1st birthday dress – and at an affordable price to boot! Her first birthday only comes once a year, so it’s important that she looks her best for the birthday party. Sophias Style can help!

Our cupcake birthday dresses are perfect for a party and feature glamorous sparkle cupcakes, fluffy rosette cupcakes and more fabulous cupcake designs. Sophias Style also carries the perfect birthday dress accessories, such as this super cute cupcake hair clippie

Luckily cupcakes are a popular theme, so you can easily find cupcake themed invitations, decorations and other party supplies for your big bash. And of course, you can whip up a few batches of your favorite cupcakes in place of a traditional birthday cake. Frosting and decorating them can also be a great activity for your party guests. 

Now you’re ready to throw an awesome birthday bash for your little girl. It begins with an affordable first birthday dress from!

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Transition her Look from Summer to Fall

Great for Summer and Fall!
It’s probably a good idea to pack away her swimsuits and shorts when summer ends, but there are some Summer girls clothes you can still breathe new life into when the cooler Fall weather sets in. You’ll get more for your money by taking her boutique girls clothing into two seasons instead of just one. All it takes is a little bit of accessorizing! 

This Lipstik dress is a breezy and beautiful piece of girls clothing that’s great for the Summer months. Make it wearable through Fall by adding a pair of black tights underneath. Fall weather can be bit unpredictable, so you might want a pair of thin tights for Indian summer days, and a pair of heavyweight tights for days that feel more like Mother Nature is already practicing for Winter! A black or pink pair would look great with this dress.

Keep her feet warm and toasty
Then it’s on to shoes. She’d likely pair her boutique girls clothes with flip flops or sandals in the summer, but not come October! These pink glitter flats make a stylish fashion statement, and are much better suited for dipping temperatures. They really make the pink floral pattern on the dress pop.

Finally, you can add a denim jacket over the dress or a long sleeve top underneath if her arms get too cold. I suggest a jacket or cardigan sweater because it’s perfect for the cool morning air but she can easily take it off if the Fall afternoon sun becomes a little too hot.
The perfect pair!

You can easily transition her Summer wardrobe into Fall when you shop! Our boutique girls clothes are always discount priced, so you can easily afford to add all the accessories that will help keep her warm and lengthen the life of her clothing!

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Sophias Style Pink Sale!

Sophias Style Outfits
Sophias Style Outfits

Sophias Style is having a sale on all of our own brand clothing!  You can receive 20% off all Sophias Style dresses, Sophias Style outfits, and Sophias Style accessories if you enter PINK20 at checkout. 
The sale will be running until Tuesday, so you have just enough time to browse through all the gorge dresses and outfits, then pick out the perfect accessoriest to compliment them.  I so wish there had been such a thing and shopping online when I was a child!  When else in life can you find adorable outfits like this for only $17.99, and then get an additional 20% off?

Enjoy shopping, and don’t forget to start thinking about spring- it’s on it’s way at last!   January will be over in less than two weeks, hooray!  I can’t quit looking at all the spring collections, 2011 is looking like it’s going to be one of my favorite fashion years!

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Stocking Stuffer Idea

Girls Hair Accessories

Ok, it may be because I’m already getting excited about spring (blame, it’s those spring runway shows that are causing it), but I am in love with our girls hair accessories.  They’re so beautiful!  What could be prettier than jeweled flowers in a girl’s hair?  And, even though flowers are spring-y, they can still totally work as winter accessories.  You can’t go wrong with floral hair clips and headbands, regardless of the season.  They’d make good stocking stuffers… hint hint. 

And speaking of stocking stuffers, if you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you can have presents delivered from Sophia’s Style by Christmas Eve with 2nd Day Air, so don’t hesitate to keep online shopping. 

