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Fabulous Easter Dresses | Sophias Style

Sweet as candy and pretty as a picture.  Easter will be here before we know it and it’s always nice to see our girl’s in their Easter best. She can where it to church and if you are really brave, while hunting for Easter eggs. Imagine the great pictures you will capture. Check out Sophia’s Style traditional baby Easter dresses and girl’s Easter dresses. These dresses are not just for Easter they can also be worn to special occasions or as a flower girl Dress.

Designer Girl’s Clothing | Sophias Style

Sophia’s Style Designer Clothes
What are your plans tonight, tomorrow or next month? Do you have a wedding to attend, something to celebrate or possibly just hanging out with the family? Look no further, Sophia’s Style has little girl’s clothing to fit any occasion. Designer girl’s clothes and baby girl’s clothes, Bonnie Jean, Lito and Rare Editions are big names that you are familiar with but there are so many more brands to choose from. Shop by brand or browse by occasion, either way we are sure you will find something appropriate for your little girl.

Girl’s Dresses. Styles Galore! | Sophias Style

Lipstick Sequin Camo Dress
Dresses for all occasion’s right here, right now. Is she feeling casual, fabulous, trendy or fabulous and trendy with a touch of glam? From jersey knit to sequins and rhinestones, Sophia’s Style has the perfect baby girl dress, infant dress and girls dress for your little one. Dress her in a baby girl’s birthday dress or a junior girl’s prom dress. We have it all and girl’s accessories to finish off her look.

Petticoats Enhance Special Occasion Dresses | Sophias Style

Little Girl’s Full Petticoat Slip

You bought the perfect dress for your little girl but it’s not quite right… Maybe the skirt is not full enough or possibly it’s a tiny bit long for her frame. Why not add a petticoat slip as an undergarment to her ensemble? It’s an easy and simple fix and adds fullness to her Christmas or Pageant dress. Now she’s ready to twirl her way into the holiday or any special occasion.
Tip: If you would like the slip to be a little fuller, turn it upside down and spray it with starch. Let it dry and viola! A fuller look and picture perfect. | Pretty New Bonnie Jean Dresses

Beautiful Bonnie Jean!
I love Bonnie Jean. Time and time again, whether it’s girls dresses, outfits, birthday dresses or accessories, they deliver sophisticated and high quality clothes for girls. Bonnie Jean is available in all the pricey, high end department stores, but you don’t have to pay those high end prices to get one of their fabulous little girl dresses in to her closet. carries them for up to 70% off the retail tag!

Bonnie Jean has beautiful and feminine designs for girls of any age – their toddler girl dresses are just as sophisticated and detailed as a garment for a pre-teen girl! The expert designers at Bonnie Jean have an amazing knack for making every garment look and feel like something ultra fancy for a special occasion – even if it’s just for everyday wear. 

This new girls dress from Bonnie Jean will make your little girl feel extra special and beautiful, even on ordinary days. The elegant fuchsia rosettes on the skirt make it look more like a Christmas dress than casual wear, but it’s perfect for school days, shopping with mom or a trip to the movies. We have plenty of new dresses for girls from Bonnie Jean, and more and more are arriving everyday!

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New Girls Clothing at

New sweater dresses from Dollhouse
Maybe you didn’t know, but at we’re adding new boutique girls clothing to our inventory every day. It’s fun to come to work each morning and see what baby, boys or girls clothes are waiting to be put on our website. Just yesterday we added new Peaches ‘n Cream outfits, Nina girls shoes and elegant Christmas dresses. Wonder what we’ll get today…

Moms should check our site frequently, because some days things are changing literally by the hour! However, I’ll give you a heads up on some fabulous new boutique girls clothes you should check out ASAP. I’d like to introduce you to Dollhouse, a new member of our family of girls clothing brands. This season Dollhouse is all about the sweater dress. These dresses are great for layering. You can add tights and flats in the fall, and then switch to leggings and boots when the winter chill really sets in. If only they made them in my size!

