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Petticoats Enhance Special Occasion Dresses | Sophias Style

Little Girl’s Full Petticoat Slip

You bought the perfect dress for your little girl but it’s not quite right… Maybe the skirt is not full enough or possibly it’s a tiny bit long for her frame. Why not add a petticoat slip as an undergarment to her ensemble? It’s an easy and simple fix and adds fullness to her Christmas or Pageant dress. Now she’s ready to twirl her way into the holiday or any special occasion.
Tip: If you would like the slip to be a little fuller, turn it upside down and spray it with starch. Let it dry and viola! A fuller look and picture perfect. | Pretty New Bonnie Jean Dresses

Beautiful Bonnie Jean!
I love Bonnie Jean. Time and time again, whether it’s girls dresses, outfits, birthday dresses or accessories, they deliver sophisticated and high quality clothes for girls. Bonnie Jean is available in all the pricey, high end department stores, but you don’t have to pay those high end prices to get one of their fabulous little girl dresses in to her closet. carries them for up to 70% off the retail tag!

Bonnie Jean has beautiful and feminine designs for girls of any age – their toddler girl dresses are just as sophisticated and detailed as a garment for a pre-teen girl! The expert designers at Bonnie Jean have an amazing knack for making every garment look and feel like something ultra fancy for a special occasion – even if it’s just for everyday wear. 

This new girls dress from Bonnie Jean will make your little girl feel extra special and beautiful, even on ordinary days. The elegant fuchsia rosettes on the skirt make it look more like a Christmas dress than casual wear, but it’s perfect for school days, shopping with mom or a trip to the movies. We have plenty of new dresses for girls from Bonnie Jean, and more and more are arriving everyday!

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Girls Gifts that Will Excite Her Imagination |

A great girls gift!
Gizmos and gadgets certainly make great gifts for girls, but how about something different this year? Give a gift that encourages her to be imaginative, creative and playful! The Melissa and Doug collection of baby girl gifts and toys is full of unique items that your little girl can put her personal stamp on. No other kid will have a toy just like hers!

I love this Make Your Own Princess Puppet kit from Melissa and Doug. The set includes a princess puppet and two wigs, two dresses, a royal treasury of sparkling jewelry and other accessories. Not only can she use her imagination to create an exciting adventure for her new friend, but she can also change her puppet’s look along the way!

Another great idea is this Melissa and Doug wooden dollhouse. It may look plain and simple now, but the possibilities for these girls toys are endless! A little paint, glue and imagination are all that’s required to make this her dream dollhouse. She’ll also probably need a hand or two as she’s decorating her new home. Girls toys that encourage teamwork and quality time with mom or dad are even better!

Her dream dollhouse!
Think outside the gift box (or bag) this holiday season and get your little girl a present she can truly make her own.

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A Lesson In Figure Skating |


Back in my middle school days I played basketball on the 8th grade team. My ever supportive mother, although she didn’t understand a lick about the sport, came to every game to cheer me on. I’m sure she was confused and bored to tears most of the time. Maybe a few pointers before the season would have helped her enjoy my games a bit more. 

So now it’s your turn to get involved in your child’s sport or activity, even if it’s as simple as learning a few rules or techniques! Maybe all your involvement to date has been buying her girls figure skating clothing, but that changes today! Here’s a quick lesson on figure skating spins so you can identify all those moves on the ice that make her look like a human pretzel. There are three types of spins in figure skating- Upright Spins, Sit Spins and Camel Spins. Each category has basic, foundational moves that evolve into very complicated spins.

Upright Spins
Scratch spin
The Scratch Spin – This move involves both legs – one skating leg and one “free leg” that is crossed in front of the skating leg. The arms and free leg start extended straight out and high. They are pulled in gradually, which accelerates the spin, and the leg is pushed down so that the feet are crossed at the ankles.

