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Let’s Play Dress Up | Sophias Style

Little girls are imaginative, they play with dolls, take care of our boo boos and “bake” us our favorite treats, which we gobble up happily. She will be the ultimate professional chef, fairy or doctor (just to name a few) with our girl’s dress up clothes. Our children love to mimic us. Do you wear an apron in the kitchen? Maybe you are a doctor or nurse, firefighter or police officer. It’s not just a girl’s costume, it’s inspiration! We also have little boy’s costumes for your creative little guy.

Halloween Costumes Sale at | Ends Today!

If you’re still looking for a girls Halloween costume, today is the day to find the perfect one! Right now at, any regular priced Halloween costume is 25% off. Simply enter code TRICKORTREAT at the checkout and the discount will be applied to your order. This special sale ends tonight at 11:59pm CST so you don’t have much time left!

Aside from traditional Halloween costumes, we also have a selection of adorable Halloween dresses and outfits for your baby, toddler or little girl. Once you’ve got the perfect costume or Halloween clothing for your little girl, get into the Halloween spirit in other fun ways. Bake and decorate Halloween cupcakes, carve a Jack-o-Lantern or make yummy caramel apples for your friends and neighbors!

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“Boo” tique Halloween Clothes from

Halloween is a mere 27 days away! If you haven’t shopped our girls Halloween costumes department yet, don’t fret. You still have time and there are still plenty of cute costumes to choose from. We also have a great selection of Halloween clothes for girls, like this black and orange sparkle ghost dress. 

Halloween clothes are sometimes a better option for babies than traditional girls costumes. Some Halloween costumes have many parts and pieces that are complicated to put together and uncomfortable for babies to wear. This is a simple one piece dress that’s easy to slip on and off. Your baby girl will be warm and toasty and can still show her adorable Halloween spirit!

New girls dress up clothes and Halloween costumes are still arriving at, so keep checking to find the perfect one. A “boo” tiful and affordable costume is just waiting!

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Three Cheers for Halloween! |

Here are some costumes for girls that are really worth cheering about. The low prices deserve a “hip hip hooray” too! Aeromax Halloween costumes for girls have arrived at, and they are both adorable and affordable. 
Halloween is fast approaching, so time is running out to find the perfect girls dress up clothing for the big night. We carry a wide selection of girls dress up clothes and costumes from Aeromax, Melissa & Doug, Princess Paradise and Hollywood Babe. 
Our Halloween costumes are high quality pieces, so you can pass them on to younger siblings in years to come or trade with a friend. Your little girl will get lots of wear from any costume you choose for her. All she has to decide is what she wants to be for the day! Is it a cheerleader? A chef? A veterinarian? The sky’s the limit, but the prices at never are. Our costumes are discount priced off the retail tag, every day of the year. 

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Unique DIY Girls Halloween Costumes from

She’ll be a star in this Halloween costume!
It’s a good bet that Mom is involved in some way when planning girls costumes for Halloween. I always looked to my own mother for costume ideas when October rolled around, and over the years she came through with some really memorable girls Halloween costumes for me to wear. She was great at finding everyday clothing that we could transform into a costume with simple accessories. can help spark mom’s creativity this year. Of course our traditional Halloween costumes for girls make it simple and easy to prepare for the big night, but thinking outside the box while shopping our site can be fun too. 
I browsed our Girls Casual Dresses department to find something I could transform into girls dress up clothes. This hot pink and silver coin sequin dress from Lipstik would make a perfect “pop star” costume. Add a pair of glitter tights, tall black boots and a denim jacket if it’s chilly outside. For props include a microphone or headset and she’s an instant star for the day! The best thing is that because the dress, tights, boots and jacket are not actually a costume, they can be easily incorporated into her everyday wardrobe all year round!
A pretty pageant dress costume
Pick up one of our girls pageant dresses and create a “Miss U.S.A” costume. Just add glitter heels or dress shoes, a tiara, long white gloves and a sash made from ribbon. She can wear the pageant dress again for Christmas, a wedding or other special occasion. In 7th grade I actually dressed up in this costume, and I got so many compliments from the kids at school (thanks mom!). Costumes for little girls should be about fun and creativity. It also never hurts to get a great deal on a costume too! Shop and see what you can find.

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Fun and Spooky Halloween Decorations

Delightfully spooky ghosts!
Truly excellent Halloween crafts and decorations make take a little extra time and preparation, but luckily there’s still more than 2 months until October 31st. Sometimes finding costumes for girls and boys can be a time consuming and expensive chore, but not this year! Simply shop and pick up affordable Halloween costumes for girls. Then get started collecting plastic milk cartons so you can have these spooky Spirit Jugs decorations lining you walkway this Halloween. It’s a fun project the whole family can get in on. Here’s what you’ll need:  

·         Clean plastic gallon milk jugs
·         Black permanent marker
·         Craft knife
·         String of 50 clear low-wattage holiday lights

Once you gather your materials, it’s just three easy steps to complete!

1.       Draw ghost eyes and mouths on the jugs. Tip: Leave the caps on while you do this, so the jugs don’t dent.
2.       Use the craft knife to cut a half-dollar-size hole in the back of each jug (a parent’s job).
3.       Arrange the ghosts near each other and string the lights between them, stuffing several bulbs into each of the jugs.

