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Tips on Buying Girls Shoes Online

Buying shoes for girls online might seem like a tedious process. Trial and error may discourage even the best of us but with a little bit of helpful information you can be assured your online shopping for baby, toddler girls shoes will always put a smile on her face while keeping her feet comfortable. Whether they’re running circles around you or taking their first steps, small feet require big care.

Buying a new pair of shoes for your sweet girl is a necessity as her feet grow. Choosing a great fit along with that certain style to match that special outfit can be a challenge. These tips will be a useful guide in making the right choice when purchasing girls shoes online with Sophia’s Style Boutique.

Selecting the right size

????????????????????????????????????Getting the right fit for your child is an important part of shopping for shoes. We understand the significance of every step. We recommend checking the way other brands may fit her feet. Whether small or big, the size of shoe could affect her way to move, walk or run and natural development and mobility.

The correct size shoe is s a first condition that a shoe suitable for children should fulfill. It should have a little space to squeeze, and enough space to allow the feet to grow. Considering the growing process it is indicated to check if the shoes still fit well every month. You can measure the distance between the biggest toe to the back of the heel.
Measure their feet before buying shoes. The best moment for measuring the foot is at the end of the day when the foot is largest. (more…)

Girls Pageant Dresses | Sophias Style Boutique

Girls Pageant Dresses

The popularity of pageants just blows me away.  There are even reality shows about these competitions.  We’ve seen the popularity of pageants skyrocket and we’ve been working to expand our girls pageant dress selection.  Whether it’s a natural pageant (no fake eyelashes, “flippers” or lots of makeup) to a glitz pageant (no holds barred) we have the best selection of girls pageant dresses around for ages 6months and up. We even have girls pageant interview suits

A pageant hint…make sure that you have a backup dress. You never know when an accident is going to happen.  Also make sure you’ve packed an extra pair of dress shoes in case of a broken heel.

You do the worry about picking out the perfect pageant dress, shoes or accessories…let your little girl just worry about her walk and smile.  Don’t forget to have her blow a kiss to the judges.

Stylish Shoes by Nina Shoes | Sophias Style

Nina Shoes Fuchsia Fur Studded Boots

If you are looking for trendy girl’s shoes or boots Nina shoes for girls has what you are looking for. Boots are not just for clomping around in the snow. Statements are made with these fabulous fuchsia and studded boots by Nina shoes. A little glam on her feet can make her eyes sparkle too. Girl’s fashion boots and girl’s shoes by Nina shoes are plentiful at Sophia’s Style.

NEW at SophiasStyle Emu Australia Boots for Kids and Adults

Cute Baby Girl Boots from Emu International

Winter is here for some of us or on it’s way for the others.  Heck, it’s November already!  Perfect time to shop for warm fashion boots for your little girl.  We just received a large shipment of boots from Emu International. These boots are trendy while still keeping your little girl’s toes nice and toasty.  In fact, we have many styles of girls fashion boots as well.  EVEN women’s boots.  One stop shopping while it’s cold outside.  Make sure to pick up an extra pair of gloves or mittens, they’re bound to lose a pair somewhere between the van and the front door!  Pour a cup of hot coffee and shop by the fire!

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Cha Cha Cha! |

Check out these new kicks! These pink and black zebra print girls shoes are the newest addition to our footwear collection, and boy are they cute. This is definitely not your ordinary pair of dress shoes, but is the perfect fit for your budding little fashionista. 

We all “ooh’ed” and “ahh’ed” when we saw them and I’m sure you will too once you take a look! These designer baby girl shoes also come in silver and black zebra print and are sure to make an eye-catching statement with her party or special occasion dress. They mimic all of the latest footwear fashions for women, but are still colorful and whimsical like little girl shoes should be. 

If you order them today, you can save 20%. Until 11:59pm CST tonight, you can enter code LIKE at the checkout on  for a 20% discount on any regular priced items. That means these stellar shoes, girls Christmas dresses, outerwear and much much more! 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Designer Shoes are for Playing Too!

A fun Fall game!
I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I saw people swimming at the outdoor pool in my apartment complex. Here it is, mid-September, and it’s still warm enough for a dip in the water.  It’s evidence that summer is still hanging around, and nothing could make me happier! I’m just hoping next weekend is as hot as this one was so I can get in on the pool party.

Even with summer on the way out, there is still plenty of time for fun outdoor activities. Many games are very simple and impromptu, so your little girl can even play outside in the same girls designer shoes she wears to school. Gather the neighborhood kids for a game of Giant Marbles (a super-sized version of the classic game):

1.      To set up: First collect as many balls as you can (soccer, beach, playground, and basketballs), then make a large circle with rope on grass or chalk on blacktop. Place all the balls into the circle and spread them out a little.
2.      To play: Players use one ball as the shooter (a heavier basketball or soccer ball works well). Standing 10 feet away, players take turns rolling this ball at the pile to try to knock out as many balls as they can without the shooter’s going outside the ring. If a player knocks out any balls, he keeps them (“keepsies” in marbles lingo) and gets to go again. When the circle is empty, the player with the most keepsies wins.

Fashionable and functional shoes
This is a game is so much fun that even Moms and Dads may want to join. When you think of little girls designer shoes, you might think of glittery flats or shiny boots – not exactly playground material. But it’s simply not true- at least at Our collection of designer shoes for girls includes sneakers and athletic shoes that are perfect for running, kicking and jumping all day long!

