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Girls Designer Outfits

There are so many designers of little girls clothes out there nowadays…the designers know to get their name out there at an early age, and grow with the girls.  An example of that is the designer Tutu Moi.  They have outfits and sets that are just to die for starting with babies to older girls. You can find designer girls tops, pants, outfits, dresses and even shoes.  Start your fashionista off at an early age with designer girls clothes…you never know, she may be the next super model or finalist on one of the Fashion Runway shows.

Designer Girl’s Clothing | Sophias Style

Sophia’s Style Designer Clothes
What are your plans tonight, tomorrow or next month? Do you have a wedding to attend, something to celebrate or possibly just hanging out with the family? Look no further, Sophia’s Style has little girl’s clothing to fit any occasion. Designer girl’s clothes and baby girl’s clothes, Bonnie Jean, Lito and Rare Editions are big names that you are familiar with but there are so many more brands to choose from. Shop by brand or browse by occasion, either way we are sure you will find something appropriate for your little girl.

Terrific Toddler Clothing from

The toddler years are known as the terrible twos, maybe the most difficult period of parenting you’ll ever experience. (Let me tell you, threes and fours can be pretty terrible too, but hang in there!) Get ready for your little one to throw temper tantrums, cry, refuse to share and be stubborn beyond belief. Still, being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth and all of the love, laughter and hugs will make every single struggle worth it.

Another thing that’ll help ease the stress of the toddler years is the collection of adorable and affordable toddler girl clothing at Sophias Style! You can keep your toddler girl looking cute and stylish in top designer brands, all at a fraction of what you’d pay in a department store. We’ve got bold and hip Lipstik designs, sweet and sophisticated Bonnie Jean dresses and outfits, and even our very own Sophias Style line of toddler girl clothes, exclusive to our website!

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Lovely Lovely Lipstik |

Boutique girls clothes from Lipstik are always at the cutting edge of fashion trends, and Sophias Style Boutique is proud to carry more than 350 styles from this ultra trendy brand. True, only a budding fashionista can pull off these bold, eye-catching designer duds. You can always expect Lipstik little girls clothing to be jazzed up with sequins, sparkles, bright colors, interesting prints and more designer details!

You can practically build your little girl’s entire wardrobe from our selection. We have Lipstik tank tops, blouses, dresses, jackets, leggings, shorts, skirts and even sweaters. Many pieces are made specifically to mix and match, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of just a few items. These designer baby girl clothes are sure to draws lots of compliments and smiles from everyone she meets. They certainly won’t draw a lot of money from your wallet – our Lipstik clothing is discounted 50-65% off the retail tag. Amazing!

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Celebrate a Holiday with Sophias Style Clothing!

It’s not just for Halloween!
We’ve got a lot of really cute little girl clothing here at – dresses, tops, skirts, designer jeans and adorable outfits. Even with so many styles to choose from, my favorite girl’s clothes are usually seasonal or themed pieces, like this cute pumpkin outfit from Rare Editions. 

It’s certainly an appropriate look for the Halloween holiday – after all, orange and black are the traditional colors. At the same time, the look doesn’t say only Halloween. It’s a great look for the whole fall season, Thanksgiving included. Because it’s more of a “Harvest” theme than strictly Halloween, she’ll get two or three months wear out of this outfit instead of just one or two days. I can just picture my little girl wearing this on a trip to the pumpkin patch or on her first hayrack ride.

Be sure to check our selection of baby girl clothes year round, because we also always carry great Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and 4th of July themed clothing. She’ll be ready to celebrate any holiday and you’ll save money!

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A Lesson In Figure Skating |


Back in my middle school days I played basketball on the 8th grade team. My ever supportive mother, although she didn’t understand a lick about the sport, came to every game to cheer me on. I’m sure she was confused and bored to tears most of the time. Maybe a few pointers before the season would have helped her enjoy my games a bit more. 

So now it’s your turn to get involved in your child’s sport or activity, even if it’s as simple as learning a few rules or techniques! Maybe all your involvement to date has been buying her girls figure skating clothing, but that changes today! Here’s a quick lesson on figure skating spins so you can identify all those moves on the ice that make her look like a human pretzel. There are three types of spins in figure skating- Upright Spins, Sit Spins and Camel Spins. Each category has basic, foundational moves that evolve into very complicated spins.

Upright Spins
Scratch spin
The Scratch Spin – This move involves both legs – one skating leg and one “free leg” that is crossed in front of the skating leg. The arms and free leg start extended straight out and high. They are pulled in gradually, which accelerates the spin, and the leg is pushed down so that the feet are crossed at the ankles.

Biellmann spin
Evolve this into: the Biellmann Spin. Yow! This move takes years of practice to master and requires superhuman flexibility. It might be awhile before she attempts this one, but when she does you can correctly identify it. 

Sit Spins
Sit spin
The Sit Spin – A basic move to start this category. The skater bends the skating knee into a sitting position and the other leg is extended. The skater reaches his or her arms out to touch the toes of the extended leg – all while spinning in a circle!

Flying sit spin
Evolve this into: the Flying Sit Spin. The only difference from the basic sit spin is that the skater starts the move from a jump. Her or she must get into the sit spin position while in the air. 

