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Gorgeous Bonnie Jean Dresses and Outfits!

Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Spring Dresses

Spring is on it’s way (more or less) and Bonnie Jean is coming out with dresses that are absolutely to die for.  I’m particularily in love with the sets that include a cute little dress with a matching jacket- they’re so perfect for spring when the weather is cool in the mornings but warm enough for short sleeves in the afternoon. 
All the girl dresses by Bonnie Jean are so well made, it’s one of our favorite brands.  Also, we do carry Bonnie Jean birthday dresses

Enjoy the remainder of winter while you can, because before long we’ll be seeing green grass and leaves again!  I can’t wait, the days have already started to get longer and it makes me so happy. 

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Happy 2011!

Girls Clothes Winter Sale

We’ve officially made it to 2011, did everyone have a fun New Years?  I went to Denver and stayed with some friends for the weekend.  They have two adorable boys, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and they were so funny and happy- I don’t think I’ve ever met happier children in my entire life. 

Now that January has arrived, it’s time to start checking out all the awesome winter sales!  We just did a ton of really big markdowns, so stop by our Winter Sale page and stock up on all the discount girls clothing you need while the prices are so low.  The outfit pictured to the right has been marked down by $15, and there are tons of other really cute girls outfits, girls dresses, boys outfits, and baby clothes on sale. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

30% Off Sweaters and T-Shirts, Today Only!


Girls Tops
Girls Tops

The title of this post really sums up the content for you, but keep reading because you need a coupon code!   Enter 30TEE at checkout and you will receive 30% off sweaters and t-shirts.  Remember, this is valid for today only! 

While we’re on the subject of girls tops, did you know that Onsie™ is a tradmarked term?  It’s like Kleenex™, it’s a brand of tissues, but most people use it as a noun instead of saying “tissue.”  In the rest of the baby clothing world, baby girl shirts that also cover the diaper are called bodysuits for babies

I have a Lebonese friend who was telling me that growing up, he didn’t know Nescafe™ was a brand name, he thought it was just the name of a beverage- because so many people drink it with mild and sweetener in Lebanon, and coffee is a whole other drink.  It’s so weird how that happens!

Anyway, I learned how to make the tradmark symbol with html today and found three excuses to use it in one blog, so I’m pretty excited about that.  How’s your Monday going?

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Huge Sale at Sophia’s!

Boutique Girls Clothes
Boutique Girls Clothes

Hey everyone, we’ve got a really cool sale running right now, and it would be a shame to miss out on it!  If you spend $50 or more, you can save $5 with the code GIFT5.  If you spend $100 or more, you can save $15 with the code GIFT15, and if you spend $150 or more, you can save $30 with the code GIFT30.  I love these sales, Express does them a lot, and I always wait to buy new jeans until then.  So, now would be a great time to get all the girls toys and children’s clothing you’ll be needing for Christmas presents! 

Also, there’s a new post up on our Tips and Guides blog with some great tips and links for planning a trip to Disneyland. 

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Happy Thanksgiving, 25% Off Everything, Today Only!

Girl's Clothes Online
Boutique Baby Clothes

We got a little too excited about Black Friday sales and decided to have one early at Sophia’s Style.  So, for today only, you can get 25% off all the boutique baby clothes and girls clothing you want (except the things that are already on sale)! 

Pretty cool, huh?  Just enter TURKEY at checkout, and the 25% will be taken off your total. 

Sophia’s Style is the best one stop shop for baby girls clothing and girl’s clothes online

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Great Sale at Sophia’s Style!


Designer Girl's Clothes
Designer Girl’s Clothes

 We’re running a pretty awesome sale at Sophia’s Style today through Wednesday!  If you spend $100, you get $20 off and free standard shipping.  That’s a pretty awesome deal, and a great opportunity to find some Christmas gifts. 

One thing I really love about Sophia’s Style is all of the opportunities we give our customers to find designer girl’s clothes at such fantastic prices.  We run so many sales that it’s almost impossible not to catch a really great bargain every time you shop. 

If you need little girls clothing or baby girls clothes, Sophia’s Style is the perfect place to look. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Get $15 Off at Sophia’s Style!

Boutique Girl's Clothing
Boutique Girls Clothing

Good morning, I hope your Monday is going well.  If it’s not, then maybe I can help, because as of today Sophia’s Style is running a promotion where you receive a $15 savings card (basically that means you can have $15 to spend on boutique girl’s clothing or baby girl’s clothes) if you place a $100 order!  The card will be in your package when you receive your order, and you can use it the next time you shop at Sophia’s.  Guess what else?  Because you’ll be placing a $100 order of cute girl’s clothes, you’ll also get free standard shipping!  Now does Monday look better?