Biellmann spin
Evolve this into: the Biellmann Spin. Yow! This move takes years of practice to master and requires superhuman flexibility. It might be awhile before she attempts this one, but when she does you can correctly identify it. 

Sit Spins
Sit spin
The Sit Spin – A basic move to start this category. The skater bends the skating knee into a sitting position and the other leg is extended. The skater reaches his or her arms out to touch the toes of the extended leg – all while spinning in a circle!

Flying sit spin
Evolve this into: the Flying Sit Spin. The only difference from the basic sit spin is that the skater starts the move from a jump. Her or she must get into the sit spin position while in the air. 

Camel Spins
Camel spin
The Camel Spin – This spin paints a beautiful picture on the ice. What defines the Camel Spin is that the free leg must be held backwards with the knee of the free leg higher than the hip level. Michelle Kwan is famous for performing this move to textbook perfection.

Donut spin
Evolve this into: the Donut Spin (also known as the horizontal Biellmann). In this spin the skater pulls the blade of the skate of the free leg backward with one or both arms while arching the back to create a horizontal circular shape with the body. 

These moves might look complicated but finding beautiful and affordable ice skating clothes doesn’t have to be. Shop for skating dresses, practice pants and jackets and even boot covers. She’ll look good in our figure skating clothes for girls while she masters her technique!

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Girls Clothes! | Sophia’s Style

Girls Clothing

Guess what guys, we’ve got a discount promotion going!  You can get 15% off your entire purchase if you enter 15OFF at checkout! 

It’s August, and that means prime shopping season, so we’ve decided to make it all the more fun to find girls clothes this fall with %15 off all the girls clothing you could possibly need. 

Both of the photos I’m posting today were taken by happy parents and sent into Sophia’s Style to show us how much their girls loved the outfits they got from our site! We love seeing happy shoppers, and if you want, you can look through our Sophia’s Style Stars page and see all of the adorable photos families have sent in.

Girls Clothes

Now’s a good time to start looking for holiday dresses, fall jackets, winter coats, and back to school outfits.  We’ve been getting loads of new clothing in, and it’s all so unique and beautiful! 

While you’re checking out all the necessities for your girls, don’t forget to have a look at our baby girl clothes!  She may not be going to school yet, but she still deserves to look fabulous, right? 

Have fun, and don’t forget:  15OFF

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Back to School Girls Outerwear, Functional and Fashionable


Sophia’s Style provides a variety of options for your little girl’s fall and winter outerwear that will both look and feel stylish, while keeping her warm throughout the changing seasons.  From lightweight baby girls jackets, to heavier girls coats, you’ll find a wide ranging selection of quality products to suit her needs.

Make Every Moment Unique With Girls Special Occasion Dresses

Special occasions call for something special, something unique and something extraordinary. That’s why we at Sophias Style work tirelessly to create exceptional girls’ special occasion dresses so that your little princess is able to create and enjoy timeless moments. Our fabulous selection of special occasion dresses for baby girls and grown-up girls is sure to inject freshness into every event your daughter participates in.
Whatever your style, we have the perfect special occasion dress for your little girl. A black tiered tulle dress in champagne satin with fantastic cuts and irresistible styling is your best bet for Christmas and Hanukkah, but she’ll love to show it off even when the festivities come to an end. While rich red is ideal for Christmas, bring home a teal and black combination for Hanukkah.
The holiday season is incomplete without a holiday dress in pristine white, though a show-stopping black sleeveless special occasion dress for baby girls is sure to give it a run for its style. Try the girl’s special occasion dresses in polka dots or an angelic ivory bow dress and bow skirt and sweater combination topped with shiny metallic embellishments. A cosy and casual knit dress will add warmth to that quiet family dinner near the fireplace.  
Strappy dresses with ruffles, rose necklines and rosettes, white linen blend dresses with tucks and details, ivory silk dresses with beaded pearl bodice – Sophias Style has special occasion dresses for baby girls and teens that you can ask for.

This blog was first posted at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog.

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