Camel Spins
Camel spin
The Camel Spin – This spin paints a beautiful picture on the ice. What defines the Camel Spin is that the free leg must be held backwards with the knee of the free leg higher than the hip level. Michelle Kwan is famous for performing this move to textbook perfection.

Donut spin
Evolve this into: the Donut Spin (also known as the horizontal Biellmann). In this spin the skater pulls the blade of the skate of the free leg backward with one or both arms while arching the back to create a horizontal circular shape with the body. 

These moves might look complicated but finding beautiful and affordable ice skating clothes doesn’t have to be. Shop for skating dresses, practice pants and jackets and even boot covers. She’ll look good in our figure skating clothes for girls while she masters her technique!

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall Fashions

Brrr! It was a chilly 65 degrees outside this morning. I think fall is definitely on its way in. (Funny how 60s and 70s feel cold in August. In March after we’ve had freezing weather for months, 65 degrees will feel like a heat wave!) Anyway, it’s time to heave a great sigh and sadly start to pack away all those tank tops, shorts and swimsuits. No worries though, because it’s time to start stocking up on fall and winter girls clothes! can certainly help you do that. Every day we have new boutique girls clothing arrivals. Just in the past week we’ve said hello to new jeans, coats, outfits and tons of new shoes for babies, boys and girls. Don’t forget our special occasion girls clothing too. We have flower girl dresses in beautiful Fall colors and dozens of newly arrived christening gowns and outfits for baby boys and girls. A handful of Christmas Dresses from Lito have also made an appearance.

As the leaves change, so do the fashions. Check back at often to see what boutique girls clothes will be arriving next!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Oo La La – Tutu Moi

Baby portrait tutu
You absolutely have to take a second look at these designer girls outfits from one of our newest brands, Tutu Moi. The company specializes in these tres magnifique tulle tutu outfits for babies and little girls. Now carries dozens of styles from their fabulous clothing collection, in sizes baby 3 months all the way up to girls size 12.

Each set includes a tutu skirt that has twelve layers of hand-tailored tulle. Each tutu is uniquely embellished with beads, fringe, ribbon and other fine details. Each of these boutique girls outfits is completed with a white shirt that is embellished to match the skirt. The beauty and quality of Tutu Moi garments couldn’t be more apparent.

Because they are so lovingly made and come in a wide variety of elegant colors, these tutu outfit sets are appropriate for so many of life’s events and occasions. Tutu Moi’s baby girl outfits help create breathtakingly adorable new baby portraits. There are also pretty pink sets perfect for a birthday party, rich orange for Thanksgiving, cheery red Christmas sets and even a bright bold purple tutu that would make a delightful Halloween ensemble.  
Halloween by Tutu Moi

There’s really no bad choice when it comes to Tutu Moi. She’ll look delightful no matter which one you choose!

Dresses for Girls | Sophias Style


Girls Dresses
Girls Dresses

For the past week and a half, I’ve been working two full time jobs.  I’ve been here at Sophias Style during the days, and covering for a friend at a locally owned coffee shop in the evenings and on weekends.  It has been utterly exhausing in the best possible way.  There’s something very satisfying about the rhythm of a coffee shop and the way my legs are tired at the end of the day.  I forgot what it feels like to appreciate sitting down. 

While I won’t be able to keep up this pace forever, I am savoring it while it lasts, and also loving the time spent people watching.  I spend all day thinking and writing about girls clothing, but I don’t actually see many kids.  Yesterday, however, a guy came into the coffeeshop with his three kids.  He had two boys that looked about 10-12 years old, and a little girl who was probably 5 or 6.  She was ridiculously cute!  She had curly brown hair with blue eyes, and was wearing a sundress that was similar to the Rare Editions girls dress in the image, but in blue and white.  It’s still chilly here, so she had on leggings, closed-toe pink shoes and a cardigan sweater.

 I have rediscovered my love for two things:  coffee and cute girls dresses.  I’m already thinking about all the baby girl dresses and little girl dresses I want to buy for my future neice when she comes along, so baristas can gush about how cute she looks when I take her into coffee shops. 

If you’re lucky enough to already have a goddaughter, granddaughter or neice in your life, don’t miss out on any opportunities to spoil her!  Sophias Style has dresses for girls at affordable prices, so you can go overboard shopping for her anytime you want. 

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Little Girls Clothing | Sophias Style

Little Girls Clothing
Little Girls Clothing

Things I used to despise, but now love:

When rompers first started showing up on runways, I was not excited.  I thought Marc Jacobs had gone mad (well, madder).  When they started showing up in stores, I was flabbergasted.  However, after about a month of seeing them styled and sported by every fashion blogger under the sun, I changed my mind and bought one.  Now I love them. 

Strangely enough, rompers are one of the few clothing items that seems to have started out in the little girls clothing world and worked their way up to women’s fashion.  They’re so childlike, and yet they can be so charming on older girls and women as well.  Plus, they’re comfortable, and so much fun to style.  All you need is a cute pair of platforms, some great sunglasses and/or a silk scarf.  For the romper featured to the right (which is actually came from Sophias Style’s cute baby girls clothes, so sadly us ladies can’t get them in our sizes), I would also add a red patent waist belt.  Perfect for summer. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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