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Girls Summer Clothes at Sophias Style

Girls Summer Clothes
Girls Summer Clothes

As soon as spring begins, I get so excited for all the loose, flowy spring fabrics in light colors!  Winter is all about layers and structure, and summer is the opposite.  Finally it’s ok to run around in sandals and skirts and tank tops, and there’s no need to spend 10 minutes bundling up before you step outside.  You can just throw your hair into a pony tail, slip on some comfy sandals and waltz out the door. 

Girls summer clothes are even more fun than adults.  She can run around in simple girls summer dresses all season and look perfectly adorable!  Find beautiful summer dresses and outfits for your little girl at Sophias Style, and enjoy the affordable prices!

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Girls Sandals | Sophias Style


Girls Flip Flops
Girls Flip Flops

 Summer is the time for light, airy fabrics, sunglasses, girls sandals and fabulous sun hats!  Sophias Style has an absolutely epic selection of toddler girl sandals and infant girls sandals, so if you’ve got a little one that isn’t quite walking yet or has just started taking her first steps, you must check it out. 
We also just started getting these adorable girls flip flops that are shaped like feet, and they’re so much fun!  All the moms that work at Sophias Style are definitely buying them for their kids.  Everyone needs that perfect pair of go-with-everything summer flip flops that you can just slip on and walk out the door.  These shoes will be your little girl’s best friends at the park, the pool or the beach this summer, so grab them before they’re gone!

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Bonnie Jean Clothing | Sophias Style


Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Dresses

The temperatures in Omaha, Nebraska have shot up to 96 degrees over the last couple of days.  It is hot and humid and should be awful but I love it.  Spring is seriously here and summer is right on it’s heels.  Yesterday when I got home, I opened all the windows in my apartment, turned on the ceiling fans and took a nap.  When I woke up, it was still light outside so I went to a cafe and had coffee with a friend on the patio and discussed the merits of writing form poetry in a society that is growing more fond of free verse everyday.  That is the perfect[ly nerdy] way to spend an evening. 

If I had to choose one perfect brand of clothing for this season, it would be Bonnie Jean clothing.  Their styles always feel so in tune with the season and the current trends, but still manage to appeal to more traditional tastes as well.  Every little girl should be wearing boutiquey Bonnie Jean dresses and sparkly shoes right now.  I especially love the set in the image because the dress comes with the jean jacket- perfect for the indecisive weather that spring brings. 
Shop Bonnie Jean clothes for your little girl or Bonnie baby clothes for your infant girl today at Sophias Style! 

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Little Girls Clothing | Sophias Style

Little Girls Clothing
Little Girls Clothing

Things I used to despise, but now love:

When rompers first started showing up on runways, I was not excited.  I thought Marc Jacobs had gone mad (well, madder).  When they started showing up in stores, I was flabbergasted.  However, after about a month of seeing them styled and sported by every fashion blogger under the sun, I changed my mind and bought one.  Now I love them. 

Strangely enough, rompers are one of the few clothing items that seems to have started out in the little girls clothing world and worked their way up to women’s fashion.  They’re so childlike, and yet they can be so charming on older girls and women as well.  Plus, they’re comfortable, and so much fun to style.  All you need is a cute pair of platforms, some great sunglasses and/or a silk scarf.  For the romper featured to the right (which is actually came from Sophias Style’s cute baby girls clothes, so sadly us ladies can’t get them in our sizes), I would also add a red patent waist belt.  Perfect for summer. 

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Girls Clothing

Girls Clothing
Girls Clothing

 This might seem weird, but I would totally wear that jumper by Greggy Girl that’s pictured to the left.  It doesn’t come in my size, but if it did…  I’m really into the bows and the polka dots, it’s retro and classy and girly, and the halter neckline is too pretty.  Wouldn’t it be cute with some little two-toned kitten-heel oxfords, and a very ladylike handbag?  Something like this gorgeous little Rebecca Minkoff number.  Alas, we only carry girls clothing, not women’s (yet, but we could someday!). 

Speaking of girl’s clothes, I just saw some incredibly cute Rare Editions outfits that you should definitely check out- they’re very bright and spring-y! 
Enjoy your Monday, and happy shopping!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Girls Clothing at Sophias Style

Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 RTW
Marc Jacobs

We are in the midst of a snowstorm here in Omaha, Nebraska, and that still isn’t stopping me from daydreaming about spring fashion.   Have you seen the women’s spring 2011 rtw?  It is, without a doubt, the most exciting turn fashion has taken in 5 years.  I adore leggings, skinny jeans, tunics, and sky-high heeled booties- and I’m positive these staples will still be considered classy, stylish, and on-trend in a safe and sophisticated way for years to come, but I am so ready for something new!  In fashion “something new” invariably means “something old that’s been reworked, restyled, and updated.”  This spring, we’re heading back to the 60’s and 70’s, in a clean and ladylike-but-bold manner through highwaisted trousers with billowingly wide-leg sillhouettes, patterned blouses, rich colors, a mixture of structured and flowy dresses and skirts, and any variety of shoe you like. 

