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Celebrate a Holiday with Sophias Style Clothing!

It’s not just for Halloween!
We’ve got a lot of really cute little girl clothing here at – dresses, tops, skirts, designer jeans and adorable outfits. Even with so many styles to choose from, my favorite girl’s clothes are usually seasonal or themed pieces, like this cute pumpkin outfit from Rare Editions. 

It’s certainly an appropriate look for the Halloween holiday – after all, orange and black are the traditional colors. At the same time, the look doesn’t say only Halloween. It’s a great look for the whole fall season, Thanksgiving included. Because it’s more of a “Harvest” theme than strictly Halloween, she’ll get two or three months wear out of this outfit instead of just one or two days. I can just picture my little girl wearing this on a trip to the pumpkin patch or on her first hayrack ride.

Be sure to check our selection of baby girl clothes year round, because we also always carry great Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and 4th of July themed clothing. She’ll be ready to celebrate any holiday and you’ll save money!

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Oo La La – Tutu Moi

Baby portrait tutu
You absolutely have to take a second look at these designer girls outfits from one of our newest brands, Tutu Moi. The company specializes in these tres magnifique tulle tutu outfits for babies and little girls. Now carries dozens of styles from their fabulous clothing collection, in sizes baby 3 months all the way up to girls size 12.

Each set includes a tutu skirt that has twelve layers of hand-tailored tulle. Each tutu is uniquely embellished with beads, fringe, ribbon and other fine details. Each of these boutique girls outfits is completed with a white shirt that is embellished to match the skirt. The beauty and quality of Tutu Moi garments couldn’t be more apparent.

Because they are so lovingly made and come in a wide variety of elegant colors, these tutu outfit sets are appropriate for so many of life’s events and occasions. Tutu Moi’s baby girl outfits help create breathtakingly adorable new baby portraits. There are also pretty pink sets perfect for a birthday party, rich orange for Thanksgiving, cheery red Christmas sets and even a bright bold purple tutu that would make a delightful Halloween ensemble.  
Halloween by Tutu Moi

There’s really no bad choice when it comes to Tutu Moi. She’ll look delightful no matter which one you choose!

Sophias Style Pink Sale!

Sophias Style Outfits
Sophias Style Outfits

Sophias Style is having a sale on all of our own brand clothing!  You can receive 20% off all Sophias Style dresses, Sophias Style outfits, and Sophias Style accessories if you enter PINK20 at checkout. 
The sale will be running until Tuesday, so you have just enough time to browse through all the gorge dresses and outfits, then pick out the perfect accessoriest to compliment them.  I so wish there had been such a thing and shopping online when I was a child!  When else in life can you find adorable outfits like this for only $17.99, and then get an additional 20% off?

Enjoy shopping, and don’t forget to start thinking about spring- it’s on it’s way at last!   January will be over in less than two weeks, hooray!  I can’t quit looking at all the spring collections, 2011 is looking like it’s going to be one of my favorite fashion years!

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Happy 2011!

Girls Clothes Winter Sale

We’ve officially made it to 2011, did everyone have a fun New Years?  I went to Denver and stayed with some friends for the weekend.  They have two adorable boys, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, and they were so funny and happy- I don’t think I’ve ever met happier children in my entire life. 

Now that January has arrived, it’s time to start checking out all the awesome winter sales!  We just did a ton of really big markdowns, so stop by our Winter Sale page and stock up on all the discount girls clothing you need while the prices are so low.  The outfit pictured to the right has been marked down by $15, and there are tons of other really cute girls outfits, girls dresses, boys outfits, and baby clothes on sale. 

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Adorable Clothing for Toddlers!


Toddler Girls Clothing
Toddler Girl Clothing

 If you have a toddler girl, then you’ve probably got your hands full and hardly have time to read this blog.  Nevertheless, I’m going to hope your little girl actually laid down for her nap on time today, and your spouse miraculously got all of the laundry and necessary cleaning done yesterday, and suddenly you have been left with an hour of precious free time, and that being the selfless and thoughtful parent you are, all caught up in a wave of affection for your family (especially your thankfully unconcious tot) you’ve decided to spend that time scouring the online shopping world for new toddler girl clothes.

If that’s the case, then you’re in luck!  I’ve narrowed the vast Sophia’s Style collection right down to the toddler girl clothing, so all you have to do is click those three blue, underlined words, and you’ll be transported to a magical world of toddler clothing for girls that is equal parts adorable, well-made, and affordable.  Also, if you’d like to go directly to the exceptionally pretty outfits featured in the photos, I linked them, so just click!

Toddler Girls Coats
Toddler Girls Outerwear

 You’re welcome.  No really, it was nothing, I’m just happy to help.  Gosh, you’re being too kind!  Oh alright, if you insist, you can send your handwritten Thank-You’s and gifts (although really, you shouldn’t have!) to me at Sophia’s Style.  Email if you’d like the links to my numerous online Wish Lists. 

