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Petticoats Enhance Special Occasion Dresses | Sophias Style

Little Girl’s Full Petticoat Slip

You bought the perfect dress for your little girl but it’s not quite right… Maybe the skirt is not full enough or possibly it’s a tiny bit long for her frame. Why not add a petticoat slip as an undergarment to her ensemble? It’s an easy and simple fix and adds fullness to her Christmas or Pageant dress. Now she’s ready to twirl her way into the holiday or any special occasion.
Tip: If you would like the slip to be a little fuller, turn it upside down and spray it with starch. Let it dry and viola! A fuller look and picture perfect.

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Girls Undergarments

Remember when you went shopping with your mother for your very first bra?  I do, and although she was mostly just humoring me at the time, I felt so special- because this was something that was just between us girls, and my dad and brother “wouldn’t understand.” 
At Sophia’s Style, we have a great selection of girls undergarments, which of course includes girls bras.  The great part about our store is that it’s online, so you can help her find undergarments for girls without any embarassment! 
Even if she’s not quite old enough to be needing any bras just yet, we have adorable girls underwear and beautiful girls petticoat slips.  If you’ve got any special occasions coming up, make sure you check to see if she’ll be needing a petticoat- they make dresses look so sweet! 

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Make your child feel comfortable with Sophias Style Undergarments

Kid’s undergarments must be of fine quality. Small children are in a joyful mood only if they are feeling comfortable with what they are wearing. You must have noticed your children crying when you dress them up for a fancy dress competition. It is because they are not at ease.

Girls, especially, are very particular towards the look and feel of their clothes and also the shape of undergarment must be appropriate to the dresses and skirts they wear.
We carry baby diaper covers, baby bloomers, girl’s underwear and other girl’s undergarments that are both practical and fashionable. Our girl’s undergarments, including girl’s underwear, petticoat slips and girl’s bras, pair perfectly with our girls clothes and are very affordable.

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