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Reflectionz Brand For Your Dancing Girl | Sophias Style

Reflectionz Black Pink Two Tone Ballet Dance Tutu

What is your little girl’s passion? Ballet, dance, gymnastics? Reflectionz has something for each activity. Leotards, tutus and dancewear. Reflectionz eye to detail is phenomenal. Zebra prints, sparkle and tulle make each outfit unique and absolutely gorgeous. Enhance her already lovely routine with Reflectionz brand found at Sophia’s Style Boutique. Don’t forget the Reflectionz accessories!

Girl’s Dance Wear | Sophias Style

Is your little girl a dancer either at home or on stage? Whether she’s your little professional or makes your great room her stage she will dance her way into your heart and demand a standing ovation with our girls dance wear. We have leotards, tutus, dance clothes and even women’s dance wear. Dance wear is not just for dancing. Works great for gymnastics and cheerleading routines too. Bring out her creativity… lights, camera, action!

Infant Dance Wear | Sophias Style


Infant Dance Wear
Infant Dance Wear

It’s official, school is out!  Now all you mommies and daddies get to have your kids home all day… every…single… day…

Maybe it’s time to sign them up for some summer activities?  Yeah, because adorable though they may be, your kids will inevitably get bored and drive you batty if you don’t find a way to get them out of the house this summer.  What better way to wear your little girl out than with some ballet or tap dance classes?  She’ll learn rhythm, balance, and grace while you get a much needed hour or two of quiet time.  That’s a win-win. 

Not to mention, if you get her into those dance classes, you’ll have a good excuse to buy her some absolutely darling toddler girl dance clothing from Sophias Style!  We carry so many sweet little tutus and leotards, and at such reasonable prices, you’ll have no trouble getting her girls dance wear wardrobe ready in no time at all. 

Toddler Girl Dance Clothing
Toddler Girl Dance Clothing

I especially love our collection of toddler girl dance clothes and infant dance wear.  When I was a nanny I always thought it was so cute to watch the 2 and 3 year old girls at ballet class!  The were always so excited to wear their tutus, we ended up having to have extras just for them to play in around the house. 

Enjoy shopping our girls dancewear, and more importantly, enjoy taking your little girls to dance class and other summer activities this year!

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30% Off Reflectionz Dancewear, Today Only!

Reflectionz Leotards and Tutus
Reflectionz Leotards and Tutus

Good news everyone!  For today only we have a sale going on Reflectionz dancewear, all you have to do is enter REF29 at checkout and 30% will be taken off the price of any Reflectionz items you’re purchasing. 

Reflectionz leotards and tutus come in so many bright, fun designs and colors, I think they would make great gifts for any girl- regardless of whether or not she’s in dance.  Remember, this sale is for today only, so don’t miss it! 

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Dancewear for Girls | Sophia’s Style

Girls Dancewear
Girls Dancewear

I may have (absolutely did) mentioned this yesterday, but we have a pretty cool promo running right now where you get a $15 savings card if you place a $100 order this week.  Since Christmas is on the way, it’s not a bad time to buy dancewear for girls, it’ll make a great presents, and then in the meantime you’ll be able to get $15 off your next purchase!

This little blue leotard by Motionwear is so simple and cute, what little girl doesn’t look lovely in blue?  I also really love the rainbow tutu by Reflectionz, it’s so bright and fluffy!  Enjoy shopping our girls dancewear at Sophia’s Style. 

Dancewear for Girls
Dancewear for Girls

Also, we have another really great recipe post on our Tips and Guides blog, you may want to check it out!  

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Girls Dancewear | Sophia’s Style

Girls Dancewear

Before I talk about how pretty and fun our fantastic selection of girls dancewear is at Sophia’s Style, I’d first like to say HAPPY THURSDAY!  Tomorrrow is Friday!  I imagine lots of you have fun family plans for the weekend, I know I do.  Saturday is my mother’s birthday, and we’re celebrating by going to a children’s cancer research benefit. 

It just so happens that I have a really great Mommy, who loves me very much and enrolled me in all different kinds of dance classes when I was a kid, despite the fact that I was (and still am) hopelessly clumsy and distracted.  I got to take tap dance, ballet, and gymnastics, and we have all the framed photos of me in bright, sparkly dance costumes and stage make-up to prove it!  In fact, I remember those photos more than I even remember the actual dance recitals and rehearsals, because my mom and dad both had them on display on their desks for years. 

