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Little Girl’s Hair Bows


In a previous blog I mentioned that I like to have something for my granddaughters when they visit and that I frequently shop at The buyers at have a great sense of style and fashion. When I buy something for the granddaughters I know that I will be find trendy, blingy – whatever the latest fashion buzz word is – little girl’s dresses and outfits that the girls will wear. The saves time when we want to go somewhere and so do girls hair bows. I don’t know how the Moms get those pony tails to stay put. I sure can’t, but the hairbows and hairbands do the trick. The barrettes from are good and the designs are very cute and creative, but I especially like the clippies. They are so easy to use. Ava had four of them the last time we went to lunch. The granddaughters wore headbands when they were babies. I thought it was so people would not mistake them for boys, but Sophia says, “No – it’s because headbands are ‘fash'”! has baby and little girls hair bows and headbands in more colors than a Crayola jumbo pack and will match them to the outfits you select.

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