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Girls Clothing

Guess what guys, we’ve got a discount promotion going!  You can get 15% off your entire purchase if you enter 15OFF at checkout! 

It’s August, and that means prime shopping season, so we’ve decided to make it all the more fun to find girls clothes this fall with %15 off all the girls clothing you could possibly need. 

Both of the photos I’m posting today were taken by happy parents and sent into Sophia’s Style to show us how much their girls loved the outfits they got from our site! We love seeing happy shoppers, and if you want, you can look through our Sophia’s Style Stars page and see all of the adorable photos families have sent in.

Girls Clothes

Now’s a good time to start looking for holiday dresses, fall jackets, winter coats, and back to school outfits.  We’ve been getting loads of new clothing in, and it’s all so unique and beautiful! 

While you’re checking out all the necessities for your girls, don’t forget to have a look at our baby girl clothes!  She may not be going to school yet, but she still deserves to look fabulous, right? 

Have fun, and don’t forget:  15OFF

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Girls Outfits at Great Prices

Girls Outfits

When you’ve got kids to shop for, you can never be too careful about bargain hunting!  At Sophia’s Style, we’ve got loads of great designer girls outfits and baby girls outfits for exceptionally awesome prices.  It’s about time to start looking for next season’s clothes, you don’t want to be in a panic when the weather changes! 
The best part of Sophia’s Style clothing is that not only do we carry the highest quality products for the lowest prices, but we also have the largest selection of truly unique and one-of-a-kind styles.  Your little girl will look great in clothing that is unlike anyone elses.  So come check it out, you might as well, you’re already on the computer! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


Girls School Uniforms, Lookin’ Sharp


Back to school season is just about here!  I’m a little sad this year, I’ve finally finished school, and now there’s no excuse to buy new books and school clothes.  Luckily for me, I snagged a job that allows me to live vicariously, so I can get my school shopping fix from the office.  We just got loads of girls school uniforms in, and they’re so crisp and sharp looking.  There’s literally everything she’ll need, from pleated skirts and jumpers to slacks and polos.  We even have a collection of activewear, so she won’t be wanting to feign illness to get out of gym this year! 

Girls School Uniforms

School’s just around the corner, and you don’t want to go broke buying your girls school uniform from expensive department stores and catalogs.  Sophia’s Style has affordable uniforms that will last through semester after semester. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 


Back to School Girls Outerwear, Functional and Fashionable


Sophia’s Style provides a variety of options for your little girl’s fall and winter outerwear that will both look and feel stylish, while keeping her warm throughout the changing seasons.  From lightweight baby girls jackets, to heavier girls coats, you’ll find a wide ranging selection of quality products to suit her needs.

My Baby – Shining like an Angel


When those stars start twinkling and moon shines above the sky, I see my baby standing in the window and staring at them. She asked me, with those wondering eyes, how I can be around the stars.

It’s important to let free your kid’s dream, it’s like kites soaring high free.Make her dream come true; style her in lovely Sophias Style US Angel dresses and make them feel part of a fairy tale.

For every parent their baby is like an Angel and for them you are her world. So, make her feel special and cast the spell of everlasting love with this present.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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