Speaking of Wish Lists (I smell a segue, are you ready to segue?) have you made your Sophia’s Style Wish List?  Come on guys, the holidays are approaching!  Find the things you like but don’t want to pay for yourself, then add them to your wishlist by clicking Add to Wishlist (you have to have a Sophia’s Style account, if you don’t then just sign up, it’s nothing scary, and I promise we won’t try to make you get a credit card or sell your email address or any of that annoying stuff).  Then you can send your friends and family your Wish List.  Come the next event or holiday that requires the exchanging of gifts, you won’t wind up with a bunch of stuff you’ll have to return for store credit or twelve gift cards to restaurants you won’t ever go to because you have a child in her terrible-twos and a babysitter would cost more than the meal. 

Now go shop, she’s going to wake up soon!

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P.S. I was kidding about the gifts for me, please don’t send stuff, I think I could get fired for that.

Fabulous Girls Clothing, For Sale!


Girls clothing
Girls Clothing

We’re running a fantastic sale at Sophia’s Style!  For the next four days, you and a friend can save 20% on your entire orders.  When you go to checkout, enter the code FORYOU in the field provided for promotional codes.  After you save your 20%, forward the code FRIEND to a friend, so they can enjoy the savings too! 

All of our girls clothing is boutique quality, and we sell it at discount prices.  The photo today is the daughter of one of our very own Sophia’s Style representatives!  She’s wearing a Posh International tutu, and clearly loving it.  Our girl’s clothes and baby girl clothes are genuinly unique and well made, which is why everyone who works here buys them for their kids. 

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Baby Outfits | Sophia’s Style

Girls Outfits

The cold has already rolled in here in Omaha.  I’ve been wearing ankle boots and bringing sweaters with me everywhere all week.  If you haven’t already bought girls outfits and baby outfits for the cooler weather, you’d better start!  Last winter was a nightmare of snow, so stock up on turtlenecks, corduroys, and wools! 
Also, check out our girls boots and baby boots, so their feet will stay dry and warm.  We’ve got some really cute waterproof booties in, perfect for this fall and winter. 

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Fabulous Fall Clothes for Girls! | Sophia’s Style

Girls AccessoriesGirls DressesIf you haven’t already, it’s high time you browsed through all the amazing girl’s clothes we’ve got at Sophia’s Style. Your girl can be the best dressed for everyday and every special occasion with clothing and accessories that you don’t even have to leave the house to purchase!

Finding girls clothes for all the changing seasons can be difficult at the mall, but with, you can browse designer girls clothing and find great outfits and style tips right from home. This fall, instead of putting away all her sundresses and buying a whole new wardrobe, you can warm up her summer florals by accessorizing with one of our pretty flowered hats and pairing it with a colorful plaid pea coat! Not quite cool enough to necessitate wearing a pea coat yet? Check out our cozy sweaters, the perfect outerwear for in-between weather!

Girls CoatsAt Sophia’s Style, we want to help you find all the greatest girls clothes for fantastic prices, because we know how much fun it is for little girls to have cute clothes! Take your girl shopping for designer girls clothing at awesome prices right now on

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Girls Clothes! | Sophia’s Style

Girls Clothing

Guess what guys, we’ve got a discount promotion going!  You can get 15% off your entire purchase if you enter 15OFF at checkout! 

It’s August, and that means prime shopping season, so we’ve decided to make it all the more fun to find girls clothes this fall with %15 off all the girls clothing you could possibly need. 

Both of the photos I’m posting today were taken by happy parents and sent into Sophia’s Style to show us how much their girls loved the outfits they got from our site! We love seeing happy shoppers, and if you want, you can look through our Sophia’s Style Stars page and see all of the adorable photos families have sent in.

Girls Clothes

Now’s a good time to start looking for holiday dresses, fall jackets, winter coats, and back to school outfits.  We’ve been getting loads of new clothing in, and it’s all so unique and beautiful! 

While you’re checking out all the necessities for your girls, don’t forget to have a look at our baby girl clothes!  She may not be going to school yet, but she still deserves to look fabulous, right? 

Have fun, and don’t forget:  15OFF

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Girls Outfits at Great Prices

Girls Outfits

When you’ve got kids to shop for, you can never be too careful about bargain hunting!  At Sophia’s Style, we’ve got loads of great designer girls outfits and baby girls outfits for exceptionally awesome prices.  It’s about time to start looking for next season’s clothes, you don’t want to be in a panic when the weather changes! 
The best part of Sophia’s Style clothing is that not only do we carry the highest quality products for the lowest prices, but we also have the largest selection of truly unique and one-of-a-kind styles.  Your little girl will look great in clothing that is unlike anyone elses.  So come check it out, you might as well, you’re already on the computer! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.


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