At Sophia’s Style, we have beautiful girl’s dance clothes.  Whether you need girls leotards, tutus, ballet shoes, or dance shoes, we’ve got lots of adorable options.  Make the most of these times when your little girl is excited to dress up and dance on stage, because it will mean a lot to her to know that she makes you proud! 

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Dance Leotards for Girls

Girls Leotards
Do you have a little girl taking dance?  I remember when I was, oh, maybe six years old, and my mom had me taking both tap and ballet!  I was never very good (two left feet), but I loved it anyway- and I especially loved the pretty dance clothes.  I used to run around the house all the time in my leotards and tap shoes, it just about drove my big brother mad! 
At Sophia’s Style, we’ve got an enormous selection of girls leotards in all different colors and styles.  They’re super cute and very comfortable (I mean it, we’ve got moms working here who buy them for their girls).  We’ve got every shade and cut imaginable, spagetti cross-straps, tank top, cap sleeves, and tutus!  There are solids, sassy animal prints, and cute florals! 
Ballet Shoes

Your little dancer will look so sweet twirling around the studio in this angelic little white rosette leotard, paired with pink tights and legwarmers!  And hey, don’t forget the shoes!  We have the most darling selection of girls dance shoes.  I’m a bit obsessed with these fairytale-esque silver ones that are on sale (hooray!). 

In fact, sale or not, all of our dancewear prices are remarkably low.  Kids can be expensive, and activities like dance can be budget-breakers if you’re not careful.  You don’t want financial barriers to prevent your children from having opportunities to participate, which is why it’s important to shop smart.  Sophia’s Style sells only the highest quality products and the lowest possible prices.  So have fun finding cute dance clothes for your little diva, without worrying about the cost! 


Beautiful Girls Dancewear!

Girls Dancewear

Anyone who has a little girl taking dance classes knows how nerve-racking her first recital can be, and not just for her, but for parents as well!  I just googled “first dance recital,” and found blog after blog written by moms and dads about their daughter’s first performance.  There are so many adorable photos of little girls all dressed up in bright colored tutus and leotards!
I couldn’t believe how many anxious parents had near-disasters with finding girls dancewear that was comfortable and pretty!  Obviously the costume is important. Dance recitals are a big deal for the whole family, and you want your little ballerina to look and feel like a superstar in her dance clothes! Having a beautiful outfit to wear on stage will help your little girl overcome stage fright and feel like a real performer.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that she’s just a little girl, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I totally remember how much I hated wearing itchy tights and leotards to ballet!  That’s an enormous distraction when you’re little!

At Sophia’s Style, we have a large selection of girl’s dancewear and girls dance clothes that are high quality and comfortable for girls to wear.  You can find cute clothes for her to wear to her dance classes, and gorgeous outfits for her to wear to her performances, so she can have fun and dance, and you can relax and enjoy the show! 

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Girl’s Dancewear: Number One Choice for Beginners and Advanced Students


Ever wondered why a dancer’s wardrobe needs to be exclusive? A quick look into Sophias Style girls’ dancewear will answer your questions. A touch of style and class in an endless array of colors, designs and comfort is what we offer to the wardrobe collection of your budding dancer. 
Our dance apparel is crafted from soft yet very sturdy material in a wide variety of colors and designs. Young dancers will absolutely love the comfort, fit and the stylish design.
Try our long sleeved dance girl’s leotard in cool blue and add warmth to the class. Little girl’s leotards in lavender or black with just a hint of pink can cause quite a flutter. Watch your little one flower in a muted pink leotard tutu set. Nothing can match the charm of a baby girl’s tulle tutu in sparkling pink. Our designer pull on dance skirts in ravishing pink or delightful blue is sure to add touches of glam and style.
Our incredible collection of soft leather jazz shoes, glitter tap shoes and dance sneakers will also never let you down.
Just a click away to our unbelievable selection of girl’s dancewear, girl’s leotards, girl’s dance shoes and accessories, and you’ll know there’s plenty to sing and dance about –
It’s only at Sophias Style that you will find an enviable collection of girls’ dancewear and dance accessories waiting to dance to your tunes. 
This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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