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Laura Dare Girls Christmas Pajamas

Your little girl is sleeping snug as a bug this Christmas season, so dress her for the holidays while she sleeps and keep her cozy in babygirls sleepwear by Laura Dare. Fashionable, trendy and oh, soo cute. Laura Dare is known for their boutique girls sleepwear  from spring to winter there is a perfect nightgown, pajama set or comfy robe for your baby or little girl. Many families have a tradition of giving  pajamas to each other on Christmas Eve so they have new sleepwear while opening up presents the next  morning. A picture perfect moment as she wears her new pj’s while waking up Christmas morning.    Don’t leave out your littlest one.  Have your camera ready and create memories this season.

Girls Sleepwear | Sophia’s Style



Girls Sleepwear
Girls Sleepwear

I don’t know about everyone else, but all I want to do today is curl up and take a nap.  I don’t know why, I went to bed at a very reasonable hour last night, I should be ready to rock today.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been browsing through our girls sleepwear and it all looks so soft and cozy. 

I especially love this red nightgown by Laura Dare.  It looks so pretty, perfect for the holidays, I can just imagine a happy little girl wearing it while sitting on the floor next to the Christmas tree opening up her presents. 

Baby Girl Sleepwear

Also, I really love these black and white houndstooth pajamas by Mad Sky.  They’re very pretty, and I found them in the baby girl sleepwear section.  I love the collar and the pink trim, but my favorite part is the design of the top, it’s so unique and girly! 

Looking at all the cute pajamas reminds me of how much I loved bedtime stories when I was little (and still to this day).  Both of my parents to me whenever they got a chance, because there was nothing I loved more than stories.  My favorite book was Summer of the Monkeys, by Wilson Rawls.  He also wrote Where the Red Fern Grows- which is beautiful and made me cry.  My dad used to doze off while he was reading, like right in the middle of a sentence, and whenever I woke him up he’d say “I was just resting my eyes!”  Do you read to your kids?  What books are their favorites?

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It’s Sleepover Season!

Girls Sleepwear

It’s mid-September now, so all the kids are back in school and having fun with their friends, which means it won’t be long before they start planning sleepovers.  We’ve been getting tons of adorable new girls sleepwear in, including girls pajamas, little girl nightgowns, bathrobes, and more! 

Shop Sophia’s Style for sleepwear, girls clothes, boys clothes, kids shoes, and more!  We have everything you need to keep your kids looking stylish and feeling comfortable for every day and every occasion. 

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

Girls Pajamas | Sophia’s Style

Girls Sleepwear

If she needs new girls sleepwear, you have to check out the selection at Sophia’s Style.  We’ve got tons of fantastic girls pajamas, and even a few nightgowns for girls
Also, if you happen to be planning any sleepovers, you should check out this new post about planning them to make your girl’s party go as smoothly as possible! 

When I was a kid, I loved having fun PJs, and it made getting ready for bedtime much easier on my parents.  Help your little girl choose a fun set of pajamas, and a back-up set, on Sophia’s Style, and make bedtime something she looks forward to! 

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How to Avoid Hearing “We’re Booored!” | Sophia’s Style


This summer the weather has been downright moody in Nebraska!  One day it’s hot and sunny, the next it’s pouring rain, and another it’ll be so humid you can barely stand to step outdoors!  Keeping energetic kids busy when they can’t play outside is never easy, and I should know, I used to be the nanny for five children.  When you’ve got a vacuming to do, laundry to wash and fold, and dinner to cook, you just can’t afford to give the kids your full attention.  My favorite way to keep them busy was to set them up with an activity they could play together.  Here’s one they really loved: 

The game is called “What Changed?”

  • Have the kids sit in one room, and choose one to stand up and have everyone look very closely at what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it. 
  • Have the child leave the room and change something about his or her appearance (like maybe take off their socks or turn a baseball cap backwards).
  • Have the child return to the room and let the others guess what changed! 
  • Whoever guesses right can go next, or, to avoid anyone being left out, you could have them all alternate. 

Girls Sleepwear

Once you get this game going, you can just listen to them play while you work on other things!  Even if you don’t have many kids yourself, this is a good activity for times when you might be hosting a sleepover or party of some kind. 

Speaking of sleepovers, Sophia’s Style carries a great collection of girls sleepwear and baby girls sleepwear, so she can look as adorable and stylish at bedtime as she does all day! 