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Girls Designer Shoes for Less at


Girls Designer Shoes
Girls Designer Shoes

Ever since the Wizard of Oz was made into a movie, ruby red glitter shoes have become a necessity in a little girls closet.  They’re cute and fun and iconic, what more can you ask for?  I’m really loving Primigi’s take on the style, these shoes have a girly feel with sensible elements.  She could wear these every day and they would look and feel great.  The velcro maryjane strap is cute and functional at the same time. 
We have tons of great girls designer shoes by Primigi and other great brands that know just how to take a classic and give it the perfect twist.
We also have some really fabulous designer infant shoes made by brands that not only create great looking shoes, but also make sure that their shoes will help young children that are just learning about walking.  Designer baby shoes and designer toddler girl shoes by Wee Squeak are especially beneficial.  The squeaky soles make it fun for kids to learn how to properly distribute the weight throughout their feet when walking. 
Enjoy shopping affordable baby designer shoes at Sophias Style!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Roper Cowgirl Boots | Sophias Style


Roper Cowgirl Boots
Roper Cowgirl Boots

Now, I know I just lectured you a few blogs ago about the importance of having a pair of cowboy boots in your closet, but the weather outside in Omaha today is perfect for boots and I feel like talking about it again.  Just look at how cute Kate Bosworth and that other girl (whoever she is) are in their boots in the images below! 

The most important thing to remember when shopping for cowboy boots is that quality matters.  You want a well known brand for these, trust me.  There’s nothing worse than a pair of rock-bottom plastic boots pinching your toes all day.  For kids boots, the quality is equally important if not more.  Kids care more about comfort, style is secondary (kids are smarter than us) so don’t just hit up Wal Mart for the cheapest possible pair of boots.  Instead, come to Sophias Style and get an absurdly good deal on a pair of real, high quality Roper cowgirl boots

Cowgirl Boots
Kate Bosworth and Unidentified Texter Rocking Cowgirl Boots

Roper boots for girls are always in style, always well made, and always guaranted to look fabulous.  Her feet will be comfortable, and she’ll look too darling for words. 

I  don’t normally condone obsessing about labels, but Roper is one you should be proud to sport.  This company makes a quality, timeless product.  Their selection of Roper kids boots is full of fun colors and styles.  Your little girl is sure to love them, and she’ll be able to wear them with almost anything in her closet.  My favorite way to style cowboy boots is with a sundress and a cardi, but they also never fail to look great with skinny jeans and a sweater or t-shirt, or shorts.  They work for any season- they’re warm enough for winter and utilitarian enough to be justified in the summer.  On top of all of that, they’re good for her feet and safe. 

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These Boots are Made for Walking | Sophias Style


Girls Boots
Girls Boots

 I have a thing for boots.  I love them, I wear them in all seasons with all my clothes.  I don’t think there is any such thing as an outfit that can’t be worn with boots, and I firmly believe that an adorable pair of boots has the ability to improve even the blandest of ensembles.  Every lady ought to own four pairs of boots; cowboy boots, rain boots, heeled ankle boots and black riding boots.  You can (and should!) build your collection further from there, but those are the must-haves.  Rain boots will get you and your favorite socks and pants safely through the spring.  Cowboy boots will add a flirty feel to any casual look in any season.  Black heeled ankle boots with black tights and a skirt or dress will make your legs look six miles long, and lastly, black riding boots will make you look chic and pulled together on all of those days when the idea of wearing heels is simply too much to bear. 

Now, a child’s wardrobe certainly doesn’t require the scope and variety of a lady’s wardrobe, but I do still believe every little girl should at least have some cowboy boots and a pair of rain boots.  Cute and functional.  Happily, Sophias Style has been expanding our collection of girls boots, and now we’ve got a pretty impressive selection.  I especially love the pink pair by Roper Kids featured in the photo.  The heels will light up when she walks, how much fun is that?!  Light up cowboy boots for girls, it’s a brilliant idea (no pun intended).  We also have a lot of girls baby boots, including soft soles, so your youngest fashionista can learn to look stylish even before she learns to walk!  It’s never too early, right? 

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Girls Designer Shoes | Sophias Style

Girls Designer Shoes
Girls Designer Shoes

 Have you checked out our girls shoes department at Sophias Style lately?  If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and click the magical blue words, because they will transport you to what I believe just might be the most enormous shoe selection you have ever seen.  We have started carrying some truly fabulous girls designer shoes by brands like Roper Kids, Nina Kids and John Deere

I especially like the new styles of baby girl shoes, like the John Deere soft sole boots, they’re so darling! 

You know what’s strange?  I honestly think I owned more shoes when I was a kid than I do now.  It’s because I’m picky, I won’t buy shoes unless they’re perfect and really great quality (read:  overpriced), which means I don’t have the luxury of being able to run out and  buy three new pairs any old time I feel like it.  Kids are so lucky, I never manage to find cute shoes like the ones we sell at Sophias for such great prices.  Did you know Nina Shoes were featured in Vogue Paris?  And now you can buy them on our site for only $29.99!  Buy your daughters, neices and granddaughters lots of great shoes while you can!

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog

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