In other news, it’s snowed on Friday night.  I’m very unhappy about this.  Last winter was horrific, and I would be fine with never seeing another snow storm in my life.  Mostly I stayed home and boycotted the weather all weekend.  I’m hoping this will be enough to make Mother Nature to think twice before sending anymore 30 degree weather our way this November. 

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Good Morning Monday!

Boutique Girls Clothes
Boutique Girls Clothes

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was great!  On Friday I went out for a fancy dinner with a friend who just got home from Afghanistan.  It was wonderful seeing him, and even more wonderful knowing he’s home safe.  Then, on Saturday night I went to a super swanky club to see a DJ from Sweden.  Sunday was spent organizing my closet and reading F. Scott Fitzgerald (not simultaneously).  All in all, it was a very successfull weekend, and now I feel ready to tackle Monday. 

Project Finish Christmas Shopping Early is going pretty well so far.  I’ve determined what I want to give both of my parents’ and my brother, and I’ve decided what to tell my father to get for my mother (I always wonder, what happens to moms who don’t have daughters around to help out the dads and brothers?).  Now, I just need to decide what to get my future sister-in-law… would baby girl clothes be too presumptuous of me?  Perhaps, but she could save them until they’re ready for kids!  When I send my wishlist to her, item number one is going to say “A Niece.”  Item number two will say, “Twins.” 

Since I probably won’t have the gall to actually buy baby clothes for my brother’s fiancee, you should take advantage of Sophia’s Style boutique girls clothes for me.  Sophia’s Style is the most adorable girls clothing store on the internet.  It’s basically a sweet little boutique that you can access from your living room. 

Also, from now until Wednesday, you can save 25% on an order by signing up for our emailing list here.  Make sure you place that order asap, the code expires on Thursday! 

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Girls Outfits For Every Season | Sophia’s Style


Baby Girl Outfit
Baby Girl Outfit

My officemate is already getting excited about playing Christmas music at work.  I told her it’s too early, and then I started browsing our girls outfits, looking for blog inspiration, and came across this baby girl outfit.  How cute is that?!  The leggings look like candy canes, and the tunic is decorated with gingerbread cookies!  Now that I’ve looked at it, I want to listen to Christmas music and eat cookies.  *Sigh,* I give in.  As soon as the weather gets cold, I can’t help but think of the holidays. 

Does anyone have big plans this year?  The more I look at our girls outfits, the more I miss going to my grandparents’ house when I was a kid.  I loved sitting in my grandma’s kitchen near the oven while she made dinner.  I always had some kind of Christmas sweater or dress that was really warm and cozy, and my mom always made me let her curl my hair.  I may be a bit of a girly-girl, but that doesn’t mean I like having my hair fixed.  I’m pretty sure we had a fight everytime she came anywhere near me with a brush, a curling iron, or (heaven forbid) a bottle of hairspray. 

I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for Christmas this year!  We only have a couple more months, it’ll be here before we know it!

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Sophia’s Style Girls Clothing Boutique


Girls Clothing Boutique
Girls Clothing Boutique

 It’s Friday, and Halloween weekend!  Did everyone get the Halloween email?  We’re running a 20% off promo, so if you enter TREAT at checkout, you get 20% off your whole order!  That’s only good until Sunday night, so don’t miss out. 
Last night I went to the local Halloween superstore with a friend in search of sparkles and feathers and things to decorate our masks for the masquerade tonight, and it was absolute chaos!  Thank goodness we weren’t trying to buy costumes at the last minute. 
Speaking of last minute things, we’ve officially reached the two month mark for Christmas shopping.  Now’s the time to actually get going on it, because these two months will fly by.  But don’t start getting stressed out!  Remember, you have the miracle that is the internet at your fingertips!  Start shopping girls clothes online now, get your orders in quickly, and come December all you’ll have to do is wrap the presents and deal with Christmas cards. 

Girls Luggage
Girls Luggage

 There’s nothing like having full access to a girls clothing boutique right from your living room to take the pressure off the holidays.  Sophia’s Style girl’s clothing store carries all the pretty holiday clothing you need, and clothes, toys, and accessories that make fabulous gifts! 

Here’s one really great gift idea, we’re now carrying all this really cute luggage for kids.  They’re the perfect size, they’re fun, and they won’t blend in with everyone else’s bags at luggage claim! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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