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Girls Sleepwear For Your Sleeping Beauty


Who says girls pajamas and girls robes cannot be the stuff that fairy tale dreams are made of? Your little princess may have an incredibly stylish pink party dress with the traditional proclivity of turning all her friends green with envy, but without definitive, glam and chic sleepwear, her wardrobe is incomplete.

At Sophias Style you have a captivating array of sleepwear in a multitude of fabrics, patterns, designs, styles and color Girls SleepWear. Let the apple of your eye feast her eyes on a fleece pajama or Whiz girls set in classic pink or even a stylish Royal Wear girls sleepwear. Colorful cupcakes and a sprinkling of glitter on cupcake pajamas are indeed the icing on the cake for the birthday girl.

If Polka Dots and Floral prints are more her style, then pajamas and robes with these prints are sure to add a whole new dimension to her unique style. If the hearts and lips girls pajamas or delicately feminine, short-sleeved, two-piece sleep sets with subtle accents at the neckline and cuffs are not in sync. with her adventurous streak, then the girl’s sea fresh cats nightgown is just ‘purrfect’.

Pretty, comfortable, super-soft, and warm, the new line of Sophias Style girl’s sleepwear collection is every girl’s sweet dream come true.

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Introducing New Sleepwear At Sophias Style


Snuggle up to our great deals on new girls sleepwear at Sophias Style this Spring! These designs are not your ordinary PJs – check out this beautiful sleepwear set from Laura Dare. We also sell a matching eye mask for a truly boutique bedtime look!

We have your baby girl sleepwear needs covered too. Our Laura Dare collection of pajamas comes in all sizes, from tiny tots to tweens. We also have girls nightgowns that are perfect for those balmy summer nights. She’ll be the most stylish one at that next big slumber party. Don’t forget to check out our girls slippers too!

Shop and find girls pajamas and sleepwear that is truly unique and discount priced to save you money.

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Throw a Talent Show Slumber Party |


The good news is a month of winter has already passed. The bad news: we’ve still got two months to go! No worries though, is here to help you fight the winter blues (and crazy cabin fever) with fun indoor activities for you and your kids. Invite her classmates and friends over next weekend for a Talent Show Slumber Party and keep everyone happy and entertained!

Give each girl an invitation with a talent show theme – just print a simple flyer with the details and gold stars on your home computer. Along with her sleeping bag and girls pajamas, ask each girl to prepare a routine to perform at the party (if she’s comfortable doing so). Some suggestions are lip synching or dancing to a favorite song, performing a magic trick or telling jokes. Let the girls use their creativity and ham it up! Encourage them to use costumes and props too.

On the night of the party, clear a side of your basement or living room to use as the “stage.” You can even decorate it with balloons and streamers. To get Dad or Mom involved, have him or her act as host for the show. Let each girl perform for the other guests, and be sure to remind them that not everyone has to. Some girls may be too shy to sing or dance in front of others and besides, watching and cheering can be just as fun!

Another unique way to make it feel like a real show is to host an intermission halfway through. Set up a table or countertop with popcorn, pretzels, juice and other snacks for the girls to munch on. After the show, award each girl with a small prize for performing. Our girls sleepwear makes a great gift, and then she can even wear them to bed that night! Don’t forget party favors for all of the other guests too.

Hope and you have fun, and don’t forget to get all of the performances on home video so they can watch it later!

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Cutie Alert! | Infant Sleepers from


Check out the newest little addition to our baby girl clothes at – these adorable infant fleece sleepers from Precious Creations by Royal Wear.

With more than a dozen different styles of these fluffy little bodysuits available in assorted colors, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your baby girl or boy! They all feature beautiful appliqué detailing on the front that makes them truly special. Choose from pink, green, black, red and more.

Best of all, the prices on this baby girls clothing can’t be beat – just $9.99 each! They’re great for beating the winter chill that is upon us, and of course for making baby look fabulously adorable!

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Sweet ‘n Sassy Designs For Girls


So I know underwear is the cliché gift that no one wants for Christmas – just one step up from that proverbial lump of coal. We at are working to change that! Our new girls undergarments from Sweet ‘n Sassy are functional, fun and fashionable. Any girl will love to get them as gifts this holiday season!

Find girls training bras in pretty colors and comfortable designs for your growing girl or stuff her stocking with a girls underwear set featuring fun patterns and prints. And you know you can count on the lowest discount prices at so your wallet can rest easy too.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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