Well, children’s fashion isn’t quite as fast and furious an industry as women’s fashion is, but girls clothing trends do imitate womens, and all these fun colors and crazy patterns are going to be working their way into your little girl’s wardrobe!  Lucky kids these days, when I was little, it was all late eighties neons and ninties grunge, yuck. 

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011 RTW
Emilio Pucci

The other upside to being a child of the 201-‘s?  Hair, makeup, and figures.  I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention or not, but fashion’s obsession with svelte is wanning, and the runways this year were positively packed with models of all shapes and sizes!  And their faces?  Clean, and healthy.  Hair?  All natural, all wash-and-wear.  Bye bye chemicals, hello simplicity!

Girls clothing at Sophias Style is all about finding the latest trends in womens fashion and applying them to girls clothes in a fun and age-appropriate manner.  These days, the designers are making our jobs easy by bringing back a style that salutes the natural beauty of women and displaying that fashion isn’t about trying to be pretty, it’s about having fun!  Wear those berry-toned satin Marc Jacobs pants because it’s fun, buy that tie-dye Emilio Pucci blouse because it looks like a sunrise in the desert, sport that Alice + Olivia dress because it’s breezy and exotic and looks like a vacation feels.  Teach your little girl that she’s already pretty, fashion is about having fun. 

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Sophias Style Pink Sale!

Sophias Style Outfits
Sophias Style Outfits

Sophias Style is having a sale on all of our own brand clothing!  You can receive 20% off all Sophias Style dresses, Sophias Style outfits, and Sophias Style accessories if you enter PINK20 at checkout. 
The sale will be running until Tuesday, so you have just enough time to browse through all the gorge dresses and outfits, then pick out the perfect accessoriest to compliment them.  I so wish there had been such a thing and shopping online when I was a child!  When else in life can you find adorable outfits like this for only $17.99, and then get an additional 20% off?

Enjoy shopping, and don’t forget to start thinking about spring- it’s on it’s way at last!   January will be over in less than two weeks, hooray!  I can’t quit looking at all the spring collections, 2011 is looking like it’s going to be one of my favorite fashion years!

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February is on it’s way!


Valentine's Day Shop
Sophias Style Valentine’s Day Shop

January is so cold and sad, I can’t wait for it to be over.  I know a lot of people aren’t crazy about Valentine’s Day because it’s not as much fun if you’re single (whatever, there’s no law saying you can’t buy yourself chocolates), but I’m glad there’s at least one holiday between Christmas and Easter.  We need something to look forward to!  And why shouldn’t love be celebrated with it’s own holiday?  There are all kinds of love that have nothing to do with romance; I love my family, my friends, my cat, my shoe collection, and my future niece- who only exists in hopeful theory at this point. 
Anyway, if I had a niece now, I’d be shopping the Valentine’s Day dresses and outfits at Sophia’s Style!  We have so many cute styles in pink and red and covered in hearts and flowers.

If you haven’t found a cute Valentine’s Day outfit of dress for your little girl, make sure you check out our Valentine’s Day Shop at Sophias!

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Denim Days!


Girl's Jeans
Girl’s Jeans

It’s Denim Days at Sophia’s Style!  We’re giving 30% off all girl’s jeans and boy’s jeans, so stock up now. 

When I was little, my parents always gave me my big brother’s hand-me-down jeans.  We were both such scrawny kids that they fit, and I acutally thought it was really cool that I was wearing boys clothes.  The charm of that wore off by about 5th grade, then I started wanting my own, gender-specific clothing.  Oh well, my parents got away with saving money while they could, right? 

Anyway, it’s not everyday that Sophias Style has kids jeans on sale, so don’t miss this opportunity- all kids need a few good pairs of jeans. 

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In-Season Styles for $15 or Less at Sophias!

Girls Coats on Sale
Girl’s Coats On Sale

It’s snowing like crazy in Omaha, Nebraska today!  Driving to work actually took me twice as long as usual, so much for my attempt to get into the office early today.  In spite of my annoyance at being inconvenienced, I have to admit that it is breathtakingly beautiful outside.  Snow is so pretty, and it’s so cozy in my office. 

The good news is, winter clothing is going on sale everywhere, including Sophias!  We have a great winter sale right now, and we decided to make shopping for bargains easy for you by putting all of our in-season styles for $15 or less into one place.  Now you can shop our Winter Steals Under $15, and find all the best bargains. 

Now, get a cup of hot cocoa and settle in with a blanket and your laptop and start shopping!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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