Bee-utiful girls dress up clothes
You can create ghosts of all shapes and sizes by mixing gallon and half gallon milk jugs in your arrangement. You can draw scary or silly faces on your cartons depending on your mood. You’ll have unique, recycled Halloween decorations and girls dress up clothing that didn’t cost you a fortune!

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Toddler Halloween Costumes for Your Little Cutie

Toddler Halloween Costumes
Toddler Halloween Costumes
We have just gotten the cutest Halloween outfits at Sophias Style!  I want to buy one for every child I know.  Right now they’re up for pre-order, so it’s a great time to get “dibbs” on your favorite.  I’m all about reserving things ahead of time, because nothing is worse than waiting too long and seeing it sell out. 
These come in a wide range of sizes, so you can get your toddler halloween costume and a Halloween outfit for your older child to match. 
I especially love the originality of these outfits, they’re unique and you know every child isn’t going to be wearing one.  When I was little, I always wanted to be a princess for halloween… just like every other girl in my class at school.  But there just weren’t that many options available!  Kids these days have it so good!
Now hop on over to Sophias Style and check out the toddler Halloween costumes (guaranteed to get lots of “Aaawww’s” while Trick or Treating).  While you’re there, make sure you browse through some of our new fall arrivals, we’ve got tons of adorable new back to school styles!

Girls Costumes at Sophias

Baby Girl Costumes
Baby Girl Costumes

I know it’s a rather silly time of year to be discussing halloween costumes for girls, but let’s think outside the box for a minute:  Costume usage does not need to be limited to one single night a year.  Costumes are too much fun to be hidden away for 364 days out of every year!  Why not have a spring costume party?  Think how much fun your daughter and her friends could have dressing up in girls costumes for a sleepover. 
I nearly bought a couple of baby girl costumes for a friend’s little girl yesterday, in the end I decided not to because she may have already outgrown those sizes.  But these little tutu skirts with the matching headbands are so sweet, I just want to buy one for someone!  *Sigh* T-4.5 months until my brother will be married and hopefully on his way to getting me an adorable little neice! 

Have a happy Easter weekend!

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Girls Costumes
Girls Costumes

I cannot even express to you how much I love Halloween.  This year is going to be fantastic.  My boyfriend’s band is throwing their annual Vampire Masquerade at a very nice club, which means I get to buy a very pretty dress, make a pretty mask, and wear lots of glitter and elaborate makeup.  Fancy parties are like grown ups consolation prize for being too old to trick-or-treat anymore.  We may not get free candy, but we do still get to play dress-up and we don’t have any curfew. 

Here at Sophia’s Style, it’s all about the girls Halloween costumes!  We have so many beautiful princess costumes, I’m jealous that I’m too big for all of them.  So, if you ahven’t taken time to browse our girls dress up clothes, you should do it now.  You’re missing out!  And, costumes like these would cost almost twice as much at most stores- if you can even find them in any stores. 

So, shop our beautiful girls costumes for your little girl, and find something she’ll love.  Then, take some time to plan a fun Halloween for yourself after the trick-or-treating!  So what if you don’t get free candy?  You’re a grown up, you can do other cool stuff, and you can hire the a the high school girl next door to baby-sit (she’s too old to trick-or-treat and too young to go to a masquerade, so she should be available). 

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Happy Halloween!

Girl's Halloween Costume
Girl’s Halloween Costume

Have you seen this gorgeous Belle costume?!  This honestly makes me wish I was a kid again, I loved Beauty and the Beast!  Belle was so awesome, she liked to read books, she totally ignored the big, arrogant jock guy, Gaston, and then she fell in love with the Beast instead.  Fabulous story, great music, too. 

If Belle isn’t your little girl’s favorite herione, not to worry, we have a huge selection of other princesses, mermaids and more, so you’ll find the perfect girl’s halloween costume or baby girls halloween costumes for your family. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post activity ideas, but you’re in luck- because today I have three adorable Halloween ideas for your family and neighbors!  I didn’t come up with these on my own, they’re courtesy of my wonderful office-neighbor, Jean. 

Idea 1:  Host a neighborhood safe party!
Serve chilli or soup, and request that each family in attendance bring a side dish.  Set up classic Halloween games for the kids, like bobbing for apples.  Require all the adults to bring a picture of themselves when they were little wearing a costume.  Kids love to see photos of their parents as children, and the adults will have fun laughing about how cute and dorky everyone was! 

Idea 2:  Visit a local nursing home or retirement home (call first, of course) with the kids. 
A lot of times, the people in these homes don’t get to see kids in Halloween costumes, so it’s a sweet way to brighten up their Halloween season.  Bring “treats,” like large-print magazines and playing cards, and maybe hard candy. 

Idea 3:  If you live near a college or university, call and see if there’s something you can do for the freshman dormitories.  A lot of those kids are away from home for the first time, and come the end of October, might be getting quite homesick.  A little bag of Halloween treats made with love might really cheer them up. 

Hopefully you’ll find those ideas useful!  Don’t forget to check out Sophia’s Style when you start shopping for that perfect Halloween costume! 

Happy October (tomorrow’s the 1st, so don’t forget to pay rent!)

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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