You might have to check every day for the newest fashions on our site(hint: new winter coats arrived today), but you’ll never have to search for discount prices – our low prices never change! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Little Girls Dresses | Sophias Style

Little Girl Dresses
It’s the last week of July!  That means fall is just around the corner- hopefully it will bring a few slightly cooler days our way, Nebraska has been unbearably hot for weeks now.  I know that not everyone is thrilled to see the end of summer on it’s way, but I can’t help getting excited.  At Sophias Style, all of our summer girls dresses and baby dresses are on sale (so now’s the time to grab those great bargains). 
You know what’s the best part of fall fashion?  Most of it is just summer clothing that’s been re-styled!  For example, all those cute little sundresses you bought for your girl?  Now those are all layering pieces.  Perfect for back to school, because in the mornings and evenings she’ll need sweaters and jackets, but in the afternoons it’ll get hot and she’ll want to lose some of those layers.  So, just invest in lots of wool tights and a variety of cardigans and soft jackets, and boom, all of her little girls dresses just became fall clothing. 
The other great thing about fall is that it brings on a whole new selection of flower girl dresses and holiday dresses.  Are you as excited as I am to see all of the beautiful baby girl dresses we’ll have this year for Christmas and fall/winter weddings?  From what I can tell, the luxe look is still going to be huge this year, so bring on the velvet, satin and sequins!  I’m really loving all the deep jewel tones, like emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red.  What could be more elegant?  Your little girl will look like British royalty in the gorgeous girls holiday dresses we’ll have at Sophias Style this season!

Baby Dresses | Sophias Style

Baby Dresses
Baby Dresses

The Bonnie Jean baby dresses we’ve just starting carrying are so perfect for fall.  I know it’s a bit early, but that rich red plaid will be so perfect when the leaves are just starting to turn into golds and oranges and reds.  It looks like it should be worn by a little girl in a park in London, walking with her very Jackie O-esque mummy, who would be pushing an old fashioned baby carriage with a navy cover that has ruffled trim. 

We have tons of darling girls dresses that would be great for this summer, and could easily be paired with a sweater for fall when back to school season rolls around.  It’s never a bad time to shop for dresses for girls at Sophias Style, but right now is an especially good time because you can save 25% on everything this week.  That includes sale, so stock up today! 

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Girls Summer Clothes at Sophias Style

Girls Summer Clothes
Girls Summer Clothes

As soon as spring begins, I get so excited for all the loose, flowy spring fabrics in light colors!  Winter is all about layers and structure, and summer is the opposite.  Finally it’s ok to run around in sandals and skirts and tank tops, and there’s no need to spend 10 minutes bundling up before you step outside.  You can just throw your hair into a pony tail, slip on some comfy sandals and waltz out the door. 

Girls summer clothes are even more fun than adults.  She can run around in simple girls summer dresses all season and look perfectly adorable!  Find beautiful summer dresses and outfits for your little girl at Sophias Style, and enjoy the affordable prices!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Bonnie Jean Clothing | Sophias Style


Bonnie Jean Dresses
Bonnie Jean Dresses

The temperatures in Omaha, Nebraska have shot up to 96 degrees over the last couple of days.  It is hot and humid and should be awful but I love it.  Spring is seriously here and summer is right on it’s heels.  Yesterday when I got home, I opened all the windows in my apartment, turned on the ceiling fans and took a nap.  When I woke up, it was still light outside so I went to a cafe and had coffee with a friend on the patio and discussed the merits of writing form poetry in a society that is growing more fond of free verse everyday.  That is the perfect[ly nerdy] way to spend an evening. 

If I had to choose one perfect brand of clothing for this season, it would be Bonnie Jean clothing.  Their styles always feel so in tune with the season and the current trends, but still manage to appeal to more traditional tastes as well.  Every little girl should be wearing boutiquey Bonnie Jean dresses and sparkly shoes right now.  I especially love the set in the image because the dress comes with the jean jacket- perfect for the indecisive weather that spring brings. 
Shop Bonnie Jean clothes for your little girl or Bonnie baby clothes for your infant girl today at Sophias Style! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog. 

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