Girls Hair Accessories

While we’re on the subject of last minute gifts, you should also know that Sophia’s Style is now offering EGift Cards.  Now, a lot of people think gift cards seem impersonal, or thoughtless.  I, however, tend to disagree.  I have rather particular tastes, and am also incredibly difficult to fit.  I like shopping for myself, so gift cards are wonderful gifts for me.  And let’s be honest, most of us give gifts with gift receipts.  That’s just a present-shaped gift card.  So send EGift Cards shamelessly, that way your girl can get exactly what she wants- and she’ll probably be able to make that gift card stretch much further with post-Christmas sales. 

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Christmas Time is Coming!


Designer Girl's Clothing
Designer Girl’s Clothing

I’m so excited, we’re only two weeks away from Christmas!  If you haven’t finished your shopping, then you should definitely check out our designer girl’s clothing at Sophia’s Style.  The dress featured to the left is by Bonnie Jean, and it’s even more gorgeous in real life. 

We’ll be running tons of great sales on boutique baby girl clothes and girls clothing from now until Christmas, so if you’re not signed up for our newsletters, now would be a really good time, that way you won’t miss out!

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Sophia’s Style Girls Clothing Boutique


Girls Clothing Boutique
Girls Clothing Boutique

 It’s Friday, and Halloween weekend!  Did everyone get the Halloween email?  We’re running a 20% off promo, so if you enter TREAT at checkout, you get 20% off your whole order!  That’s only good until Sunday night, so don’t miss out. 
Last night I went to the local Halloween superstore with a friend in search of sparkles and feathers and things to decorate our masks for the masquerade tonight, and it was absolute chaos!  Thank goodness we weren’t trying to buy costumes at the last minute. 
Speaking of last minute things, we’ve officially reached the two month mark for Christmas shopping.  Now’s the time to actually get going on it, because these two months will fly by.  But don’t start getting stressed out!  Remember, you have the miracle that is the internet at your fingertips!  Start shopping girls clothes online now, get your orders in quickly, and come December all you’ll have to do is wrap the presents and deal with Christmas cards. 

Girls Luggage
Girls Luggage

 There’s nothing like having full access to a girls clothing boutique right from your living room to take the pressure off the holidays.  Sophia’s Style girl’s clothing store carries all the pretty holiday clothing you need, and clothes, toys, and accessories that make fabulous gifts! 

Here’s one really great gift idea, we’re now carrying all this really cute luggage for kids.  They’re the perfect size, they’re fun, and they won’t blend in with everyone else’s bags at luggage claim! 

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Girls Hair Accessories!


From now until Thursday you can get 25% off all girls hair accessories!  Enter HAIR1028 at checkout to receive the discount. 

We carry really pretty baby girl hair bows, my favorites are the bright colored flowers.  They’re so cute and adorable on baby girls! 

Shop for the perfect little girl hair accessory at Sophia’s Style this week!  I recommend buying a few different colors and styles, that way you’ll have just what you need for each of her outfits. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Leading the Procession….Stealing the Show Flowergirl Dresses

Girls Clothes,flower girl dressesYour little one has the royal privilege of leading the wedding procession down the aisle. This is an awesome responsibility to headline the show in the perfect flower girl dress from Tossing lovely petals prior the procession signifies the elegance and royalty of what is to follow. We all dream of the perfect wedding and mostly a long loving married life together.

Fresh rose petals were used as wedding throws in the middle ages, since they are known to have been used to decorate the bride’s hair from very early times.The wedding throw was initially a pagan rite, and grains and seeds were thrown rather than rice, which spread from the orient to the west in the Middle Ages. What people threw would naturally depend on the crops indigenous to the area, and the idea was that the fertility symbolized by the seeds would be passed on to the couple.

Completing the procession of flower Girl dresses with the perfect flower basket, lovely sparkly shoes, head and hair accessories complete the specialness of this important day. And you larger families don’t fight over who will be the flower girl just have all the little girls in the wedding and change the color of the sash and add a flower of the same color to the dress

The baby flower girl dress is also available in all colors and sizes for your lovely day! This will be a grace filled day certain to go down in “one of the funnest days ff my life” book as you grow up.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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